Bouncy Bonanza

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Bouncy Bonanza
Bouncy Bonanza 5.png
World-Level 2-3
World Monkey Mines
Game Donkey Kong Country
Music Cave Dweller Concert
Notes This level features many tires.
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Bouncy Bonanza is the eighth level in Donkey Kong Country. It is also the third level of the Monkey Mines area.

This level takes place in a dark, purple cave. As its name implies, there is a lot of bouncing to be done in this level. Indeed, there are tires everywhere - including tires which the Kongs can use to move themselves upwards to get them into secret areas. The bounciness increases even more if the Kongs find Winky the Frog in this level, as well as reaching its climax in areas where tires can be found both on the floor and on the ceiling. Red and yellow Kritters stand in the way of the Kongs in this level, as well as yellow and green Zingers.


The Kongs use a tire to reach the level's Star Barrel.

At the beginning of the level the Kongs are greeted by a Kritter who bounces in front of a higher area of land. If the heroes climb onto this piece of land, they can find a barrel near a raised piece of land that is surrounded by a Zinger. A tire stands on this piece of land that can be rolled along the ground towards and area with a long alcove in it. A raised piece of land stands in the center of the alcove with the letter K above it. A pair of Kritters also hop over the small gaps around this piece of land. After passing this long alcove, the heroes reach two smaller alcoves with a Zinger flying between them. The raised platform between the two alcoves holds a tire. If the Kongs manage to progress from here, they can find a barrel and a small abyss with several tires after it. A DK Barrel wobbles above the tires to release any missing Kong. Once the primates climb over a large piece of land, they encounter two Zingers flying in vertical paths over an alcove. A wide abyss is ahead of here with two tires standing on stationary platforms within it. The tires can be used to help them cross the abyss, which is followed by an area of stair-like structures with Kritters hopping along them. At the bottom of the stairs, they can find the letter O being surrounded by a Zinger. A tire is ahead of here that they can roll under a low ceiling to reach the level's Star Barrel in an enclosed area.

A small passage under a ceiling can be found here that the heroes can climb through to reach a gap that they can drop into to progress. A platform hovers above the gap that, with the last tire on it, can be used to bounce to a hidden area, where they can find the letter N under a low ceiling being surrounded by a Zinger. A few Kritters hop in this area as well, along with a section containing tires and another DK Barrel. If the heroes do not take the secret path, they must take a path with several low ceilings above it. They must crawl under the ceilings to reach three separate rooms. The first room is filled with bouncy tires, the second contains a single Zinger that flies around some of its perimeter, and the third room holds two more Zingers and a DK Barrel. Once the Kongs pass through this area, they reach a tire that can bounce them into a Bonus Level containing Winky the Frog. If they continue forward from here, they can find a tire sticking out of the ground near a Kritter on a raised piece of the ground. An alcove with two Kritters jumping over it is in this piece of land, which is followed by a large abyss that must be crossed with the use of two tires on stationary platforms.

A Zinger flies around one of the platforms. The heroes can find another abyss immediately after this is crossed. The abyss is nearly identical to the previous, but it contains two Zingers instead of one. A tire that can be used to reach a DK Barrel being orbited by a Zinger sits on a long stretch of land after the pit. The stretch of land is followed by an abyss with a single stationary platform in it. The platform holds a tire that is surrounded by two Zingers. An area of land with three small alcoves in it is ahead, and Kritters hop over the gaps. The second of the alcoves contains the letter G and a sign that indicates that the level is almost over. A tire follows this area with a Zinger right next to it. After the heroes pass the wasp, they come up to an abyss with a platform hovering over it that they can use to cross it with. The previous tire or Winky can also help them reach an Auto Fire Barrel above here. Once the abyss is crossed the heroes can find a stretch of land leading past an exit sign into the level's exit.


Hidden collectibles and objects[edit]

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The Kongs crawl to the letter "N".
  • K: The letter K is located on a raised piece of land between a pair of Kritters at the beginning of the level.
  • O: Shortly before the Star Barrel, the heroes can find a Zinger flying around the letter O.
  • N: After passing the Star Barrel, the heroes should push a nearby tire onto a moving platform to help them bounce into a hidden area on the other side of a wall. A low ceiling is immediately at the beginning of this area with the letter N beneath it.
  • G: Near the end of the level, the Kongs can find an area with many Kritters hopping over low piece of land. The letter G is in one of these gaps above a sign that indicates that the level is almost over.

Bonus Levels[edit]

The Kongs inside the first Bonus Area
  • When the heroes find the second barrel in the level, they should pick it up and carry it past a DK Barrel to a small area with two Zingers. They should quickly sneak under the foes and throw the barrel at the wall on the right to reveal an opening. The first Bonus Level is inside, where the heroes have to hit three barrels so that the images displayed on them stop moving. If all three of the images match, the primates are awarded. Once they are done, they exit the bonus automatically. If they fail of make a match, they are forced out of the bonus without a prize.
  • After the second DK Barrel, the Kongs can see a tire. They have to bounce on it to reach a platform high in the air. There, they can find an opening. They should walk into it to enter a Bonus Level, where they have to simply break open a crate to find Winky the Frog. Once this is done, the three can exit the special stage from the right side of the area.
  • When the Kongs ride on the last moving platform, they should notice a lone barrel above them. If they travel backwards for a short time, they can discover a tire. Carefully, they should push the tire onto the platform they were previously on and bounce off of it to reach the barrel seen before. The Kongs can also reach this with on simple jump if they have Winky. The barrel sends the group to a Bonus Level, where they need to bounce off of a few tires to grab many bananas. Once the primates are done collecting, they can exit to the right.

Warp Barrel[edit]

  • The Kongs should drop into the left side of the first abyss in the level to land in a hidden Warp Barrel that leads them in front of the exit. This warp can only be found in the Game Boy Advance version of the game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレムリンのどうくつ2
Kuremurin no dōkutsu 2
Kremling's Den 2
Spanish Rebote Bonanza "Bonanza Bounce"
French Filon Filant "Free-running seam"
German Goldige Buckel
Hurtige Hopser (GBA)
"Golden humps"
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