Cranky's Kong Barrel

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This article is about the power-up items in Donkey Kong 64. For the type of barrel also called a "Kong Barrel", see DK Barrel.
Cranky's Kong Barrel
DK64 Kong Barrels.png
Artwork of all Kong Barrels.
Allows Cranky Kong to teach the other Kongs specialized moves based on what character icon is on the barrel.

First appearance

Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“You can now use my special barrel with your face on it. Leap into one and prepare to be amazed as you change size!”
Cranky Kong, explaining Mini-Monkey and Hunky Chunky, Donkey Kong 64

Cranky's Kong Barrels, also known as Kong Barrels[1], are barrels that contain the moves Cranky can teach each Kong. Once a Kong hops into this barrel, Crystal Coconuts are the only thing that can keep its move alive. Kong barrels have so far only appeared in Donkey Kong 64. According to the manual, Cranky Kong built them.



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