Music Pad

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Music Pad
Artwork of the Music Pad in Donkey Kong 64.
A Music Pad for DK's bongos.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Effect Triggers an event in a stage if the right instrument is used on the Music Pad.

Music Pads are purple pads in Donkey Kong 64 that depict one of the Kongs' instrument. Each Music Pad is only usable by the Kong whose instrument is depicted on the Music Pad. Performing on a Music Pad always triggers a certain event, such as revealing a Golden Banana or opening up a passageway. The Kongs do not use musical energy while on a Music Pad. However, a glitch exists where if the Kong is standing on the silver border of the Music Pad when they play their instrument, the event that should happen doesn't trigger.

Music Pads first appear in Angry Aztec and reappear in all later levels. Jungle Japes is the only level to not have any Music Pads.


Instrument Move (Kong)
Bongos Bongo Blast (Donkey Kong)
Electric Guitar Guitar Gazump (Diddy Kong)
Trombone Trombone Tremor (Lanky Kong)
Saxophone Saxophone Slam (Tiny Kong)
Triangle Triangle Trample (Chunky Kong)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Tappeto Musicale Musical Rug