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"Gnawty Beaver" redirects here. For information about the similarly named species of beavers, see Gnawty.
Very Gnawty
Very Gnawty
Artwork of Very Gnawty from Donkey Kong Country
Species Gnawty
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (GBA) (2003)
“I can't believe it, you trampled all over Gnawty.”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country (GBA version)

Very Gnawty, also named Gnawty and Gnawty Beaver,[1] is a giant Gnawty and the first boss in Donkey Kong Country. Very Gnawty has black-patterned green fur and pink hands, ears and webbed feet. It has three fingers on each hand. Very Gnawty has an orange belly and tail and two buckteeth. In the Game Boy Advance version, Very Gnawty's fur color was changed to red, formerly that of Really Gnawty's, who in turn had its fur color changed to blue. They also have a larger appearance, nearly twice the size of Diddy Kong. Its name is a pun on the phrase "very naughty," substituting the latter word with Gnawty.

During gameplay, Very Gnawty is fought in Very Gnawty's Lair, at the end of Kongo Jungle. For its boss fight, Very Gnawty repeatedly hops across the arena. Like with most other enemies, Very Gnawty can damage the Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong by touching them. Very Gnawty can be attacked from being stomped, and it moves quicker and hops higher with each hit. After five hits, Very Gnawty is defeated.

In the Game Boy Advance version, when Very Gnawty is hit, it jumps to the other side of the arena before continuing to hop around. Additionally, after defeating Really Gnawty, there is a one-time event of Very Gnawty in DK's Tree House, and when the Kongs enter, it turns around to look at them, pants, and proceeds to hop out of the entrance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベリーノーティ
Berī Nōti
Very Gnawty
French Very Gnawty -
Italian Very Gnawty -
Spanish Very Gnawty -


A giant Gnawty in Donkey Kong 64
A giant Gnawty in Donkey Kong 64
  • Gnawties around the size of Very Gnawty appear in Donkey Kong 64, near Cranky's Lab in Jungle Japes. Despite their size, these Gnawties are as weak as regular ones and can be defeated in one hit.
  • In Nintendo Magazine System (UK)'s 26th issue, Really Gnawty was also named Gnawty Beaver like Very Gnawty, who was described as being his "fallen comrade."[2] On another page, generic Gnawties were also named Gnawty Beaver, specifically the ones operating the millstones.[3]


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