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This is a list of quotes from the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Big Boo[edit]

  • "Mwahahaha! Looking for someone?"
  • "I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG!"
  • "Big enough to crush you!"

King Boo[edit]

  • "Mwahahaha! Now what do we have here?"
  • "Why, if it isn't my old pal Luigi! Or is it Baby Luigi? I can't tell the difference."
  • "Hey, remember the time when you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? Good times."
    • "Hey, remember the time when you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? That was a lot of fun." PAL Version
  • "But guess what? I GOT OUT! And now I'm painting the town red!"
  • "Yes, it was I who broke the Dark Moon!"
  • "This power-enhancing jeweled crown of mine made it easy."
    • "This power-enhancing gem of mine made it easy." PAL Version
  • "And now that all the ghosts of Evershade Valley are under my control..."
  • "It's time to take my rightful place as supreme ruler of your world!"
    • "It's time to take my rightful place as ruler of this world!" PAL Version
  • "You, that annoying scientist, and all your friends will look great hanging from the wall of my throne room!"
    • "You, that annoying professor, and all your friends will look great hanging from the walls of my throne room!" PAL Version
  • "Aaaaaahahaha!"


  • "Ohhh boy..."
  • "H-h-h-hello?"
  • "I do it!"
  • "Oh-o."
  • "Mamma-mia..."
  • "Here I go...(gulp)"
  • "No, no, no. Bad doggie!"
  • "Heeeey."
  • "Marioooo, yoohoo!"
  • "Oho!"
  • "I got it!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "Th-thanks, Mario."
  • "Come here, doggie..."
  • "M-hm."
  • "Ahhh, I did it."
  • "WAHH!"

ScareScraper Luigis[edit]

  • "Heeeey!" (Voice command.)
  • "Good job!"
  • "Thank you very much!"
  • "Help help!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "Hey!" (Ghost steal.)
  • "Uh-oh." (Trapped.)
  • "Here you go." (Freeing Luigi from trap.)
  • "Waugh!" *cough* (Cursed.)
  • "Yoo-hoo..." / "Let's-a go!" / "Come on!" (Reviving other Luigi.)
  • "Got it!" / "Gotcha!" (Collecting Red Coin.)
  • "I do it!" (Winning bonus item.)
  • "Let's do it!"


  • "Huh? Wah!"
  • "Oooh... ah! Luigi! You save-a Mario! Way to go! Number 1!"
  • "That's my bro."

Professor E. Gadd[edit]

  • "Greetings, Luigi! I knew our paths would cross again."
  • "What're ya scared of, sonny? It's only just a few harmless ghosts. Well...a few hundred ghosts. And they’re not exactly harmless."
  • "But looky here – With my brains and your...ah...your... Hmm. We're in a bit of a pickle here, aren't we?"
  • "Ho ho! That terrified look in your eye just gave me a great idea. From now on, I’m going to call the DS — this is genius — the Dual Scream! Ho ho! Oho! Dual Scream! Hooo..."
  • "Why the long face, Luigi? Well, genetics, I suppose..."
  • "I won't have to ask you to leave now...because you've already shown yourself the door!"
  • "Luigi? Where are you going? You need to take the elevator down into the Cellar!"
  • "Luigi! What’s wrong with you, boy! Are you chickening out? Get to the Cellar!"
  • "Luigi... Read my lips: GET TO THE CELLAR! POSTHASTE!"
  • "If this whole ghost-hunting thing doesn't work out, you may have a future as a plumber!"
  • "I tried to locate that confounded canine with the Parascope, but the doggone dog's gone!"
  • "Luigi, sometimes I wonder about you, son. You went to all that trouble finding the special compass...just to ignore your map? Get your rear in gear!"
  • "Ghosts tend to gain power over time, and this Poltergeist seems to be absolutely ancient. I guess you could say...he has a lot of time on his hands!"
  • "Now, would you hand over that handy hour hand? Ho ho!"
  • "Luigi? Where do you think you're going, son? We've worked so hard for this moment! Open that blasted gate!"
  • "Luigi, the Clock Tower Gate is waiting to be opened. You're not scared of that possessor ghost, are you?"
  • "Luigi! Quit being such a... such a whippersnappin' ninny, and get to the Clock Tower!"
  • "That's the world of paranormal research for you – one minute you're having fun learning about ghosts... and the next minute you're running for your life, scurrying about like a headless chicken! I hope we never get to that point! Ho ho! What am I saying? You're always at that point!"
  • "No sign of the Toad, eh? He'd better not be fishing in that Fishing Hut out back. I'm not paying him to catch fish. Well, unless they're some kind of freaky ghost fish! Boy, wouldn't that be something?"
  • "But don't despair, son! Look on the bright side! You...ah... You...have a very bushy mustache!"
  • "I'm glad that the Toad curators are safe and sound. Although, I suppose this means I'll have to give them their paychecks now..."
  • "Chin up, young feller. We'll get your brother back. Although, I imagine his painting would fetch a pretty penny at an art auction. Ho ho! Just kidding, my boy!"
  • "I wonder how he escaped from his portrait in the first place! Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have sold it at the garage sale..."
  • "Hmm... I figured as much. Well, at least you got to sharpen your skills by facing off against the most powerful possessor again! Be honest, Luigi. You went back through that portal just for the adrenaline rush, didn't you? Ho ho! You've come a long way, you wild thrill seeker, you! Never thought I'd see the day!"

Game Modes[edit]

  • "The Dark Moon has been shattered, Luigi! We need to find it and restore peace to Evershade Valley, posthaste!" (Dark Moon Quest)
  • "I'll send all the ghosts and trinkets you collect during your adventure down the Vault for safekeeping. Check 'em out, sonny!" (E. Gadd's Vault)
  • "This nightmarish skyscraper full of ghostly challenges awaits you and your courageous friends! Can you battle your way to the top?" (ScareScraper)


  • "This hair-raising high-rise full of ghostly challenges awaits you and your fellow ghost hunters. Access it from the main menu!" (ScareScraper)
  • "When vacuuming up a ghost, you'll be able to charge the Power Gauge longer, weakening the ghost even more when you press A Button!" (Power Gauge Level 2)
  • "Thanks to this upgrade, the Dark-Light Device won't overheat as quickly! Pretty cool, huh?" (Dark-Light Level 2)
  • "When vacuuming up a ghost, you can now charge the Power Gauge to full capacity before pressing A Button!" (Power Gauge Level 3)
  • "The cooling component in the Dark-Light Device has reached its maximum efficacy now! Those ghosts can't hide from you!" (Dark-Light Level 3)
  • "Ta-da! The Super Poltergust! This new model will capture ghosts much faster than the old model." (Super Poltergust)

ScareScraper Ghosts[edit]

Main article: ScareScraper#Ghosts

ScareScraper descriptions[edit]

  • "Hunt down ghosts and use effective teamwork to clear each floor as quickly as possible!" (Hunter Mode)
  • "Capture all the ghosts!"
  • "Find the exit before time runs out! Search objects and defeat ghosts to extend your time limit!" (Rush Mode)
  • "Find the exit!"
  • "Track down Polterpups with your Dark-Light Device, and capture every last one of those pesky mutts!" (Polterpup Mode)
  • "Catch all the Polterpups!"
  • "Make your way to the top without knowing what kind of challenge will show up next!" (Surprise Mode)
  • "Climb an endless ScareScraper with an ever-increasing difficulty!" (Endless floors)
  • "Ideal for solo players or a group of inexperienced players looking to practice." (Normal Difficulty)
  • "Recommended for two or three players, but you can fly solo if you think you've got the skills." (Hard Difficulty)
  • "Ideal for four experienced players. Virtually impossible on your own, but do you have the guts to try it tandem?" (Expert Difficulty)


  • "Use the +Control Pad to communicate with other players."
  • "Touch the map to place a marker that other players can see."
  • "Press X Button to revive a nearby fallen teammate."
  • "Melons and jack-o'-lanterns may have surprises inside!"
  • "A special encounter awaits every five floors!"
  • "Take on taller ScareScrapers for more chances to find rare boss ghosts!"
  • "Upgrades for equipment are earned by your entire team!"
  • "Invisible illusions can't hide from Dark-Light Goggles!"
  • "The Restorator converts captured ghosts into hearts!"
  • "The power of a Poltergust x2 or x3 makes capturing ghosts a breeze!"
  • "Find a map power-up to see the entire floor layout before taking a single step!"
  • "Capture all the ghosts to advance to the next floor!"
  • "Ghosts love to hide! Keep an eye out for shaking furniture!"
  • "Fully charge the flashlight to stun several ghosts at once!"
  • "Capture multiple ghosts at once to receive a treasure bonus!"
  • "Timepieces can be collected from captured ghosts too!"
  • "The faster you activate the exit hatch, the more treasure you'll get!"
  • "Use the Dark-Light device to find the trails leading to the hiding Polterpups!"
  • "It'll take more than one ghost hunter to capture a big Polterpup!"
  • "Start by looking for the Polterpups' hiding places."


  • "[Luigi] cleared a room!"
  • "[Luigi] acquired a key!"
  • "[Luigi] collected a Red Coin!"
  • "[Luigi] found the boss ghost!"
  • "[Luigi] left the game."

Toad assistants[edit]

  • "WAAAAAH!" (Crying)
  • "WAH!" (Scared)
  • "AH!"
  • "YAHOOO!"
  • "Haha"
  • "I'm free!"
  • "Wait... Luigi? What are you doing here?"
  • "Aww, it doesn't matter! You're my hero!"
  • "Luigi? The Luigi?"
  • "Thanks Mar- Luigi! Is that you?"
  • "Boy, am I happy to see you!"
  • "Huh? The professor didn't tell you there were two of us? That old coot. He always thinks we're the same person. I wonder if he's color blind..."
    • "Huh? The professor didn't tell you there were two of us? That old coot. He always thinks we're the same person. But, come on! We're like Chalk and Cheese!" PAL Version