Hunky Chunky

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Chunky Kong, in his Hunky Chunky form

Hunky Chunky (Kremlinous Crushum) is an ability learned by Chunky Kong in the game Donkey Kong 64. After purchasing and drinking one of Cranky Kong's potions from his lab, Chunky can jump into a Chunky Barrel to become twice his normal size. While Chunky can easily defeat most enemies while giant-sized, this ability is primarily used to fight large enemies, such as Dogadon, or to pick up large things. It can also be used to climb up thick palm trees that cannot be climbed on at normal size or with any other Kongs.

During this ability, all the pads and thin palm trees vanish, and the Tag Barrel becomes translucent. However, the longer this ability is used, the more Crystal Coconuts are used. Use of this ability is banned in areas of each level where it is not required (Ex.: Walking into an entrance, climbing up to the Cuckoo Clock, etc.).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グレートチャンキー
Gurēto Chankī
Great Chunky
French ChataignoChunky