Strong Gobber

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Strong Gobber
Strong Gobber
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Variant of Gobber

Strong Gobbers are variations of Gobbers that appear in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Like all of the other stronger versions of ghosts, it gains a cracked appearance all over its body. It was made stronger by being exposed to a special crystal found in the Crystal Quarry. Due to their enhanced attributes, Strong Gobbers have 200 HP.

A Strong Gobber makes an appearance as a sub-boss along with a Strong Slammer and a Strong Greenie in the third mission, Across the Chasm. Like the other two sub-boss ghosts, it has paranormal chains wrapped around its body and possesses the ability to create more in order to block an entrance. These Paranormal Chains break upon the ghost's defeat. It uses its abilities to prevent Luigi from accessing the Gondola, before hiding in the Basin. The sub-boss Strong Gobber must be stunned by using a hidden Robomb, and three Hiders must be captured before it reveals itself. Unlike other Strong Gobbers, it has 300 HP.

Strong Gobbers also appear in Paranormal Chaos, and possibly Terrifying Invasion in the Treacherous Mansion.

In the ScareScraper, Strong Gobbers are less common ghosts that only appear in the Expert difficulty or Endless mode.

Ghost Container description[edit]

  • American English: These massive, disgusting ghosts can destroy an entire mansion before you can say "Criminy! That's gross!" Watch out for their flying goo, or you'll have a hard time capturing them.
  • British English: These massive, disgusting ghosts can destroy an entire mansion faster than you can say, "flying phelm". Watch out when they release their goo, or capturing them will be a nightmare.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパールゴーバ
Sūpā Rugōba
Super Gobber

French Super Gobeur
Super Gobber
German Starker Klops
Strong Ball
Italian Superbavoso
Spanish Babajoso pétreo
Stony Gobber