Target Switch

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Target Switch
A Target Switch, from Donkey Kong 64.
A Peanut Switch from Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Target Switches[1], also known as Switch[2] and Fruit and Nut Switches[3], are switches that can be activated by the Kongs' shooters in Donkey Kong 64. These switches have numerous different functions, such as opening doors, activating platforms, etc. and can be found in all the levels of Donkey Kong 64. There are five types of these switches that can only be activated by a specific Kong, with each type of Target Switch having a symbol of what type of ammo they need to be hit with on them. The types of switches are:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 武器スイッチ[4]
Buki Suicchi
Weapon Switch


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