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This article is about the Donkey Kong 64 enemy. For a list of books based on the Mario franchise, see List of publications. For the item from Mario's Time Machine, see Book (item).
Ghost Book.png
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Books[1] are ghostly library books only found in Creepy Castle's library which can only be accessed by Donkey Kong, during the events of Donkey Kong 64. When Donkey Kong triggers a switch, it opens a secret passageway. Once he gets to it, there is a path that leads to a Golden Banana, but several Books are flying through the walls blocking the path. Donkey Kong must use the Strong Kong ability to pass the flying Books. Books cannot be defeated, they can only be passed by.


  • If Donkey Kong is blocking the path of a Book, it'll just glare at him and disappear rather than fly through him despite the fact that they can fly through solid walls.
  • The attack pattern of Books is similar to the Bookends of Super Mario 64.
  • The Books greatly resemble the Banjo-Kazooie character, Cheato.


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