Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz

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Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz
Screenshot of Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz
Developer Rare
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Shockwave
Release date 1999[citation needed]
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz was an Adobe Shockwave quiz game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo in order to promote the release of Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64.


The game is a multiple-choice quiz asking about the different story elements present in Donkey Kong 64. The questions appear as large frames passing by the screen in mine carts connected to each other by ropes. When the player answers a question correctly, the cart following the question appears with a small frame displaying the word "Correct", followed by the next question. When the player gets a question wrong, the following cart instead displays the word "wrong" in a small frame. This is followed by another cart taking the player back to the title screen. Once the quiz is completed, a frame is displayed with a button that says "e-mail".


There are a total of 19 questions in the quiz, split between two types of questions. The first, and dominant, type is multiple-choice, which takes up 14 of the 19 questions. The remaining 5 questions resemble jigsaw puzzles featuring pictures of the five playable characters.

Multiple-choice questions[edit]

Answers formatted in bold are the correct answers.

1. Q: By means of which diabolic equipment does King K. Rool try to drive the Kongs insane?
A. With the latest Modern Talking CD
B. With the Blast-o-Matic
C. With an experimental gorilla particle accelerator
2. Q: What is produced in the Fatal Factory?
A. Kremling doughnuts
B. Kong Cannons
C. Wind-up Kremling terminators
3. Q: What do apes do at night?
A. They sleep, what else should they do?
B. They cross the Fungi Forest
C. They sleepwalk
4. Q: What is King K. Rool's mistake?
A. He takes along K. Lumsy who will later on help the Kongs!
B. He never washes his feet!
C. He steers the swimming fortress against an island!
5. Q: How many coins do the Kongs get for one rainbow cap?
A. One rainbow cap is worth five banana caps. Therefore, each Kong is credited with a banana cap.
B. One rainbow cap is worth five banana caps. The finder of the cap is therefore credited with five banana caps.
C. For one rainbow cap, the account of the finder and all of the other Kongs are credited with five banana caps.
6. Q: What happened to the banana fairies?
A. King K. Rool has turned them into Zingers.
B. King K. Rool chased them away.
C. King K. Rool locked them up on the Fairy Island
7. Q: What will happen with the collected bananas?
A. For 75 bananas you can get a new weapon from Funky
B. The bananas are fed to Scoff.
C. The bananas are fed to K. Lumsy.
8. Q: How many bananas are required for a Banana Medal?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 75
9. Q: What are the indicators for the Kongs' energy?
A. Watermelons
B. Coconuts
C. Oranges
10. Q: What is Donkey Kong's trademark?
A. The red necktie
B. The red baseball cap
C. The red nose
11. Q: What is the name of the engineer who promises to help the apes?
A. Scoff
B. Snide
C. Wrinkly
12. Q: Who is Tiny's great idol?
A. Gwyneth Kongtrow
B. Köngchen
C. Kongia Schiffer
13. Q: Why are Lanky's arms so long?
A. As a child, Lanky hung around too much with his buddies.
B. The long arms were caused by an accident while playing tug-of-war.
C. The gorilla's long arms are of genetic origin.
14. Q: What additional job does Diddy have?
A. He is the guitar player in a rock band.
B. He is a successful race driver.
C. He is a traffic officer on the DK Islands.

Puzzle questions[edit]

These questions appear among the regular multiple-choice questions. Each question features a picture of one of the five playable characters of Donkey Kong 64 broken into pieces and scattered, requiring the player to assemble the pieces into a picture of the respective character, similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

1. The player is asked to reconstruct a picture of Chunky Kong.
2. The player is asked to reconstruct a picture of Tiny Kong.
3. The player is asked to reconstruct a picture of Lanky Kong.
4. The player is asked to reconstruct a picture of Diddy Kong.
5. The player is asked to reconstruct a picture of Donkey Kong


On the title screen for the quiz, the text mentions that the quiz is part of a contest for players to participate in. If a player manages to complete the quiz and click the "e-mail" button, they are awarded with a choice of prizes. The text also mentions that the contest ends on January 31, 2000, meaning that currently, the email functionality no longer works and the awarded prizes are unknown. Given that the quiz is a browser game, though, it is likely that the prizes consisted of wallpapers and/or screensavers.