Vine Valley (world)

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Vine Valley
VineValley DKC.png
World map in the original version
The world map of Vine Valley from Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Color.
World map in the Game Boy Color version
The world map of Vine Valley from Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Advance.
World map in the Game Boy Advance version
Game Donkey Kong Country
Level(s) 6
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“In the lofty treetops of Donkey Kong Country, you'll find a deserted town of wooden platforms and huts, origin unknown. But while the original inhabitants may be gone, the place is teeming with Kremlings and their friends, ready to ambush anyone who trespasses here. The barrel cannons are particularly tricky in the treetops!”
Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet, page 22

Vine Valley is the third world in Donkey Kong Country, located after Monkey Mines. It is a large pine forest area of Donkey Kong Island featuring several forest areas, a treetop village, a jungle, and a temple ruins. In the center of the world, there is a large bay connected to the ocean. The boss of this area is Queen B., located across the bay. From the world map, Vine Valley appears to take place during sunset. This is the only world of the game that lacks cave stages. The Forest world from Donkey Kong Country Returns is thematically similar and its first level is named after it; it has been suggested to be the same location.[1]

In the Game Boy Advance version, Vine Valley's world map was significantly redesigned, now appearing to take place in the middle of the day.


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a - Temple Tempest is the sixth and final level in the Game Boy Advance version.
b - Orang-utan Gang and Clam City are the fourth and fifth levels in the Game Boy Advance version.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル3 もりのみさき
Reberu 3 Mori no misaki
Level 3 Forest Cape

French Vallée des Vignobles
Vineyards Valley
German Traubental (SNES)
Trauben-Tal (GBC)
Grape Valley
Italian Verde Vallata
Green Valley
Spanish Valle Liana
Liana Valley


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