Batty Barrel Bandit!

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Batty Barrel Bandit!
Batty Barrel Bandit! from Donkey Kong 64
Gameplay of Batty Barrel Bandit!
Appears in Donkey Kong 64
Time limit 45 seconds (Lanky and Chunky)
40 seconds (Diddy Kong)
35 seconds (Snide's H.Q.)
Prize Golden Banana (except Snide's HQ)
“Line up four bananas to win the jackpot! Press A Button to spin and stop the reels.”
In-game instructions

Batty Barrel Bandit! is a Bonus Stage found in the game Donkey Kong 64, which is accessed by entering certain Bonus Barrels, as well as by giving Snide the Weasel all 40 of his blueprints. For reasons unknown, his version is called Bonkers Barrel Bandit!


The player must roll a barrel slot machine and attempt to line up four Bananas on each of the four reels. This process must be done three times. The slots also depict watermelons, grapes, pineapples, and coconuts. If the player lines up one of these fruits, the machine resets itself. The number of turns is indicated by a hit counter at the top-left corner, and it decreases by a number for every instance where the player lines up four Bananas.

Like the other Bonus Stages, Batty Barrel Bandit! has a time limit, which is a little bit shorter in some later challenges. The player loses the jackpot challenge if they do not meet the criteria. If the player successfully gets three Banana jackpots, the Kongs win a Golden Banana (except in Snide's HQ).


There are three different Bonus Barrel challenges. The fourth challenge is at Snide's H.Q., which the Kongs can play after they obtain all 40 Blueprints.

Location Kong Time
DK Isles, near Snide's Diddy Kong 40 seconds
Frantic Factory, in the Testing Room Lanky Kong 45 seconds
Gloomy Galleon, inside Chunky's room in the main sunken ship. Chunky Kong 45 seconds
Snide's H.Q. Any Kong 35 seconds

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロット・バレル!
Surotto Bareru!
Slot Barrel!