Vine Valley (world)

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Vine Valley
VineValley DKC.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Levels 6
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“In the lofty treetops of Donkey Kong Country, you'll find a deserted town of wooden plataforms and huts, origin unknown. But while the original inabitants may be gone, the place is teeming with Kremlings and their friends, ready to ambush anyone who trespasses here. The barrel cannons are particularly tricky in the treetops!”
Donkey Kong Country manual, page 22

Vine Valley is the third world in Donkey Kong Country, located after Monkey Mines. It is a large pine forest area of Donkey Kong Island featuring several forest areas, a treetop village, and a temple ruins. In the center of the world, there is a large bay connected to the ocean. The boss of this area is Queen B. From the world map, Vine Valley appears to take place during sunset.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Vine Valley's world map was significantly redesigned, and it takes place during the daytime.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, there is a level with the same name in the Forest.

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Name Description
Vulture Culture SNES.png
Vulture Culture
The first level with a forest setting and of Vine Valley alike. As its name suggests, there are numerous Neckies and Mini-Neckies featured as enemies in the level.
Tree Top Town.png
Tree Top Town
The second level is set within a village. There are many Barrel Cannons that the Kongs must use to cross gaps from one treetop to the next.
Forest Frenzy.png
Forest Frenzy
The third level of Vine Valley and also set in a forest like Vulture Culture. It involves more rope swinging than moving on ground. The main enemies are adult Neckies and Zingers flying in the way of the Kongs as they move from ropes.
Temple Tempest.png
Temple Tempest*
The fourth level and the last ruins-themed level. It involves Gnawtys on large millstones chasing the Kongs, and they must avoid being run over by them, usually by bouncing off a tire.
Orang-utan Gang.png
Orang-utan Gang
The fifth level takes place in a jungle setting on the treetops. A type of Kong enemy named Manky Kongs make their first appearance in the level. Halfway into the level, there is an Expresso Animal Crate that the Kongs can break to ride Expresso for the remainder of the level.
Clam City.png
Clam City*
The sixth and final level and the second underwater level. There are many Clambos, who attack by spitting out pearls in a set direction. Throughout the level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must navigate around the pearls. Enguarde the Swordfish appears in the underwater level although he cannot defeat the Clambos.
Boss level: Bumble B. Rumble
The boss level where the Kongs fight the boss, Queen B. Simply bombard her with barrels, avoid her red invincible stage, and repeat. In the Game Boy Advance remake, each hit would have bees surround her, making a shield which must be broken with barrels.

An asterisk (*) indicates that Clam City and Temple Tempest's orders were switched in the Game Boy Advance remake.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル3 もりのみさき
Reberu 3 Mori no misaki
Level 3 Forest Cape
Spanish Valle Liana Literal translation
French Val. Vigne Val. Vine
German Traubental (SNES)
Trauben-Tal (GBC)
Grape Valley
Italian Verde Vallata Green Valley