DK Isles

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DK Isles
Full map of the DK Isles.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Ruler Donkey Kong (Kong Isle)
King K. Rool (Crocodile Isle)
Banana Fairy Princess (Banana Fairy Island)
Inhabitants Kongs (Kong Isle)
Kremlings (Crocodile Isle)
“No! The time has come. Goodbye, DK Isles!”
King K. Rool, Donkey Kong 64

DK Isles is the hub world of Donkey Kong 64. It is an archipelago consisting of Kong Isle, Banana Fairy Island, and several smaller islands. In addition to serving as a hub, DK Isles has its own set of collectibles to obtain, including a full set of five Golden Bananas for each Kong, as well as an extra one for Tiny acquired by catching all the Banana Fairies. During the events of the game, King K. Rool parked his own mechanical island in front of Kong Isle, hoping to destroy it with his Blast-o-Matic.


Islands Description Locations Rulers
Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong 64
Kong Isle
Kong Isle is the home of the Kongs and the centerpiece of DK Isles. Much like in previous games, it is depicted as being shaped like Donkey Kong's head. It contains the starting area of the game, a small jungle region where DK's Tree House stands. To leave this area, DK needs to obtain the Simian Slam potion from Cranky after completing his Training Barrels. The outer portion of the island consists of a beach surrounded by a few cliffs and caves. The entrances to Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest, and Crystal Caves are located here. After K. Lumsy is freed from his prison, he causes K. Rool's airship to crash land on the beach, setting up the game's final battle. Donkey Kong
This is mechanical Crocodile Isle
Crocodile Isle
This is not a true part of DK Isles, but rather a large, fortified, mechanical island which K. Rool positioned in front of Kong Isle with the intent of firing the Blast-o-Matic from it and destroying the Kongs' home. Regardless, it is considered a part of the game's hub world. The entrances to Frantic Factory, Gloomy Galleon, Creepy Castle, and Hideout Helm are located here. Snide's HQ is also here. Attached to Crocodile Isle is a small prison where K. Lumsy is being held. King K. Rool
This is Banana Fairy Island
Banana Fairy Island
This island is the home of the Banana Fairies. It features a large structure shaped like a Banana Fairy's head, which Tiny is able to enter after learning the Mini-Monkey move, since the entrance is too small to go through otherwise. Upon doing so, she meets the Banana Fairy Princess, who asks her to find the other Banana Fairies, who have gone missing from the island. None Banana Fairy Princess
One of small islands
Other islands
Several small, unnamed islands surround Kong Isle. Two of them feature large rocks that, when destroyed, reveal cannons, which are used to access Fungi Forest and Creepy Castle. Another one features a large "X" which can be Simian Slammed by Hunky Chunky to reveal a Golden Banana. None None

Golden Bananas[edit]

  1. After talking to K. Lumsy for the first time, he will destroy a boulder, revealing the passageway to Jungle Japes and a Golden Banana.
  2. On DK's way up to the Frantic Factory lobby, he can swing on the vines to the platform with the encased Golden Banana. He can then shoot the Target Switch with his Coconut Shooter to retrieve the Banana.
  3. Once DK has learned the Gorilla Grab move, he can pull the lever in the Frantic Factory lobby. Once pulled, DK's Music Pad will appear and once he plays his bongos on it Squawks will bring him a Golden Banana.
  4. After Chunky destroys the ice barrier in the Crystal Caves lobby, revealing a lake of lava and a Golden Banana across the lake, DK can use his Strong Kong ability to become invincible and retrieve the Golden Banana.
  5. DK must get his blueprint from a Kasplat in the Hideout Helm lobby. After that he can cash it in to Snide for a Golden Banana.
  1. After Lanky performs his Trombone Tremor and a Diddy Barrel appears in front of the Fungi Forest cabin, Diddy can get his jetpack and fly to the top of the isle to play a Bonus Game for the Golden Banana.
  2. The Diddy Barrel serves Diddy again and once he can fly, he can fly to the back of the Isle's head to get the Banana trapped inside a cage. He can use his Peanut Popguns on the Target Switch.
  3. While on his way up to Frantic factory, Diddy can swing over to an alcove to Snide's H.Q. Outside the H.Q. is a Diddy Pad which he can use to spring into another Bonus Game. Once beat he can receive a Golden Banana.
  4. In the Crystal Caves lobby, Diddy can use the Diddy Barrel inside to blast to the highest ledge. Once there he can play his guitar and receive a Banana from Squawks after the tune.
  5. After DK blasts the Coconut switch, Diddy can go in and attack the Kasplat in the Creepy Castle lobby to get his blueprint. He can give it to Snide for a Golden Banana.
  1. After Chunky rids the Jungle Japes boulder off the trombone Music Pad, Lanky can play his trombone on the pad and receive his Golden Banana from Squawks.
  2. Lanky can use his grape shooter to release the Golden Banana from the barred alcove around the entrance of K. Lumsy's catacomb.
  3. After Lanky has learned the OrangStand Sprint, he can Simian Slam his switch in K. Lumsy's cell space and race the clock to retrieve the temporarily freed Golden Banana.
  4. Once Chunky demolishes another boulder off of a Lanky Pad in the Creepy Castle lobby, Lanky can float to the top of the lobby's center prison stacks to play a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana.
  5. After Chunky breaks the various ice barriers in the Crystal caves lobby, Lanky can go and take his blueprint piece from Kasplat.||N/A
  1. Behind Banana Fairy Island, Tiny can free a Golden Banana from a barred alcove by shooting the feather switch.
  2. In the Angry Aztec lobby, after "Chimpy Charging" Diddy on the two gongs, Tiny can ponytail twirl to her Bonus Game.
  3. After Chunky Super Simian Slams his switch in the Gloomy Galleon lobby, Tiny can shrink and swim through a tiny hole underwater to a Golden banana.
  4. After Tiny has Monkeyport (by using a Tiny Pad), she can transport to the tip of Crocodile Isle and play her sax for a Golden Banana from Squawks
  5. After Chunky demolishes the big "?" box in the Frantic Factory lobby, Tiny can come and get her blueprint from Kasplat.
  6. After acquiring 20 Banana Fairies and heading back into Banana Fairy Island, the Banana Fairy Princess will open a door revealing a hidden giant Golden Banana with the Rareware logo on it. If the player has collected all of Tiny's previous DK Isle Golden Bananas, the totals screen will show "6/5".
  1. Chunky can use his Pineapple launcher to blast a switch near the waterfall at Kong Isle to retrieve a trapped Golden Banana.
  2. After lifting a rock off a triangle Music Pad near the top of Kong isle, Chunky can play his triangle to receive a Golden Banana from Squawks.
  3. After Tiny does her sax solo on top of Crocodile Isle, a Chunky Barrel will appear near Banana Fairy Island. Chunky can then go and become big to slam on the giant "X" to blast a rock containing a Golden Banana.
  4. In the Hideout Helm lobby, Chunky can turn invisible by landing on the Chunky Pad and swing over to a Bonus Game to receive a Golden Banana.
  5. Chunky can eradicate the Kasplat in the entrance of the Gloomy Galleon Lobby to get his blueprint.

Bananaport Pads[edit]


  • Instruction booklet: The once idyllic Kong Isle now has an unpleasant neighbor in the form of K. Rool's massive mechanical Crocodile Isle. This monstrosity towers over our homeland, withe the ridiculously named Blast-o-Matic device ready to reduce it to rubble. Between them, these two contrasting islands conceal the entrances to all the levels.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKアイランド[2]
Dīkē Airando
DK Islands (shared with Donkey Kong Island)

French Iles DK
DK Isles
German DK-Inselchen
DK Isles
Italian Isole DK
DK Isles
Spanish Islas de Kong
Kong Isles


  • The main theme of DK Isles was composed to be a theme in Banjo-Kazooie, while it was still known as Project Dream. The theme was titled "Lost" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.[3]


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