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This is a list of quotes from Mario Party: Island Tour.


Bowser's Peculiar Peak / Bowser's Bizarre Volcano[edit]

US version[edit]

  • "Welcome to Bowser's Peculiar Peak, where reaching the goal first means you lose!"
  • "Along the way, you'll battle each other in minigames for the right to go LAST!"
  • "Don't keep me waiting at the goal! Let's..."party." BWAHAHA!"
  • "If you make it to the goal, you'll have the honor of playing a wonderfully terrifying game with ME!"
  • "So get moving! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Oh, I almost forgot. I command you to battle it out in a minigame to determine the turn order!"
  • "(4th place player's name)! You got last place, so here's a 1-6 Bowser Dice Block. Enjoy! Can't wait to see ya!"
  • "(3rd place player's name)! You came in third, so you get a 1-3 Bowser Dice Block. It's Bowserrific! BWAHAHA!"
  • "(2nd place player's name), you're our runner-up, so here's a 1-2 Bowser Dice Block. Think of it as a consolation prize!"
  • "Well, well, well. Fancy (1st place player's name) got first place. No Bowser Dice Blocks for you. Yet..."
  • "(1st place player's name), in first place? BAH! You still get a 1-2 Bowser Dice Block, so don't get too excited." (2 or 3 player game)
  • "So let's get moving! (4th place player's name), you're up first. Can't wait to see you, friend!"
  • "Bah, enough fun and games! Now we know who has to go first...and who has the "best" Bowser Dice Blocks!"
  • "You rolled doubles? UGH. Well, whatever. I guess you can stay where you are. FOR NOW."
  • "GAH, I hate it when this happens. You rolled doubles, so you can stay where you are. RARGH!"
  • "You went back 6 spaces? What is going on around here? I demand answers!"
  • "You must press one of these two detonators!"
  • "Alright, let's see what happens!"
  • "Let's try this again. Choose a button! I might have switched them around. Then again, maybe I didn't! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Argh! The wall is still standing! I can't believe it!"
  • "It is decided! Time to play (selected minigame)!"
  • "What? We have a tie for last place? Well, leave it to me to break the tie!"
  • "All right, time for another minigame! There are Bowser Dice Blocks on the line!"
  • "It won't be long now, but I'm still impatient. Hurry up!"
  • "BWAHAHAHA! The goal is just around the corner! So let's see who's in first...I mean, LAST place!" (Showing the current standings)
  • "What? It says that your fate is to go back (number) spaces. This can't be right!" (When the player goes back spaces)
  • "With any luck, you'll make it to the goal right now! Come on. Roll the dice and see what happens!"
  • "It's time for the Bowser Challenge! Lose this, and you lose the game!"
  • "Here's how it works. You step on the platforms and roll. The number you roll is the number I knock away."
  • "So if you roll 1-3, you'll be safe for a little while. Roll 4 or higher, and you're going for a ride. BWAHAHA!"
  • "It's fiendish isn't it? Go on-admit it! I want to hear your honest feedback. And your yelps of despair!"
  • "Unbelievable! You rolled doubles just like that? Perhaps I underestimated you."
  • "What? You rolled doubles? NOOO!"
  • "You rolled doubles here? Just when you needed it? THIS CAN'T BE!"
  • "All right, here we go again!"
  • "BOOM. Here I go!"
  • "Sayonara! BWAHAHA!"
  • "And THAT is the game! (4th place player's name) got last place. BWAHAHA! Let's see how everyone else did."
  • "The winner is (1st place player's name), who was the farthest from my clutches when the game ended."
  • "It looks like we have more than one winner! How is that possible? BAH!"
  • "Nevertheless, (one of 1st place) and (other of 1st place) both managed to stay far, far away from me, so they both win!" (tie for 1st at game's end)

UK version[edit]

  • "You're in Bowser's Bizarre Volcano, where reaching the goal means you lose!"
  • "Every turn, you have to play a minigame to determine the order of play!"
  • "Don't make me wait at the goal! Let's party!"
  • "Come to the goal and experience the most terrifying game of your life!"
  • "Just creep towards me! GA HA HA HA!"
  • "All right! Let's decide the order of play with a minigame!"
  • "(4th place player's name)! You came in last place, so have a 1-6 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(3rd place player's name)! You came in third place, so have this 1-3 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(2nd place player's name)! You came in second place, so have this 1-2 Bowser Dice Block to use with your normal dice block!"
  • "(1st place player's name)! You came in first, so no Bowser Dice Block for you. Hmph!"
  • "It looks like (4th place player's name) lost, so go ahead, losers first!"
  • "So now we know the play order and you've got your Bowser Dice Blocks!"
  • "Gah! I see you have luck on your side! You rolled a double, so you can stay where you are."
  • "You rolled a double, so you can stay where you are. This is no fun!"
  • "The wall! It's still standing! Luck was with you this time!"
  • "Go on, get rolling!"
  • "So, that's the number of hits I get! I hope you're ready!"
  • "Feel my wrath! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • "(4th place player's name) has left us, which means this game is over!"
  • "The winner is the player furthest from the goal. Good for you, (1st place player's name)!"
  • "The winners are the players who are the furthest away from the goal!"
  • "(one of 1st place) and (other of 1st place) are in the same space, so they win! Ugh!"

Bowser's Tower[edit]

  • "I should be mad...but I'm just so proud! Good job, Son!" (To Bowser Jr.)
  • "I'll just have to stop you myself!"
  • "Really? You defeated Mr. Blizzard? That's...actually kind of impressive."
  • "Grr! I should have spent more time training that Chain Chomp!"
  • "BWAHAHA! Did you think I'd let my own son defeat me like that? I hope you had fun playing the hero, kiddo!"


US version[edit]

  • "Oh, hello. Don't mind me! I'll just slip a Bowser Card into the deck and be on my way. BWAHAHAHAHA!" (Handing out the Bowser Card in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "BAH! Nobody apologizes on my behalf! I'll be back in 3 rounds with a fiendish surprise for the player with my card!"
  • "Well, hello! I do believe it's penalty time! Let's see who has my precious Bowser Card..." (Determining who gets the Bowser Penalty in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "Ooh, one of my favorite penalties! You get to warp all the way back to last place, YES!"
  • "Wait a second... You're already IN last place! GAH. That's not very satisfying."
  • "Oh, this is GREAT! You have to go back a whole 6 spaces! What a penalty!"
  • "Whoops! You have the Bowser Card, and that means you can't participate in the Final Challenge. BWAHAHA!"
  • "That must be so disappointing. Like I care! Hurry up and go back 3 spaces. I command it!"

UK version[edit]

  • "GA HA HA! Here's a Bowser Card to slip in the deck!" (Handing out the Bowser Card in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "I'll be back in three turns, and whoever has the Bowser Card will be sorry!"
  • "GA HA HA! Time for a penalty! Let's see which of you is holding the Bowser Card..." (Determining who gets the Bowser Penalty in Shy Guy's Shuffle City)
  • "You! (character)! Come here and let me give you a penalty!"
  • "What kind of penalty should I give you? Time to spin the Bowser Spin Wheel and find out!"
  • "Tch! What kind of punishment is that? That's not even that far!"
  • "Go on, then, toodle back 1 space. I guess."
  • "GA HA HA! You have to go back 6 spaces! This is the greatest penalty ever!"
  • "Enjoy your trip 6 spaces backwards, (character)! GA HA HA HA!"
  • "And that's all the Bowser Penalty you're going to get! ...Until next time! GA HA HA!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Alright!"
  • "Yahoo! I'm the best!"
  • "Ouch!"

Minigame Announcer[edit]


Note: The following below are all from Mario Party 9.

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "Ready? Go!"
  • "New Record!" (When Player 1 breaks the record)
  • "Goal!" (Rocket Road only)


US version[edit]

  • "We have a tie! Let's roll the dice to break it."
  • "All right! Here are the final results."

UK version[edit]

  • "It looks like we have a draw, so let's determine the result with a dice roll!"
  • "All right! This is the final result."

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Aw man!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Oh well, next time."


  • "No!"
  • "Wa ha ha wah!"

Yellow Toad[edit]

Main Menu[edit]

  • "Welcome to Mario Party: Island Tour!"
  • "Oh, by the way...happy birthday! What, you don't think I remembered? I hope you have a great day!"

Board Introductions[edit]

Perilous Palace Path[edit]

  • US version: "Welcome to the Perilous Palace Path, where you must overcome obstacles and use items to reach the goal!"
  • UK version: "Welcome to Perilous Palace Path, where the castle is your goal!"

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain[edit]

  • "Welcome to Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain, a test of luck and courage!"

Star-Crossed Skyway[edit]

  • US version: "Welcome to the Star-Crossed Skyway, where your fate can change faster than you can say "Star Stage"!"
  • UK version: "Welcome to the Star-Crossed Skyway, the land of the four Star Stages!"

Rocket Road[edit]

  • US version: "Welcome to Rocket Road, a space race that you'll need plenty of Boosters to win!"
  • UK version: "Welcome to the Rocket Road through outer space!"

Kamek's Carpet Ride[edit]

  • US version: "Welcome to Kamek's Carpet Ride, where the ride doesn't end until you reach the goal perfectly."
  • UK version: "Welcome to Kamek's Carpet Ride, where everything has to be just right!"

Shy Guy's Shuffle City[edit]

  • US version: "Welcome to Shy Guy's Shuffle City, where you'll need the luck of the draw to win the game!"
  • UK version: "Welcome to Shy Guy's Shuffle City, where you use cards to move!"


US version[edit]

  • "Let's decide the turn order!"
  • "The player who rolled the highest number goes first.
  • "First/Second/Third, (character)!"
  • "Fourth, (character)! And we're all set."
  • "Here we go!"
  • "(slowest character) is in last place again? We don't have all day!"
  • "We have a winner! Please make your way to the podium!"
  • "GUYS! (character) will land perfectly on the goal in 1 turn! Unless someone does something about it..."
  • "(character)! There are only (number of spaces) between you and the goal!"
  • "Great work, (character)! You're almost there! Just watch out for Warp Spaces. They won't help you now."
  • "Wow, (character), you got the best of Bowser on that one! Although, you ARE in last place..."
  • "This is it...the Final Challenge! If you draw the Champion Card, you'll win the game!"
  • "The cat's out of the bag, everyone! Looks like (Bowser Card holder) was the one holding the Bowser Card."
  • "Huh. Well, they say the third time's the charm. So how can you NOT draw the Champion Card this time?"
  • "Oh, man. That's not the right card. And that means you'll have to go back 3 spaces."
  • "Gee, I wonder if the Champion Card is even in this deck..."
  • "Woo-hoo! (1st place player's name) is the winner! Congratulations!"
  • "And (Bowser Card holder) had the Bowser Card. Sorry, (Bowser Card holder), but that means you automatically get last place." (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)

UK version[edit]

  • "Let's decide the order of play!"
  • "The order of play has been settled!"
  • "(character) plays first/second/third."
  • "And finally, (character) plays fourth."
  • "Now let's party!"
  • "Someone has the Bowser Card! Check the lower screen to see if it's you!"
  • "Oh dear! Whoever's holding the Bowser Card right now, watch out for the penalty coming in three turns!"
  • "Don't feel too bad, (character). It's not that far. You can walk it off!"
  • "Dear, oh dear, (character)! That penalty was painful to watch!"
  • "Wow, you did it! (1st place player's name), you're the winner! Congratulations!"
  • "Unfortunately, (Bowser Card holder), you came in last place because you were holding the Bowser Card." (Shy Guy's Shuffle City)