Mini Animal Token

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Mini Animal Token

Mini Animal Tokens[1] are a variety of animal tokens from Donkey Kong Country. They exist only in secret areas, and every 100 that are collected by an Animal Friend can be redeemed for an extra life. Mini Animal Tokens come in the shape of whichever Animal Friend is collecting them (either Rambi, Expresso, Enguarde, or Winky).

Once Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong collects three standard animal tokens of the same Animal Friend, they will be warped to a Token Bonus Area, where they will have control over the represented Animal Friend. In these Token Areas, which are unique to each Animal Friend, the Animal Friend must race to collect as many Mini Animal Tokens as possible before the 99-second Time Limit expires. Although it is impossible to collect every Mini Animal Token, the Animal Friend must attempt to find a path that will earn them a substantial number of Mini Animal Tokens.

Although every 100 Mini Animal Tokens will yield an extra life, any excess ones that an Animal Friend has left over at the end of the round will be lost and will not reappear.


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