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A beetle,[1] also referred to as a spiked beetle,[2] is an ambient enemy in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is a roundish green creature with small wings and a spike on its head. Beetles usually remain in the ground with their spikes showing aboveground. Luigi can suck a beetle up with the Poltergust 5000, or he can shine the Strobulb on it to drop a coin or a heart. Beetles come in a rare gold variation as well, and they can appear after Luigi inspects certain furniture. Shining the Strobulb on this type yields a Gold Bar. Beetles first appear in the Old Clockworks. When Luigi walks up close enough to a beetle, he takes five HP of damage. Two waves of beetles are fought when Luigi fights the Overset Possessor: one wave of ten beetles at the 5:00 wave, and a wave of fifteen at the 9:00 wave. Gold beetles are usually seen in groups of two to four, and regular beetles are usually seen in groups of three to seven.

Beetles appear mostly in the Old Clockworks, but they can also appear in the Treacherous Mansion on a few occasions, such as in the Ancient Exhibit. They also appear in the Secret Mine, usually in the Pit Mine, but can appear in other rooms, too. In the Secret Mine, beetles are grayish blue instead of green. In the ScareScraper mode, they also appear if certain elements of furniture are examined, and they are also spawned by the Beetle Whisperer bosses.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビトル[citation needed]
ゴルビトル[citation needed]
Goru Bitoru
From「ビートル」(bītoru, beetle) without the chōonpu

Gol (short for "gold") Beetle


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  2. ^ von Esmarch, Nick. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon PRIMA Official Game Guide. Page 106. "CAUTION As you search the area, watch out for the spiked beetles located throughout the area. These pests not only hide in objects, they can emerge directly from the ground. Take care to avoid any spikes you see pop out of the sand."