Croctopus Chase

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Croctopus Chase
Croctopus Chase SNES.png
Level code 4 - 4 (SNES & GBC)
4 - 3 (GBA)
Game Donkey Kong Country
Music track Aquatic Ambiance
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Croctopus Chase is the twentieth level of Donkey Kong Country and the fourth level of Gorilla Glacier. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Crocotopus Chase swapped positions with Ice Age Alley and became the world's third level, and the nineteenth overall level.


Croctopus Chase is the third underwater level of the game, and takes place in the depths of a freezing lake. The Kongs are not affected by the freezing temperatures, just like the other Gorilla Glacier levels. As the name suggests, Croctopus Chase features a Croctopus chasing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in a section of the level. The sections are divided based on when a Croctopus begins to chase the Kongs, which is when they pass it, up until the next alcove, which is where the Croctopus rests at. After passing the next Croctopus, it begins chasing the Kongs in place of the previous one.

A couple of other underwater enemies appear in this stage, including Chomps, Chomps Jr., and Squidges appear. An animal crate with Enguarde is located in a hidden area near the level exit. Croctopus Chase is the first underwater level to feature Barrel Cannons, and is the only level in the game with two arrow signs.

Level layout[edit]

The Kongs are blasted by two Barrel Cannons

At the beginning of the level, the Kongs make their way through a narrow passage. A Squidge floats past them as the continue to a 90 degree turn in the pathway. Once they swim to the top of the pathway, it leads them to the east, where a Croctopus waits in an alcove. Shortly after passing it, it begins to chase them, soon stopping in a second alcove nearby. Another alcove holds a wobbling DK Barrel. As the heroes continue down the passage, they come up to a Squidge and another Croctopus, who follows them around a U shaped pathway. They meet another Croctopus at the bottom of the passage, and it chases them north through an area with the letter K in it. An alcove is located at the top of the area, which the Croctopus swims into once it is passed. A passage branches off of it, leading to the left, where a slightly wider area can be found with another DK Barrel.

Soon, the duo approaches another Croctopus that chases them through a bendy passage with several turns in it. Eventually, the heroes pass an alcove that the Croctopus stops in once it is reached. A pair of Blast Barrels sit ahead, blocking the Kongs' path. They blast them past an intersection and into another set of Barrel Cannons. The letter O and a DK Barrel is located on other pathways of the intersection, which can only be reached if the heroes enter a secret passage after the second pair of barrels. A wider area follows the barrels with a Croctopus waiting in it. The passage narrows again as the two friends pass the Croctopus, who immediately begins to pursue them. It chases them up a pathway full of several small, sharp turns. At the top of the area, an alcove can be found that the Croctopus soon rests in. A passage to the right of here leads the heroes to an alcove with level's Continue Barrel in it.

Squidges ambush the Kongs

A sign indicating that the Kongs are nearing the exit is ahead of here, being followed by another alcove with a Croctopus in it. The enemy pursues them through a straight passage, until they reach a pair of alcoves. A DK Barrel wobbles in one, while the Croctopus rests in the other hole. Another straight pathway leading upwards is ahead. As it is traveled through, a Croctopus chases the heroes. It ceases to chase the Kongs at the top of the area, where they can find a Chomps enemy swimming above a passage that takes the primates south. At the bottom of this pathway, they meet another Crotopus that chases them towards an intersection. It makes a circle around the intersection and then moves upwards into an alcove. If the heroes head east from this alcove, they can discover a lone Barrel Cannon that shoots them across a passage full of bananas. Another Barrel Cannon then catches them and shoots them into a wider area with a Chomps in it. A passage containing another Chomps is located to the west. A Croctopus chases them as the travel through it. The passage leads them downwards through many small, tight turns. At the lowest part of this pathway, they can find a small alcove that the octopus enemy soon stops in. Two Chomps swim parallel to each other in a wider area ahead.

Donkey Kong rides Enguarde through an area with Squidges

The fourth DK Barrel in the level and another Croctopus follow. The enemy pursues them as they swim upwards through a thin pathway. Soon, they approach a small turn in the pathway that leads them to the east, where an alcove can be found. The Croctopus rests in the gap when it reaches it. The letter N waits in a passage to the north of here. At the end of this passage, the heroes can find a lone Croctopus who begins to chase them farther up the area. After swimming around a few tight turns, they can reach a pair of alcoves placed across from each other. The previous Croctopus rests in the top gap once it reaches it, while a new Croctopus waits in the lower alcove. It pursues the duo as they swim through an area full of several sharp turns. Soon, the Croctopus ceases to chase them, making its way into a small alcove. Another passage branches off of this area. A sign stands at the beginning of it, indicating that the level is near complete. After passing through an area infested with Squidges, the primates reach the letter G and an exit sign. If they travel ahead of the sign, they finish the level successfully.

In some parts of this map, it is possible to avoid being chased by a Croctopus if the player swims above them as they're in their pathway, given if they have enough room not to be hit. While there is no significance in this, it may relieve the player by allowing them to progress the map without much effort.


Sprite Name Count
Sprite of a Chomps Jr. in Donkey Kong Country. Chomps Jr. 2
A sprite of the enemy Chomps in Donkey Kong Country. Chomps 7
Croctopus in Donkey Kong Country. Croctopus (blue) 13
A Squidge in Donkey Kong Country. Squidge 10


Sprite Name Count
The sprite of a Banana from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on Super Nintendo. Banana 57
Sprite of a Banana Bunch from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy Banana Bunch 5
Sprite of a DK Barrel in Donkey Kong Country. DK Barrel 5
Enguarde Token in Donkey Kong Country Enguarde Token At a bottom-right corner of a maze, shortly after the Continue Barrel and after passing two Croctopuses.
A Life Balloon in Donkey Kong Country. Life Balloon 1
Winky Token in Donkey Kong Country Winky Token At a bottom-right corner of a maze, shortly after the Continue Barrel and after passing two Croctopuses.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
The letter K in Donkey Kong Country. Located up a narrow passage during the third Croctopus chase.
Croctopus Chase After blasting through two Blast Barrels, the Kongs can swim to a DK Barrel by passing through a wall. They can swim around the bend to find the letter O in a small alcove.
Croctopus Chase After blasting through the second set of Blast Barrels, the Kongs must swim past some Chomps, then outswim a Croctopus. The letter N appears in the passage of when the following Croctopus chases the Kongs.
The letter G in Donkey Kong Country. Right before the level exit.


Image Name Location
Sprite of a Photograph from both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 on Game Boy Advance. Photograph (GBA version) After the Continue Barrel and firing through two Blast Barrels, the Kongs must swim through a tight gap between the upper Barrel Cannon, and swim into a room on the left. The photograph is guarded by two moving Croctopus. The photograph shows an image of Croctopus, on the second page of their scrapbook.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロクトパスの海
Kurokutopasu no umi
Croctopus' Sea
French Course de Croctopus (SNES)
Croctopus Fou (GBC)
Croctopus Race
Crazy Croctopus
German Croctopus Safari (SNES)
Krocto-Safari (GBC)
Croctopus Safari
Krocto Safari
Italian Caccia i Polidrilli
Spanish Croctopus te sigue... Croctopus follows you...