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This is a list of quotes from Mario Party: Island Tour.


Bowser's Peculiar Peak / Bowser's Bizarre Volcano[edit]

American English version[edit]

  • "Welcome to Bowser's Peculiar Peak, where reaching the goal first means you lose!"
  • "Along the way, you'll battle each other in minigames for the right to go LAST!"
  • "Don't keep me waiting at the goal! Let's..."party." BWAHAHA!"
  • "If you make it to the goal, you'll have the honor of playing a wonderfully terrifying game with ME!"
  • "So get moving! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Oh, I almost forgot. I command you to battle it out in a minigame to determine the turn order!"
  • "(4th place player's name)! You got last place, so here's a 1-6 Bowser Dice Block. Enjoy! Can't wait to see ya!"
  • "(3rd place player's name)! You came in third, so you get a 1-3 Bowser Dice Block. It's Bowserrific! BWAHAHA!"
  • "(2nd place player's name), you're our runner-up, so here's a 1-2 Bowser Dice Block. Think of it as a consolation prize!"
  • "Well, well, well. Fancy (1st place player's name) got first place. No Bowser Dice Blocks for you. Yet..."
  • "(1st place player's name), in first place? BAH! You still get a 1-2 Bowser Dice Block, so don't get too excited." (2 or 3 player game)
  • "So let's get moving! (4th place player's name), you're up first. Can't wait to see you, friend!"
  • "Bah, enough fun and games! Now we know who has to go first...and who has the "best" Bowser Dice Blocks!"
  • "You rolled doubles? UGH. Well, whatever. I guess you can stay where you are. FOR NOW."
  • "GAH, I hate it when this happens. You rolled doubles, so you can stay where you are. RARGH!"
  • "You went back 6 spaces? What is going on around here? I demand answers!"
  • "You must press one of these two detonators!"
  • "Alright, let's see what happens!"
  • "Let's try this again. Choose a button! I might have switched them around. Then again, maybe I didn't! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Argh! The wall is still standing! I can't believe it!"
  • "It is decided! Time to play (selected minigame)!"
  • "What? We have a tie for last place? Well, leave it to me to break the tie!"
  • "All right, time for another minigame! There are Bowser Dice Blocks on the line!"
  • "It won't be long now, but I'm still impatient. Hurry up!"
  • "BWAHAHAHA! The goal is just around the corner! So let's see who's in first...I mean, LAST place!" (Showing the current standings)
  • "What? It says that your fate is to go back (number) spaces. This can't be right!" (When the player goes back spaces)
  • "With any luck, you'll make it to the goal right now! Come on. Roll the dice and see what happens!"
  • "It's time for the Bowser Challenge! Lose this, and you lose the game!"
  • "Here's how it works. You step on the platforms and roll. The number you roll is the number I knock away."
  • "So if you roll 1-3, you'll be safe for a little while. Roll 4 or higher, and you're going for a ride. BWAHAHA!"
  • "It's fiendish isn't it? Go on-admit it! I want to hear your honest feedback. And your yelps of despair!"
  • "Unbelievable! You rolled doubles just like that? Perhaps I underestimated you."
  • "What? You rolled doubles? NOOO!"
  • "You rolled doubles here? Just when you needed it? THIS CAN'T BE!"
  • "All right, here we go again!"
  • "BOOM. Here I go!"
  • "Sayonara! BWAHAHA!"
  • "And THAT is the game! (4th place player's name) got last place. BWAHAHA! Let's see how everyone else did."
  • "The winner is (1st place player's name), who was the farthest from my clutches when the game ended."
  • "It looks like we have more than one winner! How is that possible? BAH!"
  • "Nevertheless, (one of 1st place) and (other of 1st place) both managed to stay far, far away from me, so they both win!" (tie for 1st at game's end)

British English version[edit]

  • "You're in Bowser's Bizarre Volcano, where reaching the goal means you lose!"
  • "Every turn, you have to play a minigame to determine the order of play!"
  • "Don't make me wait at the goal! Let's party!"
  • "Come to the goal and experience the most terrifying game of your life!"
  • "Just creep towards me! GA HA HA HA!"
  • "All right! Let's decide the order of play with a minigame!"
  • "(4th place player's name)! You came in last place, so have a 1-6 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(3rd place player's name)! You came in third place, so have this 1-3 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(2nd place player's name)! You came in second place, so have this 1-2 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(1st place player's name)! You came in first, so no Bowser Dice Block for you. Hmph!"
  • "It looks like (4th place player's name) lost, so go ahead, losers first!"
  • "So now we know the play order and you've got your Bowser Dice Blocks!"
  • "Gah! I see you have luck on your side! You rolled a double, so you can stay where you are."
  • "You rolled a double, so you can stay where you are. This is no fun!"
  • "...You rolled a double? Then, as much as this pains me, you can stay where you are!"
  • "Oh no! You landed on a Lucky Space! Now you get to go back the number of spaces displayed on the spin wheel."
  • "What?! Your fate is to go back (number) spaces!" (When the player goes back spaces)
  • "The wall! It's still standing! Luck was with you this time!"
  • "Go on, get rolling!"
  • "So, that's the number of hits I get! I hope you're ready!"
  • "Feel my wrath! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • "(4th place player's name) has left us, which means this game is over!"
  • "The winner is the player furthest from the goal. Good for you, (1st place player's name)!"
  • "The winners are the players who are the furthest away from the goal!" (If two or three players win)
  • "(one of 1st place) and (other of 1st place) are in the same space, so they win! Ugh!" (If 2 players are tied)
  • "What's this? (first player in 1st place), (second player in 1st place) AND (third player in 1st place) are on the same space? Then you're all winners! Even I have to congratulate you on that. Well done!" (When 3 players tie for 1st)

Bowser's Tower[edit]

  • "I should be mad...but I'm just so proud! Good job, Son!" (To Bowser Jr.)
  • "I'll just have to stop you myself!"
  • "Really? You defeated Mr. Blizzard? That's...actually kind of impressive."
  • "Grr! I should have spent more time training that Chain Chomp!"
  • "BWAHAHA! Did you think I'd let my own son defeat me like that? I hope you had fun playing the hero, kiddo!"


American English version[edit]

  • "Oh, hello. Don't mind me! I'll just slip a Bowser Card into the deck and be on my way. BWAHAHAHAHA!" (Handing out the Bowser Card in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "BAH! Nobody apologizes on my behalf! I'll be back in 3 rounds with a fiendish surprise for the player with my card!"
  • "Well, hello! I do believe it's penalty time! Let's see who has my precious Bowser Card..." (Determining who gets the Bowser Penalty in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "Ooh, one of my favorite penalties! You get to warp all the way back to last place, YES!"
  • "Wait a second... You're already IN last place! GAH. That's not very satisfying."
  • "Oh, this is GREAT! You have to go back a whole 6 spaces! What a penalty!"
  • "Whoops! You have the Bowser Card, and that means you can't participate in the Final Challenge. BWAHAHA!"
  • "That must be so disappointing. Like I care! Hurry up and go back 3 spaces. I command it!"

British English version[edit]

  • "GA HA HA! Here's a Bowser Card to slip in the deck!" (Handing out the Bowser Card in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "I'll be back in three turns, and whoever has the Bowser Card will be sorry!"
  • "GA HA HA! Time for a penalty! Let's see which of you is holding the Bowser Card..." (Determining who gets the Bowser Penalty in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "You! (character)! Come here and let me give you a penalty!"
  • "What kind of penalty should I give you? Time to spin the Bowser Spin Wheel and find out!"
  • "Tch! What kind of punishment is that? That's not even that far!"
  • "Go on, then, toodle back 1 space. I guess."
  • "GA HA HA! You have to go back 6 spaces! This is the greatest penalty ever!"
  • "Enjoy your trip 6 spaces backwards, (character)! GA HA HA HA!"
  • "And that's all the Bowser Penalty you're going to get! ...Until next time! GA HA HA!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Alright!"
  • "Yahoo! I'm the best!"
  • "Ouch!"

Minigame Announcer[edit]


Note: The following below are all from Mario Party 9.

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "Ready? Go!"
  • "New Record!" (When Player 1 breaks the record)
  • "Goal!" (Rocket Road only)


American English version[edit]

  • "We have a tie! Let's roll the dice to break it."
  • "All right! Here are the final results."

British English version[edit]

  • "It looks like we have a draw, so let's determine the result with a dice roll!"
  • "All right! This is the final result."

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Aw man!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Oh well, next time."


  • "No!"
  • "Wa ha ha wah!"

Yellow Toad[edit]

Main Menu[edit]

  • "Welcome to Mario Party: Island Tour!"
  • "Oh, by the way...happy birthday! What, you don't think I remembered? I hope you have a great day!"

Board Introductions[edit]

Perilous Palace Path[edit]

  • American English version: "Welcome to the Perilous Palace Path, where you must overcome obstacles and use items to reach the goal!"
  • British English version: "Welcome to Perilous Palace Path, where the castle is your goal!"

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain[edit]

  • "Welcome to Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain, a test of luck and courage!"

Star-Crossed Skyway[edit]

  • American English version: "Welcome to the Star-Crossed Skyway, where your fate can change faster than you can say "Star Stage"!"
  • British English version: "Welcome to the Star-Crossed Skyway, the land of the four Star Stages!"

Rocket Road[edit]

  • American English version: "Welcome to Rocket Road, a space race that you'll need plenty of Boosters to win!"
  • British English version: "Welcome to the Rocket Road through outer space!"

Kamek's Carpet Ride[edit]

  • American English version: "Welcome to Kamek's Carpet Ride, where the ride doesn't end until you reach the goal perfectly."
  • British English version: "Welcome to Kamek's Carpet Ride, where everything has to be just right!"

Shy Guy's Shuffle City[edit]

  • American English version: "Welcome to Shy Guy's Shuffle City, where you'll need the luck of the draw to win the game!"
  • British English version: "Welcome to Shy Guy's Shuffle City, where you use cards to move!"


American English version[edit]

  • "Let's decide the turn order!"
  • "The player who rolled the highest number goes first.
  • "First/Second/Third, (character)!"
  • "Fourth, (character)! And we're all set."
  • "Here we go!"
  • "(slowest character) is in last place again? We don't have all day!"
  • "We have a winner! Please make your way to the podium!"
  • "GUYS! (character) will land perfectly on the goal in 1 turn! Unless someone does something about it..."
  • "(character)! There are only (number of spaces) between you and the goal!"
  • "Great work, (character)! You're almost there! Just watch out for Warp Spaces. They won't help you now."
  • "Wow, (character), you got the best of Bowser on that one! Although, you ARE in last place..."
  • "This is it...the Final Challenge! If you draw the Champion Card, you'll win the game!"
  • "The cat's out of the bag, everyone! Looks like (Bowser Card holder) was the one holding the Bowser Card."
  • "Huh. Well, they say the third time's the charm. So how can you NOT draw the Champion Card this time?"
  • "Oh, man. That's not the right card. And that means you'll have to go back 3 spaces."
  • "Gee, I wonder if the Champion Card is even in this deck..."
  • "Woo-hoo! (1st place player's name) is the winner! Congratulations!"
  • "And (Bowser Card holder) had the Bowser Card. Sorry, (Bowser Card holder), but that means you automatically get last place." (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)

British English version[edit]

  • "Let's decide the order of play!"
  • "The order of play has been settled!"
  • "(character) plays first/second/third."
  • "And finally, (character) plays fourth."
  • "Now let's party!"
  • "Someone has the Bowser Card! Check the lower screen to see if it's you!"
  • "Oh dear! Whoever's holding the Bowser Card right now, watch out for the penalty coming in three turns!"
  • "Don't feel too bad, (character). It's not that far. You can walk it off!"
  • "Dear, oh dear, (character)! That penalty was painful to watch!"
  • "Wow, you did it! (1st place player's name), you're the winner! Congratulations!"
  • "Unfortunately, (Bowser Card holder), you came in last place because you were holding the Bowser Card." (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)