Kong Switch

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A blue Chunky Kong Switch.

Kong Switches are switches that appear in the game Donkey Kong 64. There are three different colored switches, with each switch having a Kong's face displayed. Only the specific Kong can activate the switch with their face. The different colored switches are:

  • Green Switch: Can be activated with a Simian Slam.
  • Blue Switch: Can be activated with a Super Simian Slam. These switches begin to appear once the player reaches Fungi Forest. Though one appears in Gloomy Galleon's lobby in DK Isle.
  • Red Switch: Can be activated with a Super Duper Simian Slam. These switches only appear in Creepy Castle.


  • A blue switch appears during Chunky's battle with King K. Rool. If the player uses various glitches to access the battle while still having the Simian Slam, the switch can still be pressed.