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This is a list of quotes by Kamek.

Yoshi franchise[edit]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island / Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3[edit]

Original quote Changes in the remake
Remade quote Changes
"AAAAAAAAAAKK!!" Unchanged
"So you're still on the baby's side, Yoshi-baby? Then get a load of this!" "So, you're still on the baby's side, Yoshi-baby? Then get a load of THIS!" Comma added after "So", "this" changed to all caps (emphasized)
"Hi there cute lil' Yoshi! Does baby Mario wanna go to Bowser's Castle? I'll take him there in a hurry! Tee, hee, hee..." "Hi there, cute li'l Yoshi! Does Baby Mario wanna go to Bowser's Castle? I'll take him there in a hurry! Tee hee hee." Comma added after "there", "baby" capitalized, ellipsis at the end changed to period
"Oh yes, we have baby Mario's twin brother at Bowser's Castle, but we're not handing him over to the likes of you!" "Oh yes, we have Baby Mario's brother at Bowser's Castle. But we're not handing him over to the likes of you!" "Baby" capitalized, quotation split into two sentences as opposed to just one (through changing the second comma to a period)
"Yoshi-dear, that baby is going to cause disaster to befall the Koopas. So give him here before you accidentally get hurt!" "Yoshi dear, that baby is going to mean disaster for the Koopas! So give him here before you get hurt by accident!" "Cause disaster to befall the Koopas" changed to "mean disaster for the Koopas"
"Great job, Yoshi! Now, you will be Froggy's lunch!! Hee, hee, hee!" "Great job, Yoshi! Now, you will be Froggy's lunch!! Hee hee hee!" Commas removed from laughter noise
"Give it up Yoshi, you cutie without a navel! Ooopp- forget it..." "Give up, Yoshi, you egg-throwing maniac! Ooops... Forget that!" Changed
"OH, MY!!" Unchanged
"Yoshi! Oh dear... Well, Marching Milde will pound you to bits!!" Unchanged
"Little Koopa come through for me now! Go forth and rock Yoshi's world" "Little Koopa, come through for me now! Go and rock Yoshi's world!" Comma added after "Koopa", word "forth" removed, period added at end
"Aaaaah, Yoshi! To get this far you must be powerful, but remember: This slug has no weak points!!" "Aaaaagh! Yoshi! To get this far, you must be full of power, but... This slug has no weak points!!" Changed
"You can, ah, will, aaah, never enter the Koopa Kingdom! I banish you to forever twinkle in the heavens, BE GONE!!" "You can, ah, will, aaah, never enter the Koopa Kingdom! I banish you to forever twinkle in the heavens. BEGONE!!" Comma after "heavens" changed to period, "BE" and "GONE" combined as one word
"Eeeeek!! How did you? You-- I never expected you to get this far! EEEEEE! Now it's over! Your game ends HERE!!" "Eeeeek!! How did you...? You! I never expected you to get so far! EEEEEE! Now it's over! Your game ends HERE!!" Ellipsis added before question mark, double hyphen after second "you" changed to exclamation point, "this" changed to "so"
"YOU! are n-n-not welcome HERE!!! Yoshi, please hand OVER THE BABY!" "Welcome!!! Yoshi, if you would be so kind, please HAND OVER THE BABY!" Changed
"Oh, dear... What to do... Young Master Bowser wakes..." Unchanged
"Yoshi, why did you do this??? Young Master, let me help you! Here!" "Yoshi, how could you do this??? Young Master, let me help you! Here!" "Why did you..." changed to "how could you..."
"How dare you?! It's not fair... You are such a meanie... Someday... We will be back... You'll see! Waaaaaah..." "How dare you?! It's not fair... You are such a big meanie... Someday... We will be back... You'll see!" "Big" added before "meanie", crying noise removed possibly because it made the speaker unclear

Kamek also says an additional quote that only exists in the remake's manual:

  • "Go forth and find the other baby!! Don't let his parents get him back! Ever!!"

Yoshi's Island DS[edit]


  • "Now where did those brats go?!"

Boss battles[edit]

  • "If it isn't the killjoy Yoshi! You're always trying to ruin my fun! But not this time! Burt Brothers! Crush this overgrown lizard!"
  • "The other babies are having a great time in the castle. But they could use another playmate. Why don't you give me that baby, too?"
  • "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I've got a friend who's the ghastliest of them all! Are you frightened yet, little Yoshi?"
  • "Look at my lovely flower! It's feeding time, and you're the main course, Yoshi. If I were you, I'd look for something else to feed it!"
  • "You just don't know when to quit, do you?! Too bad for you! When Bessie Bass finishes with you, you'll be nothing but fish food!"
  • "You should learn how to take no for an answer! Now meet my dear friend Priscilla. You'll need some fancy footwork if you want to leave her castle!"
  • "AAAK! Just hand over the darn babies already! Now it's time for you to get DIZZY!"
  • "I just can't let you go to the castle beyond here. But don't worry! My friend will keep you company! Tee hee hee hee!"
  • "AAAAK! I can't believe you've made it this far! So you like to suffer, do you? Well, prepare to taste the abyss!"

After World 4[edit]

  • "Y-Your Highness! What are you doing up here?! This is most definitely NOT GOOD! I must inform Mr. Bowser at once!"
  • "The crystal clearly says that the seven stars did fall during this time period. And I'm getting a strong reading that they are resting inside the hearts of the babies!"
  • "The babies are called star children, and they each possess an extraordinary amount of power... And once they're in your royal hands, sir, the world is your oyster. Look into my crystal ball. Any star child will have a star hovering above it."

Final battles and ending[edit]

  • "Just what are you doing to young Mr. Bowser?! Allow me to help you, sir!"
  • "Sir Bowser! Defeat is not an option! There's only one thing left to do..."
  • "Mark my words, you will pay very dearly for this in the future!"

Yoshi's New Island[edit]

  • "Hey there, li'l Yoshi! That baby is mine, so be a darling and HAND HIM OVER!!"
  • "So what if we have wee Luigi at Bowser's Castle?! We'll never ever hand him over!" (American English version)
  • "So what if we have Baby Luigi at Bowser's Castle?! We'll never ever hand him over!" (British English version)
  • "You made it?! HUGE mistake. Say hello to Big Beanie and his unstoppable vines!"
  • "Silly Yoshikins. Give up the baby already, or I'll be forced to blast you sky-high!" (American English version)
  • "Silly Yoshikins. Give up the baby now, or I'll be forced to blast you sky-high!" (British English version)
  • "OK. I get it. You're clearly not giving up the baby without a fight. Time for Plan B..."
  • "Still on the youngster's side, Yoshi-baby? Then just try to protect him from Count Fang!"
  • "EEEEEEEK! That tears it! Time to end your journey with my handy balloon bombs!"
  • "*Pant, pant...* Not bad... Not bad at all... Why not put the baby down and go take a break?!" (American English version)
  • "*Pant, pant* Not bad... Not bad at all... Why not put the baby down and go take a break?!" (British English version)
  • "Know what time it is? It's time to GIVE UP. Otherwise you'll be in... a real pinch! Ke he he!"
  • "I'm SO over the going-easy-on-you strategy. Full-force time!"
  • "How do you two keep BEATING ME?! I'm going to get you for really real next time!"
  • "See Fred there? Watch me bulk up his tough armor! Basically that means IT'S ALL OVER!" (American English version)
  • "See Fred there? Watch me bulk up his tough armour! Basically that means IT'S ALL OVER!" (British English version)
  • "OK. You've gut guts, I'll give you that much. But what's next will haunt your li'l Yoshi dreams!"
  • "But... How...? Hey, why not give me the baby so I can get some answers? Heh heh..."
  • "You can't *gasp*... You'll never *gasp*... enter Bowser's Castle! Jump into some thorns!" (American English version)
  • "You can't *gasp*... You'll never *gasp*... enter Baby Bowser's Castle! Go jump into some thorns!" (British English version)
  • "Eeeeek!! I don't GET it. You weren't supposed to make it this far! EEEEEE! It's all over now! Your nonsense ends HERE!!"
  • "Aaaagh! You got past me AGAIN?! This is getting silly! That is IT. YOUNG MASTER!!"
  • "Welcome!! Now, Yoshi, my lamb, if you would be a dear and please HAND OVER THE BABY!"
  • "Oh dear... What to do... Young Master Bowser awakens from his sweet slumber... "
  • "Yoshi, how could you DO such a thing??? Little Master, let me give you a hand!"
  • "How DARE you?! It's just not right... You big, green meanie... One of these days... we'll be back... You just wait and see!"
  • "Master Bowser?! NO!! You little monsters! Let me help you, my masterful Master!"

Yoshi's Woolly World / Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World[edit]

  • "Hello, li'l Yoshis! Sorry to drop in so suddenly, but I need to turn you all into yarn! Thanks!"
  • "Eh, at this rate, I'll be here through lunch. C'mon, I'm busy! EVERYONE becomes yarn!"
  • "There. This should be plenty. Well, I'd better get back. Toodles!"
  • "EEEEEEEEK! That's quite enough! I've had it with you annoying Yoshis!"
  • "Is that you, Yoshi baby? You can chase me, but you're not getting the yarn back! Say hello to Big Montgomery, and say goodbye to your chances of winning!"
  • "Yoshis sure are persistent. I assumed you'd have all run home by now! Fine! Burt, hitch up your pants (North American version)/trousers (international version) and GO BUST UP THAT YOSHI!" (1-player version)
  • "Yoshis sure are persistent. I assumed you'd have all run home by now! Fine! Burt, hitch up your pants (North American version)/trousers (international version) and GO BUST UP THOSE YOSHIS!" (2-player version)
  • "EEEEEEEK! Still think you can mess with my plans? This is as far as you'll go! Knot-Wing, you're up! Swoop in from above and SQUISH THAT YOSHI." (1-player version)
  • "EEEEEEEK! Still think you can mess with my plans? This is as far as you'll go! Knot-Wing, you're up! Swoop in from above and SQUISH THOSE YOSHIS." (2-player version)
  • "Isn't it about time that you gave up? That really BURNS ME UP! Or rather, it'll BURN YOU UP! Hee hee hee!"
  • "Hrm? This tangle of yarn here looks familiar... ...AH! IT'S A YOSHI! I'm tired of Yoshis ruining my plans! Hey, you! Minion! I need you to stop this Yoshi from getting past here!" (1-player version)
  • "Hrm? This tangle of yarn here looks familiar... ...AH! IT'S YOSHIS! I'm tired of Yoshis ruining my plans! Hey, you! Minion! I need you to stop these Yoshis from getting past here!" (2-player version)
  • "Hrmph. Are you still trying to get in my way? How rude! Hey! Mrs. Cluck! Get over here! EEEEEE! Watch where you're going! Ehn--there! Never mind that! Just get to work and blow that annoying Yoshi away!" (1-player version)
  • "Hrmph. Are you still trying to get in my way? How rude! Hey! Mrs. Cluck! Get over here! EEEEEE! Watch where you're going! Ehn--there! Never mind that! Just get to work and blow those annoying Yoshis away!" (2-player version)
  • "You're getting tired now, aren't you? EEEEEEEEK! How about you take a quick shower and COOL OFF?!"
  • "How dare you come this far...? HOW DARE YOU, I SAY! Wake up, Naval Piranha! It's suppertime! The main course is Yoshi(s)! Bon appétit!" (only after Yoshi gets close to the sleeping Piranha Plant)
  • "OH MY! That's... GAH! It's been fun, but it's time for you to become Yoshi sushi! Hee hee hee!" (if Yoshi throws a yarn ball at a sleeping Piranha Plant)
  • "You again... Of COURSE it's you again! OK, time to chill out, Yoshi-kins!"
  • "EEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU! You are getting on my nerves! Hey, you! In the parka! Send this Yoshi back to the Ice Age!" (1-player version)
  • "EEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU! You are getting on my nerves! Hey, you! In the parka! Send these Yoshis back to the Ice Age!" (2-player version)
  • "Think I'm letting you get past here? Well, think again! My friend here should help you get your head out of the clouds! Hee hee hee!"
  • "Y-Y-Young Master Bowser! Here I am! Safe and sound!"
  • "Little Master! A-a-allow me to assist!"
  • "Y-Y-Young Master! Are you all right?! Yoshi, how could you DO such a thing?! WAIT! I have the perfect idea! Let's use the power of that yarn... Yes, that'll be perfect... ...Hey... Hang on... What's going on here?!"
  • "How dare you do this to Young Master! You WILL pay for this one day! EEEEK!"

Yoshi's Crafted World[edit]

  • "Without its gems, it seems the stone has lost all of its power. Useless!"
  • "If you think you're going to find any gems, think again!"
  • "In fact, you'll never even leave THIS place."
  • "Without a working train, you're dead in your tracks! Good luck finding the missing parts."
  • "And where do you think you're going?" (before fighting Yarrctopus)
  • "I'll send you to your watery doom!"
  • "Pretty sure it was in this area..." (before fighting the Tin-Can Condor)
  • "Argh, how did he catch up so quickly?!"
  • "Wait a tick. Could he have already found some gems?"
  • "I think he's full of stuffing, Your Nastiness!"
  • "Understood, Your Shortness! Allow me."
  • "I'm gonna make bird feed outta you, bub!" (one player)
  • "I'm gonna make bird feed outta you, bubsies!" (two players)
  • "Oho! You're one tough cookie, aren't you? Well this is FAR from over." (after defeating the Tin-Can Condor)
  • "Hrmmm... There's more than meets the eye with this party ball..." (before fighting Spike the Piranha)
  • "Your Awfulness! Please wait!"
  • "YOSHI! I'll have you know His Grossness was looking forward to breaking that ball!"
  • "My piranha plant[sic] will gobble you up and show you what's what!"
  • "Skree! You don't give up easy, do you? My treacherous traps will be your doom!" (before fighting the Shogun of Skewers)
  • "Enough! See this foot? It's going down!"
  • "YOU AGAIN? You are driving me CRAZY. I won't allow you to go ONE. STEP. FURTHER." (before fighting Mr. Geary)
  • "Your Stubbiness, listen here. I have a MUCH better idea."
  • "We'll hide out in front of the last gem, and..."
  • "What have you done to His Petulance?! Worry not—I will help you!"
  • "Sundream Stone! Grant His Impishness even more strength!"
  • "Oh my! I...may have overdone it..."
  • "How DARE you do this to His Pokiness!"
  • "You will pay for this! Someday! Skreeeee!!"

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 6[edit]

  • "What's up? The name's Kamek, and I'm here to give all of your Orbs placed on the board to *insert character name*!"

Mario Party DS[edit]

  • "Welcome! It's time to face my magic!"
  • "Get a load of this spell. I call it Kamek Spell No. 8!"
  • "Didn't I send you and your friends off to the middle of nowhere?! What a stubborn bunch you are! I guess I'll just show you your place again!"

Mario Party 9[edit]

  • "Hee hee hee! I, Kamek, came in first! I am the Superstar! And since I'm the Superstar, these Mini Stars that we gathered belong to me! Hee hee hee! So, if you don't mind, I'll be taking them now! (I can't let those meddlers take Bowser's Mini Stars!) See you later!"

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

  • "Prince Bowser! Let's hightail it out of here!"
  • "Ah-HAAAAA!! You! You little red and green insects! Didn't I try to kidnap you once? Yeah, I did! Boy, THAT didn't work out so well.... and you don't look quite so little anymore.... And you're much hairier, too.... Weird....but none of that matters! You like bothering our budding master of evil, do you? Then I'll bother YOU up!"
  • "Yaaaaaaaaaack! How long do I have to do this?! I'm in a hurry!"
  • "Prince Bowser! Let's scram!"
  • "Snacks.... Must find snacks...."
  • "Score! And doesn't look like anyone's home, so I'll just help myself to the goods."
  • "You gotta wonder why this place is so empty, through...."
  • "Whoa! You hairy jerks again! Chased me all the way to this stupid island, have you?"
  • "Huzzat? You want the Cobalt Star shards back?"
  • "Hey, I got my own problems. I'm on a snack run for Prince Bowser. He's on the cliff top. I don't have time for you guys! These snacks ain't gonna snack on themselves!"
  • "Hey, what's your beef, pal? I'm not tasty enough for you?! I'm prime Koopa, you snob!"
  • "You're lucky I'm in a rush."
  • "I gotta get these snacks to the prince, pronto, or I would whip that snooty pink tail for you."
  • "Boy, you doofuses just get on a Koopa's tail and STAY there, don'tcha?"
  • "Well, try this on for size..."
  • "Unless those overalls are fireproof, you're gonna barbecue, you weenies! Give up now!"
  • "You really think you're tough? Then make it to the cliff top, losers! I'd LOVE to see it!"
  • "Prince Bowser, LITTLE bites! Oh, here, have some warm milk. It's, uh, from an evil cow." (In the Japanese version of the game, the same line speaks of just "tea".[1])
  • "Yeah... It's been...great."
  • "Ack! Baby alert!"
  • "Prince Bowser! Take it easy!"
  • "Leave this rabble to me. You just go walk it off, Your Hungriness!"
  • "You guys are really starting to chap my shell."
  • "I'm gonna yank out all those mustache hairs...AFTER I beat those cookies out of you!"
  • "Oooh, which one's the REAL me?"
  • "Yoooorgh."

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

  • "Hey! What did you feed Bowser, you creepy little weasel!?"
  • "That oughta fix you up."
  • "Whoa... chill out..."
  • "Your Rottenness, it's from Peach's Castle!"
  • "You mutineers are still here?! Get out of here this instant!"
  • "Your Ungratefulness... You won't open it?"

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[edit]

  • "What? You think I just wanted to wear this?"
  • "Actually... Yeah, you know, this frilly pink thing is pretty darn cute, I must say."
  • "I mean, those blue robes are so DRAB. Sometimes I open the closet and just gag."
  • "Wait... Let's start that over..."
  • "Ooh, a WARM welcome to Neo Bowser Castle!"
  • "Ka ha ha ha! So you came all the way here to be destroyed?!"
  • "I'll admit, knocking the castle from the sky was impressive...but that was just luck."
  • "And from now on, I think you'll find that things have turned most awfully bad!"
  • "Kee hee hee!"
  • "The paths between rooms... Oh, they're all messed-up!"
  • "You may wander in this room for the rest of your sad lives!"
  • "Keh!"
  • "I am your only key to moving on...and you'll never catch me!"
  • "And as you suffer, I trust you'll regret ever making Bowser mad!"
  • "Wh-what is this?"
  • "You dare attempt to take me down?!"
  • "I won't fall to you in here of all places!"
  • "Attack!"
  • "Kee-youch!"
  • "Well, no matter! I'll escape into another dream world!"
  • "I’ll get you next time!"
  • "Persistent, aren't we?"
  • "Well, time to lose you for good, then!"
  • "Oh, whoops! Messed will all the passages in the other rooms!"
  • "Sorry, there's no escape for you now! You'll be stuck here FOREVERRRR!"
  • "OK, I guess you wouldn't bite on that again!"
  • "Kyahahaha!"
  • "Next time won't be so easy!"
  • "Great. Just great. You borked my magic!"
  • "I didn't get to twist the doors as much as I would've liked..."
  • "But no matter. It's still complex enough to trap your small brains."
  • "This is the end for you! Wander here FOREVER!"
  • "OK, no more playing tag!"
  • "This ends here and now!"
  • "I'm serious this time! No holding back!"
  • "Bow...ser..."
  • "This cannot be...the end... Not for me..."
  • "I His Churlishness..."

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • "Ah, yes, Master Bowser, the plan. It's, er, trucking along."
  • "Yikes!"
  • "Y-yes, sir!"
  • "Sheesh, would it kill you to say please?"
  • "A thousand apologies, Your Highness! I was only talking to myself!"
  • "...Has His Highness taken up ventriloquism?"
  • "My word!"
  • "But...but...but...but!"
  • "My eyes must be playing tricks on me. There are...TWO Master Bowsers?"
  • "Master Bowser is, er, occupied at the moment. Can I help you?"
  • "Say what now?"
  • "This is all starting to make some sense."
  • "I've heard about a book that holds a parallel world within its pages."
  • "I thought it was just the stuff of legend..."
  • "But based on what you've just told me, perhaps this book is, in fact, real."
  • "And it sounds like it's in Peach's castle!"
  • "And that would explain this little situation here."
  • "My head is starting to hurt..."
  • "Master Bowser! Please calm down!"
  • "Hey! Can I get a little assistance here?"
  • "You mean, the ACTUAL Kamek! Get it right!"
  • "Ugh...we had a good run. You and me..."
  • "I mean, maybe good isn't the right word."
  • "But it wasn't always...bad...anyway..."
  • "You were like a brother to me..."
  • "A hideously ugly brother..."
  • "Do they not have mirrors in your world?"

Paper Kamek[edit]

  • "You like? I just whipped some of that up in my spare time."
  • "We'll just have to MAGIC HARDER, of course! Keeheehee!"
  • "Was the "ugly" part really necessary?"
  • "You are an irritating little insect. And you know what I do to irritating little insects?"
  • "I zap them!"
  • "I believe I warned you about this before the battle, Your Highness."
  • "Yes. I'd agree. We were a not-terrible team."
  • "Some of the plots we hatched...were pretty fun."
  • "Why do you keep saying that?! We're identical!"
  • "You're the one who needs to look in the mirror!"

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

  • "Stay focused!" (before the start of a level)
  • "Into the fray, young Master!" (before the start of a level if no troops are added)
  • "Young Master, allow me to do some dirty work..." (Sneak Attack)
  • "You're a real chip off the old block!" (Coddle)
  • "You simply project a winning aura!" (Coddle)
  • "You have the classic teeth of a leader, milord!" (Coddle)
  • "It's not a popularity contest. But if it were, you'd be winning!" (Coddle)
  • "It's an honor to fight by your side, milord!" (Coddle)
  • "Whoa! Did you get taller?" (Coddle)
  • "You're getting stronger with every battle." (Coddle)
  • "You give all of us the courage to go on fighting!" (Coddle)
  • "You're number one, and I'm not just saying that!" (Coddle)
  • "They can't keep up with you, young Master!" (Coddle)
  • "You're probably the coolest Koopaling...besides Wendy." (Coddle)
  • "No one can pilot that thing like you. Can I get a ride sometime?" (Coddle)
  • "These guys don't stand a chance against you!" (Coddle)
  • "Looking good as always, future king!" (Coddle)
  • "Your hair looks perfect as usual, young Master!" (Coddle)
  • "That shell's looking great on your back today!" (Coddle)
  • "You don't just win—you win in style!" (Coddle)
  • "All the Minions look up to you, young Master!" (Coddle)
  • "You're growing into a fine Koopa warrior!" (Coddle)
  • "You can keep going!" (if Kamek coddled 1-2 times)
  • "You're just getting warmed up." (if Kamek coddled 3 times)
  • "One more time? How about it?" (if Kamek coddled 4 times)
  • "This could start getting suspicious..." (if Kamek coddled 5 times)

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

  • "So long! Enjoy your flight!"

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

  • "Hmmm... Where'd you go, little Toadie?"
  • "You little scamp... Hiding something good in your pocket even when I ask ever so politely to have a look at it. Very suspicious, indeed."
  • "I imagine it's something quite rare... and something to do with stickers. I'm afraid I will be obliged to relieve you of it and report you to King Bowser!"
  • "Oh my, and who could this be? If it isn't little Mario!"
  • "Keh heh heh... That little incident at the Sticker Fest has gotten you on the move, has it? How lovely for us all."
  • "You know, when I think "little Mario," I think "Bowser's perpetual enemy." Which makes you MY enemy."
  • "Yes... Well, this will seem rather rude since we've only just met, but..."
  • "Let's get you out of the way quickly, shall we? Prepare for ruin!"
  • "Hmmm... You're as good as they say. I can't believe I lost to you."
  • "It really makes a fellow feel nasty, and when I feel nasty, I feel like DOING something nasty, like..."
  • "THIS!"
  • "Ka ha ha! You didn't want to collect this comet piece, did you?"
  • "Oh my, how utterly rude of me. Please, by all means! Catch!"
  • "Oopsie, did it just fly off somewhere? Oh dear."
  • "But I told you to catch it, didn't I? And you failed. Ka ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Oh well. Best of luck!"
  • "Goodness me, Mario! You made it all the way up to the tip of this toungue! You impress me. You really do!"
  • "Good heavens. "No-good scheme"? That sounds so tawdry."
  • "Besides, from where I'm standing, toots, you two are the villains. After all, you're plaguing me at every turn."
  • "Anyway... Kersti, was it?"
  • "You're delightfully shiny, my dear... Might I presume that you're from the Sticker Star?"
  • "Keh heh heh... Yes, of course you are. How interesting."
  • "But interesting as you may be, I'd very much appreciate it if you and your tragically fragile friend made like ticker tape and scattered in the wind."
  • "Oh, mercy, this IS an exceptional place to do battle, isn't it? I'd say that calls for a little added spice, wouldn't you?"
  • "Keh heh heh... Ooh, just look at your powerful arsenal of stickers... I'm ever so scared."
  • "Who could stand in the face of such a mighty array of casual footwear? I daresay I might even lose this time. Ka ha ha!"
  • "Kuh huh huh... Ah, the great Mario... Fighting bravely to the end, unbowed by my mighty magic... So brave! So very impressive!"
  • "Of course, it's not really just you, is it? No, I know full well that your little friend Kersti is providing you with all sorts of sticker power."
  • "Keh heh heh... It seems that things have suddenly gotten interesting. I do look forward to our next contest. Until we meet again!"
  • "Ahhhh, I've been looking high and low for you, my naughty little caterpillar."
  • "Yes, I very much wanted to meet you! In fact, I came all the way out to your house expressly to see you, but sadly, you weren't at home."
  • "No, instead, it seems you've been at the forest entrance planning some sort of mischief with Mario and his friend."
  • "Keh heh heh... Oh, please. Simply by being here, you're causing me all sorts of problems."
  • "And so I'm going to show you just a little bit of magic. Very fun magic... Kah hah hah!"
  • "KYAAAAAA hah hah haaaaaaaaa! Oh, you all look like you're having such FUN now that you're free! Ah, children. So spunky. So mischievous."
  • "OK, kiddos, go play whatever you want outside! You know, tag or hide-and-seek or kick-the-Goomba or something."
  • "Ah. That's better, isn't it?"
  • "You know, I envy you, getting to play your whole life away."
  • "In any case, I'm off. Toodles."
  • "Mmmm... Well done."
  • "Finding all those naughty little Boos... You're as diligent as always, Mario."
  • "Keh heh heh... Ah, Ms. Kersti... Just as sharp as ever."
  • "Indeed, I heard there was an old book about stickers somewhere in this mansion, so I searched high and low."
  • "In time, I found this delightful tome and cracked it open, and low and behold! All of those Boos came flying out."
  • "Then you two showed up and embarked on your nice game of hide-and-seek... I simply had to stay and watch."
  • "I must admit, it was truly wonderful watching you two desperately search all over the place. Kah ha ha!"
  • "Keh keh keh... Why thank you, my dear. What a lovely compliment."
  • "Even so, a book with a hundred Boos sealed within must hold some extreme power, wouldn't you think?"
  • "And since you two went through all that trouble to complete such an important piece of literature..."
  • "Let's turn things up another notch, shall we?"
  • "Keh heh heh... I'm sure you'll have a lovely time laying with that massive Boo thing, won't you? Yes..."
  • "Well then, I must be going."
  • "Well, well, well. Very impressive. You two somehow managed to make it all the way here. Eventually."
  • "You're quite right about that, my dear. Now that you've come all this way, neither of us can back down. No..."
  • "The time for boasting is long past. Let's just fight it out until one of us falls. What do you say?"
  • "Yes? Then let's go!"
  • "Ah, I almost forgot... Before we get started with the fighting, let me do one little thing..."
  • "What?! You're just a sad little sticker from a dim little Sticker Star... You're useless without your stickers!"
  • "I'll tell you what, toots... Why don't you just flap there in the breeze while you watch me trounce Mario, hmmm?"
  • "It's all clear to me now. It's no accident hat you've had such success gathering the Royal Stickers all this time."
  • "I'm Magikoopa enough to admit it... You two are quite strong! At least, strong enough to defeat me."
  • "But the last sticker King Bowser holds is infinitely stronger than the others. No power in the world can stand up to such dazzling shine power!"
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah..."
  • "Just thinking about how King Bowser will turn you to confetti is delectable..."
  • "So delectable that I do not fear my time of vanishing! KA HA HA HA!"

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

  • "Ah, Mario! I didn't expect to see YOU here."
  • "I'd love to stick around and sweep the floor with you, but I've got places to be, lives to ruin. You know how it is for us big wigs."
  • "But I suppose I could leave you with a little taste of my Koopa magicks..."
  • "Oh, you sad little Goomba..."
  • "Let's make you a sad HUGE Goomba! Eheeheehee!"
  • "Ah, Mario! Fancy meeting you here!"
  • "I've heard much about your exploits. Searching for the Big Paint Stars. Journeying here and there."
  • "Lord Bowser went through the trouble of scattering the Paint Stars, and you're undoing his hard work!"
  • "In other words... you're being Mario."
  • "You may have bested us before, but this time will be different."
  • "You'll leave this battle looking like a pile of confetti! Confetti in a parade honoring our fearless Koopa King!"
  • "I've sized you up, Mario! But my magicks may size you down! Eheeheehee!"
  • "Oh goodness. Big words for such a little can."
  • "But... with Mario here I must take every precaution."
  • "Prepare yourself for the fury of the Koopa magicks!"
  • "Kickety kaw, kickety koo! Make Mario the size of a shrew!"
  • "Eheeheehee! It's itsy-bitsy wittle Mawio! Let's see you stomp some Goombas now, you greedy little coin snatcher! True power needs not material wealth!"
  • "Lippety lap, lappet licks! Trim your hand right down to six!"
  • "Paralyzed by choice, are we? Allow me to help. Eheeheehee! And you're never getting your other cards back! ...Well, unless you win the fight."
  • "Tickety tatch, tickety twos! All of your cards are crummy shoes!"
  • "Koopatee kaw, koopatee konn! Where's your hand? Opps—it's gone!"
  • "Oh, you didn't want those cards, did you? You can always pay for a Battle Spin! Cross your fingers for a good card. Eheeheehee!"
  • "Huh? NO! But how...?! I was so busy tormenting Mario that I failed to realize my color has drained completely! Which means... The words I'm now speaking are my last! Quick, Kamek, say something profound! Uh... Did I lock my front door this morning? GAH! NO! Curse you, Mario! With my last ounce of power, I'll trap you in this forest...forever! I'm going to make you so big, you'll never fit in a pipe again, plumber boy! Eheeheehee!"
  • "Oh... I guess I only had enough power left to turn you back to normal size. Shoot..."
  • "My power... Drained. My once striking visage... So pale and colorless..."
  • "Like a bleached Boo riding a beached Blooper. Say THAT 10 times fast!"
  • "Bah... You could probably do it anyway. You're one tough cookie, Mario."
  • "My Koopa magicks, which were once called "a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet of chaos" by the Prisma Times, were not enough to stop you."
  • "I admit defeat. You've earned my respect all over again. Here, you deserve this... more than I. *cough*"


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