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The Lightfish as shown in-game
Official art

The Lightfish[1] is a fish and an Animal Friend who appears in Donkey Kong 64. Lightfish has a minor role, and it only appears in Gloomy Galleon where it helps the active Kong navigate the dark cabins of the sunken ships.

The Lightfish has a light on its forehead, and it acts the same as Glimmer the Angler Fish, by lighting the path forward while the Kong moves around. The official site uses the wording "a Lightfish," suggesting that they are a species.[1] However, in his official artwork, he is purple and has a mouth resembling that of an angler fish.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリマー
Spanish Glimmer, Pez Linterna[2] Glimmer, the Lantern Fish
German Glimmer[3] Glimmer