Ice Age Exhibit

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Ice Age Exhibit
The Ice Age Exhibit in Treacherous Mansion
Mansion Treacherous Mansion

The Ice Age Exhibit is a room in Treacherous Mansion in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Located at the north west corner of the mansion, this room spans two floors and is themed after the Secret Mine (complete with the same music).

Inside, there is an igloo with an E-Gate to the east, some holes with fish near the south of the room, an ice cave with a trapped Toad and a Treasure Chest to the west, and a stage area with a mammoth towards the back. There are also three extremely loud air conditioners that can be heard whenever Luigi is in this room.

There are three exits in this room. The south door leads to Grand West, the mammoth can be interacted with to throw Luigi up to the Gargoyle Roof, and there is an E-Gate that will take him to the Front Entrance.


During Double Trouble, Luigi explores the Ice Age Exhibit to rescue one of the Toads trapped within a painting here. He has to make his way into the ice cave on the left to free him, after which some Sneakers attack.

During A Train to Catch, Luigi can bring a Bulb through the E-Gate from the Study to the Ice Age Exhibit to explore the upper floor for money and another gem. The Mammoth has also made its way to the ice cave and will not throw Luigi up to the Gargoyle Roof. Its tail can be pulled, and doing so will cause it to stomp the ground and make a lot of money appear.

During Paranormal Chaos, the Ice Age Exhibit is filled with ghosts and must be cleared out during the mission. The mammoth is still hiding in the cave. This time, puling the tail will not cause money to appear.

In Terrifying Invasion, the Ice Age Exhibit is one of the rooms that may be infested with ghosts. Luigi can also reach the Gargoyle Roof by interacting with the Mammoth in this mission.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 氷河ひょうがゾーン
Hyōga Zōn
Glacial Zone
German Eiszeit-Ausstellung Ice Age Exhibit
Italian Sala dell'Era glaciale Ice age [exhibit] hall