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This is a list of quotes from the game Donkey Kong Country, applying to all three (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance) versions.

Candy Kong[edit]

  • "Hi, I'm Candy Kong and this is my Save Point!"
  • "If you want to save your current game, just jump into my spinning save barrel!"
  • "Hello guys, got anything worth saving?"
  • "Wow! You guys really came a long way! Save your game now, while you have the chance!"
  • "Yoo-hoo, Honey Kong! Now's a good time to save where you've gotten to!"
  • "It must have been hard work for you to come all this way! Why not save your game?"
  • "Can I help you monkeys save your game?"
  • "How would you like a quick spin in my save barrel?"
  • "I don't think he is [bluffing], sugar. Let's get off this manky ship."

Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "DK! DK! Wake up."
  • "Take a look inside your banana cave. You're in for a big surprise!"
  • "You big ape! I could hear you coming from miles away!"
  • "The crafty Croctopus corners his crock of collectibles in Coral Capers."
  • "Grab any extra life balloons quickly before they float away. There's nothing more I can tell you."
  • "Come back to the master for more advice, hunh?!"
  • "You can find the fun in Ropey Rampage between a rock and a hard place! You can roll over Slippa or just squash him with a jump attack. You know all you need to know for now."
  • "You only just left!"
  • "Well, that was fast! You didn't even leave me enough time to come up with any other stupid comments!"
  • "I don't know WHY I'm telling you this... You didn't even listen last time!"
  • "All graphics, and no gameplay, they say!"
  • "Back in my day, we used to have REAL gameplay... We didn't have any of this fancy 3D stuff!"
  • "Even the bananas have more color than I did! All this color's too much for my poor old eyes!"
  • "Yep! Don't make game players like they used to!"
  • "Who told you I was here? Was it that obnoxious Funky Kong?"
  • "Well looky what we have here!"
  • "In Jungle Hijinxs, stick to the tree tops to earn extra lives. I hear if you roll off a platform and press the jump button, you'll do a super jump. Remember the original Donkey Kong? I think I'll go play that...see you later!"
  • "I've got more gameplay in my little finger than this entire game does!"
  • "Well done, Donkey my boy! Who would've known a whipper-snapper like you could've beaten that bunch of no-good Kremlings? You've made an old man proud!"
  • "Why don't you look in your hoard? I think you'll be in for a surprise!"
  • "If I were playing, I'd have found everything! I'm sure there must be some bonus rooms you still haven't found!"
  • "Is it my turn yet?"
  • "I did this using one life! And I took less than an hour!"
  • "You sure showed that stupid bird who's boss. Good, that's another banana back. Now go down to Vine Valley and find the others!"
  • "Call that an ending? Looks like a cheap stunt setting up the story for the sequel!"

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Ok, little buddy, as part of your hero training, you've got to stand guard tonight over my bananas... I'll relieve you at midnight, so try and stay awake until then!"
  • "What'cha do that for?! I was having a nice nap."
  • "My bananas and my buddy, Diddy, they are gone! The Kremlings will pay! I'll hunt them down through every corner of my island, until I have every last banana from my hoard back!"
  • "Now that's all sorted, I'm going back to sleep."
  • "We will meet again, K. ROOL."

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "W-who goes there?!"
  • "You lazy ape, you are getting too old for this!"
  • "K. ROOL!!"
  • "Or else what?!"
  • "You're bluffing, lizard face."
  • "I'm outta here!"

Funky Kong[edit]

  • "Whoa, dudes! My name's Funky Kong!"
  • "My bodacious jumbo barrel will take you anywhere on the island! Unfortunately, it could only take you to places you've already been to, which is a complete and total bummer, lemme tell you!"
  • "Yo Gorillas! Go see old man Cranky, he can help ya out!"
  • "You dudes need lives or something? Jungle Hijinxs is the place for that!"
  • "If you guys see Candy on your way out, tell her I'll give her surfing lessons anytime!"
  • "Yeah, crucial Kongs! If you feel the need for speed, jump in and like, jet!"
  • "Lookin' good, Kongs! Buckle up and blast off, you're outta here!"

King K. Rool[edit]

  • "Make yourselves at home!"
  • "Right, I've had enough of this. It's time for me to get going. So you Kongs better get off of my ship or else!"
  • "I'll destroy DK Island. Awha ha haa!"
  • "I'll be back!"


  • "It'sss the sssmall one... Ssseal him inssside thisss barrel and tosss it into the bussshesss... Donkey Kong'sss bananasss are oursss!"