Strong Sneaker

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Strong Sneaker
Piece at Last from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
A Strong Sneaker in Piece at Last
First appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Variant of Sneaker
Notable members
Terrible Teleporters
Old Clockworks Strong Sneaker

Strong Sneakers are a type of Sneaker in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, powered up by a special crystal. It is the first Strong ghost encountered in the game, first seen in Old Clockworks. Strong Sneakers have 100 HP, though some in a few missions may have only 50. The player is advised to look for abnormalities in the particles of sand or snow. Strong Sneakers can be revealed before they scare Luigi by using the Dark-Light Device. If they scare Luigi, the player can use the Strobulb almost immediately, facing the way the Strong Sneaker is located, to stun and catch them. Strong Sneakers break out of their crystal by using a laser-like finger.

Ghost Container description[edit]

This guy is trouble! He's tougher and meaner than a normal Sneaker, and all those marks on his body are bristling with power!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパールスニク
Sūpā Rusuniku
Super Sneaker
French Super Kifépeur Super Sneaker
German Starker Schleicher Strong Sneaker
Italian Superninjasma Supersneaker
Spanish Sigilente pétreo Stony Sneaker


  • Despite the other Strong ghosts having 5x the HP of the normal variety, Strong Sneakers have only 4x more health than their counterparts.
  • Strong Sneakers are the only Strong Ghost encountered in the Old Clockworks.