Supply Crate

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Supply Crate
A Supply Crate from Donkey Kong 64.

First appearance

Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Effect on player

Refills the Kongs' weapons.
“Listen to this, Donkey - all the Kongs' shooters now pack homing shots! Collect some red Supply Crates and start blastin'.”
Funky Kong, Donkey Kong 64

Supply Crates are boxes containing ammunition for the Kongs' weapons in Donkey Kong 64. Each Supply Crate adds five additional ammo to the active Kong's weapon; this is not shared, as every Kong has a unique weapon and ammo. They are transparent and unusable if the active Kong has not purchased their weapon from Funky's Store.

Supply Crates have a less common, red variant supplying five pieces of homing ammo. These are used to directly target other enemies, specifically Zingers. Like their regular counterpart, the red Supply Crates are unusable unless the Kongs purchase the homing ammo upgrade for every weapon at Funky's Store.