Battle Arena Pad

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Battle Arena Pad
A Battle Arena Pad from Donkey Kong 64
First appearance Donkey Kong 64

A Battle Arena Pad is a steel pad found in the Nintendo 64 game, Donkey Kong 64. Noticeably, they have a headshot of King K. Rool on them, the game's main villain.

Battle Arena Pads can be found around the levels of Donkey Kong 64. Each level usually contains only one pad, though the game's overworld, DK Isles, contains two. During gameplay, after finding them, the five Kongs can use these metal platforms to teleport to a small arena, though this is completely optional. In this arena, one of the playable Kongs will be greeted by several members of the Kremling Krew, whom they will need to defeat while avoiding taking damage or falling off the stage. After defeating an enemy, another appears in its place. If the Kong in question can survive the wave of Kremlings until the timer hits zero, they will be given a golden Battle Crown, one of the keys to beating the game 101%. After the player finishes the battle arena, the Battle Arena Pad will disappear.

Battle arenas are also in the multiplayer mode, Kong Battle, where players must battle to the end until one is left. Players also encounter various enemies and must use power ups against their opponents.

List of Battle Arenas[edit]

Chunky fighting a Kasplat and two Kritters at a Battle Arena.
Arena name Level Enemies (in spawn order) Located
Beaver Brawl Jungle Japes 3 Gnawties Outside Funky's Store
Kritter Karnage Angry Aztec 3 Kritters In the temple with Tiny Kong, accessible once Lanky Kong defeats a Necky.
Arena Ambush Frantic Factory 2 Kritters, 1 Kasplat (a third Kritter spawns near the end) In the R&D room near the blue-haired Kasplat. Donkey Kong must use Gorilla Grab to access the Battle Arena Pad.
Bish Bash Brawl DK Isles 1 Kritter, 1 Bones, 1 Kasplat Outside of Snide's H.Q. and blocked by a boulder, which only Chunky can lift.
More Kritter Karnage Gloomy Galleon 4 Kritters Under Cranky's Lab, Chunky can use Primate Punch to reach the Battle Arena Pad.
Kamikaze Kremlings Fungi Forest 1 Kritter, 2 Kasplats The Battle Arena Pad is near the top of the mushroom tower and is only accessible at night
Plinth Panic Crystal Caves 1 Kritter, 2 Kasplats Inside a rotating cabin that only Donkey Kong can enter.
Forest Fracas DK Isles 1 Kritter, 1 Bones, 1 Kasplat In Fungi Forest's lobby, each Kong must shoot the colored mushroom, then Chunky must use Gorilla Gone to reach the Battle Arena Pad.
Pinnacle Palaver Creepy Castle 1 Bones, 2 Kasplats In the middle of the hedge maze that only Lanky can access; the Battle Arena Pad appears after he gets a Golden Banana.
Shockwave Showdown Hideout Helm 1 Kritter, 2 Kasplats (a third one spawns near the end) The Battle Arena Pad is on top of the Blast-o-Matic, and only Diddy can reach it via Rocketbarrel Boost.