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This is a list of quotes from the NES and SNES versions of the game Wario's Woods. The quotes are listed by character.


  • "I see you have come to learn my brilliant strategies. You are over confident my friend. I want to see your best techniques." (Intro)
  • "Everyone tells me I'm irresistible. You must have lost on purpose so that we could meet again." (Rematch)



  • "Play!" (Round Game)
  • "Ok!" (NES/SNES, Round Game)


  • "Fight!" (Round Game)
  • "Which level would you like to play?" (Vs. Com)
  • "Which data file would you like to select?" (Vs. 2P)


  • "At this level, ability alone is not enough. I know all of the mathematical possibilities. I will use my knowledge to destroy you!" (Intro)
  • "So, what do you think? Did my mathematical abilities perplex and amaze you? I am a superior player..." (Rematch)


  • "The final four monsters always win. Even the ultimate masters are sent down to defeat. Prepare your excuse for losing!" (Intro)
  • "Did you come up with your excuses? Let's play again while you are thinking. I will destroy you!" (Rematch)


  • "I'm still in training. Are you in training, too? Go easy on me, okay?" (Intro)
  • "You seem to need more training. Playing over and over is the best training!" (Rematch)

Harley Q[edit]

  • "What!? Are you ready to challenge me? Here's a secret-- I hate to lose!" (Intro)
  • "Ha! I won! Did your first impression of me change? Let's go at it again!" (Rematch)

Harry H[edit]

  • "Only two more monsters to go, woodlands hero. I didn't think you would get this far. You must do your best if you wish to pass." (Intro)
  • "Bravo! Your skills are impressive, but mine are superb! My excellence overshadows all of your strengths." (Rematch)


  • "I'm your first opponent. Let see what you've got!" (Intro)
  • "You're still a beginner, but don't give up. If you practice, you'll get better." (Rematch)


  • "The next game will feature me! I will send you away in shame after crushing your dream of fame." (Intro)
  • "Battles are never pretty, and your dreams of fame are now crushed. As I told you before, I will win." (Rematch)


  • "I've been waiting for you. You have been impressive, but now it begins. Instantaneous decisions will be necessary. Know this--my abilities are unmatched!" (Intro)
  • "You didn't make instantaneous decisions. Take some time to relax, unless you actually think you can defeat me." (Rematch)

Mssr Boo[edit]

  • "The real fun starts here. The number of combinations is endless. It only gets tougher." (Intro)
  • "You're in way over your head. Determination alone will not win the match. Apply your efforts and skills equally." (Rematch)


  • "Congratulations! You have beaten all of your opponents. You now have the opportunity to play against the same opponents, but it will be more difficult for you than in the previous matches. You are ready for this since you have made it this far. To access the special mode, select VS COM, then hold left on the control pad and press START at the same time. Give this tough, new challenge a try!"


  • "Skillful use of the A and B buttons is a key point. I'll demonstrate their use by defeating you." (Intro)
  • "Did you see my skill with the A and B buttons? If you didn't notice, I'll show you again. Behold!" (Rematch)


  • "Balance is the key-- Do you try to clear your screen? Or do you try to fill mine?" (Intro)
  • "I am different from your previous opponents, right? By battling me, you will improve quickly." (Rematch)


  • "Knowledge of the basic techniques is necessary to win. Right here, right now! How good ARE you?" (Intro)
  • "Are you sure you're ready for this level of play? If you would like to try and beat me, you're on!" (Rematch)


  • "Do you think I'm just some little girl? I'm a lady, and "Ladies first" isn't just a polite remark. I will do everything in my power to defeat you." (Intro)
  • "Your performance proved I am first. I like players that respect women. Play me again at half speed out of respect!" (Rematch)


  • "Ah! So you have made it this far! You seem to think you can beat me, Toad. Don't give up, even if it seems hopeless." (Intro)
  • "I'm glad that you didn't reset the game when you saw it was hopeless. You need more practice, and I'll give it to you!" (Rematch)

Tad Rock[edit]

  • "I see that you are becoming very proficient. Advancing will require mastery of the X and Y buttons." (Intro)
  • "I'm the coolest player around! If you just watch my stunning performance, you'll lose. I'm ready for your best shot." (Rematch)


  • "Are you looking for the strongest foe? Only the most exceptional dare to test me." (Intro)
  • "Your control is getting better. It also was difficult for me at first, but now my talents are great!" (Rematch)


  • "Cool!" (Chain)
  • "Sweet!" (Round cleared)
  • "Yes!" (Victory)

VS COM Opponent[edit]


  • "Whoa!" (Chain)
  • "Hello!" (Diamond)
  • "Yowza!" (Victory)


  • "Whoa!" (Chain)
  • "Yello!" (Diamond)
  • "Winner!" (Victory)


NES Version[edit]

Game A[edit]

  • "What are you doin' here? Go home or be crushed!" (After Round 9)
  • "Don't under-estimate me! I'll get you yet,Toad!" (After Round 19)
  • "I'm warnin' you 'shroom. One more step... And you're toast!!" (After Round 29)
  • "I'm still in a good mood! If you back off now... ...I won't break you!" (After Round 39)
  • "Leave if you want to live. This is my territory!" (After Round 49)
  • "Good work, mushroom! You've done very well! But I'll beat you now" (After Round 59)
  • "So,you beat my monsters! Well...keep it comin'! You're not beatin' me!!" (After Round 69)
  • "You're goin' down,Toad! 'Cause here comes my... barrage!!" (After Round 79)
  • "Well done, mushroom man! You're good! But...'re no match for me! I'll see you again soon!!" (After Round 89)
  • "We're not through,Toad! I'll pummel you yet!" (After Round 99)

Game B[edit]

  • "I'm warnin' you,Toad! Back off or deal with... ...the wrath of Wario!!" (After Round 9)
  • "You've got some nerve! Get outta here! Now!!" (After Round 19)
  • "You're doin' well 'shroom! But I'm gonna win!" (After Round 29)
  • "Good work, Toad!! Keep it comin'!" (After Round 39)
  • "You're good. But I have.. Exceptional strength... Power,wit and charisma ...and I'm gonna win!!" (After Round 49)
  • "Oh! You're good! But I'm better!! We'll meet later... ...and I'll crush you!" (After Round 59)
  • "Oh now! I'm done for!! Ha! Just kidding! That Wario was a fake! I'm still here and... I'm ready to rumble!!" (After Round 69)
  • "You're doin' Well,Toad! Now try some diagonals!" (After Round 79)
  • "You've come far,but... Don't count on winning! You must fight... the mighty Wario!!" (After Round 89)
  • "You haven't won yet!! I'm becoming bigger... ...and stronger... And I will crush you!!" (After Round 99)

SNES Version[edit]

  • "I grew weary of waiting for you. This is the end of the line for you, Toad!" (Intro)
  • "How was that? I am on a totally different level from the previous puny challenges. I am ready for any of your tactics!" (Rematch)