Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz

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It has been requested that this article be rewritten and expanded to include a transcript of all the questions and answers in the quiz, as well as markings on correct answers.

Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz
Screenshot of Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz
Developer Rare
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Shockwave
Release date 1999[citation needed]
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Donkey Kong 64 Lore Quiz was an Adobe Shockwave quiz game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo in order to promote the release of Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64.


The game is a multiple-choice quiz asking about the different story elements present in Donkey Kong 64. The questions appear as large frames passing by the screen in mine carts connected to each other by ropes. When the player answers a question correctly, the cart following the question appears with a small frame displaying the word "Correct", followed by the next question. When the player gets a question wrong, the following cart instead displays the word "incorrect" in a small frame. This is followed by another cart taking the player back to the title screen.