Banana Camera Film

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Banana Camera Film
Artwork of a Banana Camera Film from Donkey Kong 64.
A Banana Camera Film in Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“The only way to catch Banana Fairies is by trapping them inside special banana skin photographs.”
Banana Fairy Princess, Donkey Kong 64
Banana Camera Film

Banana Camera Film[1], also called DK Film[2] or Film Rolls[3], are yellow, collectible film rolls with the DK logo on them. They are used as film for the Banana Fairy's Camera in Donkey Kong 64. The Kongs can only collect and use them once Tiny Kong has met the Banana Fairy Princess, who provides the Banana Fairy's Camera to her and the Kongs. Banana Camera Films are uncommon items which only appear in certain areas of a level.

Each time a Kong takes a photograph with the Banana Fairy's Camera, a Banana Camera Film is used up, regardless whether the Banana Fairy was properly captured in the photo. By default, the Kongs can only carry up to 10 Banana Camera Films. Like Crystal Coconuts, for each Banana Fairy that a Kong successfully photographs, the maximum total of films that they can carry increases by one. After capturing all twenty Banana Fairies, the Kongs can carry up to 30 Banana Camera Films, despite the Banana Camera Films having no other use.


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