Candy's Music Shop

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Candy's Music Shop

Candy's Music Shop is a building in Donkey Kong 64. It is owned and maintained by Candy Kong. There is one of these stores in most levels of the game, except for Jungle Japes, Fungi Forest and Hideout Helm. Here, the Kongs can each buy their own unique instrument to use to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Candy also gives out extra Watermelons, which give extra health, on two occasions; once in Angry Aztec and once again in Crystal Caves. The Kongs can also return to the store to get their instruments replenished to their maximum energy. Candy's Headphones outside of her store also replenish the energy of each Kongs' instruments without the need to go into her store.

Instruments and Attacks[edit]



  • The rear view of her store can only be viewed in Gloomy Galleon where it sits on one of the floating broken pieces of the sunken ship that broke into two.
  • In Creepy Castle, this building is twice its usual size, making it impossible for the Kongs to reach the awning above the entrance and the roof.
  • Much like Cranky's Lab, this building spins in a circle whenever it appears or disappears whenever the Kongs approach it or leave.
  • After Donkey Kong releases the pirate seal in Gloomy Galleon from the cage in the Lighthouse Area after he touches the DK Star in the sky via Baboon Blast, during the cutscene where the pirate seal recently moved to the Shipwreck Area and now sits on a floating broken piece of the sunken ship, the building appears and then in the next few seconds disappears before the cutscene fades out.