Hunky Chunky

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Hunky Chunky, with the Tag Barrel for scale.
Chunky Kong, in his Hunky Chunky form (Tag Barrel shown for scale)
Chunky Kong battling a Tomato in Fungi Forest while in his Hunky Chunky form in Donkey Kong 64
Chunky fighting a Tomato under his Hunky Chunky form

Hunky Chunky (Kremlinous Crushum) is an ability learned by Chunky Kong in Donkey Kong 64. Starting with Frantic Factory, Chunky can purchase the ability for three Banana Bunch Coins at Cranky's Lab. Hunky Chunky allows him to jump into a Chunky Barrel and become twice his normal size. Like the other Kong Barrel moves, the Hunky Chunky move is fueled by Crystal Coconuts.

Chunky can defeat most enemies as Hunky Chunky, although the move is primarily used to fight stronger enemies, such as against Dogadon during the second battle. Hunky Chunky also enables Chunky to pick up large, heavy objects, such as the Worm's apple house, and relocate it. Before he can carry the Worm's house, Chunky must fight off the Tomatoes as Hunky Chunky. In Jungle Japes, Chunky can climb up thick palm trees while in this form, which is needed to enter into a hovering Bonus Barrel.

While Chunky is under his Hunky Chunky ability, all the pads and thin palm trees vanish, and the Tag Barrel becomes translucent. Chunky cannot use the ability in areas where it is not required, for example when walking into an entrance, climbing up the cuckoo clock, etc.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グレートチャンキー
Gurēto Chankī
Great Chunky
French ChataignoChunky Chunky Clout