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Kosha DK64.png
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
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Notable members
Giant Viking Kremling

Koshas[1], referred to as Clubbies in the Prima Games guide[2] are small Kremlings that appear only in Donkey Kong 64. Unlike most Kremlings, they are brown, and also wear horned Viking-esque helmets. Also unique is their method of attack: they carry around gigantic, spiked clubs, too heavy for them to handle, which they attempt to smash the Kongs with. If the club hits any the Kongs, two melon slices are taken away from their health meter. If they swing their club overhead and misses, the Kosha struggles to lift it again for a moment. When they are defeated, the Kosha will scream, fall down and their club crushes their head; leaving two slices of melons.

A Kosha in Gloomy Galleon

Koshas are too powerful even for Chunky Kong to defeat; the only ways to defeat them are to use the selected Kong's instrument, their special power which they gain from the Banana Fairy Princess (the shockwave attack) or touching them while Chunky is under the effects of his Hunky Chunky ability. They are also vulnerable to Oranges if they are thrown when the Kosha is off guard. Koshas are relatively rare, and appear in Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest (at night), Crystal Caves, and Creepy Castle.

A gigantic Kosha is stationed in an area near the top of the cavern in Crystal Caves. Every once in a while, it smashes the ceiling of the cave, creating violent tremors that send stalactites raining down from the ceiling. He is eventually defeated by Tiny Kong, which stops the avalanches for good.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラッバ[3]
Same as Klubba


  • The name is a spin on the word "cosh", another name for club.
  • Kosha's idle animation will involve them accidentally dropping the club onto their own head, only slightly flattening it.
  • Koshas are the only enemy in Donkey Kong 64 that requires a special method of attack to defeat (shockwave, instrument, orange), yet drops melon slices instead of oranges. All other enemies that require being defeated through special methods drop 3 oranges.


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