Jungle Japes

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This article is about the first area in Donkey Kong 64. For the stage in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Jungle Japes (stage).
Donkey Kong 64 level
Jungle Japes
Jungle Japes center area.
Entrance requirement 1 Golden Banana
Boss Army Dillo
Boss requirement 60 bananas
Trapped Kongs Diddy
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Jungle Japes is the first level in Donkey Kong 64. Since this is the first adventure stage of the game, it is the introduction of many aspects of the game, including collecting bananas and transforming into Rambi. It is located in Donkey Kong Island and requires one Golden Banana (found near the entrance itself) to enter. Diddy Kong is held captive here in a mountain prison.

Jungle Japes, as the name suggests, has many jungle areas, filled with climbable trees and collectibles. There are many cliffs that the Kongs climb, one of which has a mine area. The jungle also has many gloomy tunnels full of swinging light bulbs and Gnawties. The Kasplats are found in the tunnels, except the one carrying Chunky Kong's Blueprint is located in the underground cave. The boss of this stage is Army Dillo, which requires 60 regular Bananas both from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to enter, and Army Dillo is fought by Donkey Kong.


Starting Area[edit]

The starting point of the level. This area features a thin palm tree, a few thick palm trees, floating vines that will take Donkey Kong to his Kong Switch to open the gate to the tunnel, and a Gnawty. Bananaport Pad 1 is the only Bananaport Pad located in that area, which will take the Kongs to the Central Area, but inside the tunnel a few feet from the tunnel exit.

Starting Cave[edit]

This cave connects the Starting Area to the Central Area. It has a few Gnawties. A notable area is a room that Diddy Kong has to open with his Peanut Popguns leading to a Golden Banana and two Bonus Barrels that Tiny Kong and Lanky Kong have to do for Golden Bananas behind cages. The 1 pad is near the end of the tunnel.

Central Area[edit]

Donkey Kong in the Central Area

The main area of the level, also the largest. It has thin palm trees, cliffs, a large pond, Diddy Kong's mine cave, Lanky Kong's secret cave (although Tiny Kong can also access it from climbing up a tree nearby and using her Ponytail Whirl to reach it), an underground cave blocked by an "X" and a boulder that Chunky Kong must throw and then Simian Slam three times to break it open, and is filled with Gnawties and Zingers. Snide's H.Q. is located on the highest cliff slightly down the hill from the mine cave, and Funky's Store is located on the cliff below Snide's H.Q. Donkey Kong's Kong Pad is located on a platform above the hole to the underground cave and behind the floating vines after climbing up the thin palm tree. There is also a cannon on the mid-point on the opposite cliff of Funky's Store, which will shoot the Kongs up to the highest point. Bananaport Pad 1 sends the Kongs back to the Starting Area, Bananaport Pad 2 sends the Kongs from the bottom area to the highest cliff of the same area and vice-versa, Bananaport Pad 3 sends the Kongs to the opposite side of the same area, Bananporter 4 sends the Kongs to the Storm Area, and Bananaport Pad 5 (only reachable by Diddy Kong) sends the Kongs to the Secret Area.

Storm Cave[edit]

The largest cave in the level, with two entrances from the main area. One entrance near the 3 pad and Lanky Kong's cave leads to Diddy Kong's Kasplat and vines leading to the other area of the cave. The other entrance is behind the river with a 4 pad and going straight will lead to the storm area. Near the storm area, there are two side paths. The left one leads to Lanky Kong's Bonus Barrel and his Kasplat while the right leads to a Banana Fairy, and a Chunky boulder on top of a Chunky Switch. The right side must be opened with Donkey Kong (as Rambi from the storm area).

Storm Area[edit]

The stormy area of the level with heavy rain, lightning, and thunderclaps. It has three thin palm trees, a small ??? where the Rambi Crate is located in where only Donkey Kong can transform into Rambi, four Kong switches (excluding Chunky Kong) hidden under small circular buildings that Rambi must break to reveal them, and three Gnawties. Cranky's Lab is located in the middle of this area of the level. Bananaport Pad 4 in this area sends the Kongs back to the Central Area, but in a tunnel entrance behind the pond.

Side Cave[edit]

The entrance is near the X and a 3 pad. Near the beginning is Donkey Kong's Kasplat. Further down is Tiny Kong's Kasplat. At the end is the Secret Area that Tiny Kong has to open.

Secret Area[edit]

The smallest area of the level. It has four thick palm trees, one Hunky Chunky Barrel, two Mini Monkey Barrels, two hollow logs used as tunnels while Tiny Kong is in her Mini Monkey form, a tree stump which holds a Golden Banana for Tiny Kong to collect while she falls into the hole of it in her Mini Monkey form, a small Mushroom Trampoline for Tiny Kong in her Mini Monkey form, and a small crystalline cave for Tiny Kong to enter while in Mini Monkey form. Enemies in this area contain two Kritters (only one revives itself after being defeated), and three Grenade-throwing Zingers. This is also the only area of the level where Kritters can be found. Bananaport Pad 5 in this area sends the Kongs to the roof of the mine cave in the Central Area. Tiny Kong must shoot both switches using her Feather Bow to open the gate to this area. This area also plays the same background music as the Starting Area.


Golden Bananas[edit]

Donkey Kong's icon from Donkey Kong 64. Donkey Kong
# Description
1 Donkey Kong's first Golden Banana is right in front of Diddy's cage. Getting this Banana, will make three Coconut Target Switches appear.
2 Donkey Kong's second golden banana is found in Diddy's cage after being freed by shooting the three Coconut Target Switches.
3 His third Golden Banana is caged underground near the first Bananaport Pad in the Central Area. The switch is found in Storm Area, under a hut which must be broken with Rambi whose box is caged behind Cranky's Lab. Rambi's cage can be opened by shooting a coconut at the Target Switch.
4 Another golden banana is found in the end of Donkey's Baboon Blast course in the Central Area above the big boulder.
5 (Kasplat) Donkey Kong's Kasplat is found in the cave near the "X" ground and the boulder.
Diddy Kong's icon from Donkey Kong 64. Diddy Kong
1 A locked room in the cave leading to the central area holds Diddy's first banana. The cage can be unlocked by shooting two peanut switches.
2 The second golden banana for Diddy is caged by Funky's Store. The switch is found under one of the huts in the Stormy Area. After activating the switch, Diddy will have limited time to reach the banana.
3 After Diddy shoots the peanut switch by the Bananaport Pad 2, the giant tree by the bananaport Pad will sprout a temporary Ramp. Diddy can go up and into the open alcove. The alcove reveals a whole mine and after Diddy blasts the peanut switch in the mine, a ramp will appear for 30 seconds to a Diddy Switch. Once he uses the Simian Slam on the switch he can go to the top of the giant tree to get his Golden Banana.
4 Diddy's Minecart Race is inside the giant tree mine. In the minecart challenge, Diddy needs to collect at least 50 Coins to get the Golden Banana.
5 (Kasplat) Diddy's Kasplat is found in the cave near the exit of the Minecart Race. Once he obtains its Blueprint, Diddy can take it to Snide and exchange it for a Golden Banana.
Lanky Kong's icon from Donkey Kong 64. Lanky Kong
1 After uncovering Lanky's switch using DK as Rambi, Lanky can Simian Slam his switch and race to his Golden banana by the cannon across from Funky's Store.
2 By using his OrangStand, Lanky can go up the steep slant by Cranky's area and play a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana.
3 After Diddy opens the alcove in the cave that leads to Jungle Japes' main area, Lanky can shoot his Grape switch and free a Bonus Barrel and play to get a Golden Banana.
4 After Diddy frees the cave by Diddy's Kasplat with the peanut switch, Lanky can Orangstand up the hill and blast the bees inside to free a Golden Banana.
5 (Kasplat) Lanky's Kasplat is by the Bonus barrel near Cranky's Area. Lanky can get the blueprint and Snide will give him a Golden Banana.
Tiny Kong's icon from Donkey Kong 64. Tiny Kong
1 In the alcove Diddy freed in the cave by the main entrance to Jungle Japes, Tiny can shoot the feather switch to free a Bonus game for a Golden Banana.
2 After Rambi the Rhino (DK) frees the Tiny Switch, she can race to her Golden Banana near the alcove by the main water area by using her Simian Slam on the switch.
3 Following the cave out near DK's Kasplat, Tiny can shoot the feather switches and enter another part of Jungle Japes. By jumping into her barrel, she can shrink and hop into a small trunk and collect the Golden Banana.
4 Tiny can shrink once more and go into a tiny beehive near her barrel. She can then go through the many rooms and up a series of stairs to another Golden Banana.
5 (Kasplat) Tiny's Kasplat is right diagonal from DK's Kasplat. She can destroy him for a blueprint which can be traded for a Golden Banana from Snide.
Chunky Kong's icon from Donkey Kong 64. Chunky Kong
1 Chunky can destroy the big boulder in the main Jungle area and it will labor a Golden Banana.
2 Once the boulder is gone, Chunky can Simian Slam the giant "X" under it and go down into a catacomb. He can make his way down a narrow path, blast the right pineapple switch (the statue's left eye) and swing to the Golden Banana.
3 Chunky can lift a boulder in the cave after DK has rammed (as Rambi) into the giant Rambi wall blocking his Switch. He can Simian Slam it, then race to his Golden Banana near Snide's H.Q.
4 Once Chunky's learned Hunky Chunky, he can use his barrel move and jump to a Barrel bonus Game near the beehive.
5 (Kasplat) Chunky's Kasplat's on the left side after shooting the statue's right eye. Chunky can swing to claim his blueprint.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングルガーデン
Janguru Gāden
Jungle Garden
French Jobards des Jungles Jungle Japes
German Tropen Trubel Tropic Trouble
Italian Scherzi da Giungla Jungle Pranks
Spanish Jungla Jocosa Humorous Jungle