OrangStand Sprint

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Lanky Kong using OrangSprint to race the Beetle in Crystal Caves

The OrangStand Sprint (Palmus Dashium),[1] or OrangSprint,[2] is one of Lanky Kong's special abilities in Donkey Kong 64.

OrangSprint can be purchased from Cranky's Lab in Crystal Caves for seven Banana Bunch Coins. Afterwards, Lanky can activate it by jumping into a Lanky Barrel.

While performing the OrangSprint, Lanky walks on his hands as if he was performing the basic OrangStand, but can run far faster than he normally would. The longer he performs the OrangSprint, the more Crystal Coconuts he will use up; when he runs out of Crystal Coconuts, the move will wear off. The move will not wear off if Lanky falls into water.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンドスプリント
Hando Supurinto
Hand Sprint
French Orang-Ousprint


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