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First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
This article is about the enemy from Donkey Kong 64. For the enemy from Yoshi's Story also called an "oyster", see clam (Yoshi's Story). For general use, see clam.

An oyster,[1][2] also referred to as clam,[3][4][5] is a large, sinister-looking enemy found in Donkey Kong 64. Only Six of them appear in a locked chest in Gloomy Galleon. In order to get inside this chest and reach the oyster, Tiny Kong must shrink down in size using a Mini-Monkey Barrel and swim through the key hole on the chest's lock. Once inside, Tiny will find several oysters opening and closing their mouths repeatedly; inside the mouth of each oyster is a pearl. Tiny must carefully swim inside an oyster and grab the pearl within. Only the oyster's teeth can injure the monkey. Once Tiny grabs all the pearls, she must return them to the Mermaid's seashell citadel where she can exchange them for a Golden Banana.


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