Fungi Forest

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Donkey Kong 64 level
Fungi Forest
Fungi Forest start.
Entrance requirement 50 Golden Bananas
Boss Dogadon
Boss requirement 300 bananas
Trapped Kongs None
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Fungi Forest is the fifth level of Donkey Kong 64, which is accessible after the player returns the Gloomy Galleon Boss Key to K. Lumsy's prison, and has collected 50 Golden Bananas. It is, as the name states, full of mushrooms. The stage centers around a giant Cuckoo Clock. The Cuckoo Clock has the ability to change day into night and vice-versa. Many areas are only accessible during certain times of the day. Enemies are also affected by time. They often become more hostile when the sun goes down. Dogadon is fought in a rematch by Chunky Kong here.

This level also introduces blue Kong Switches, though a blue one does appear in the lobby of Gloomy Galleon. They can only be activated once the Kongs get the Super Simian Slam potion from Cranky Kong.

Although this is the second level that Candy's Music Shop does not appear in (the first being Jungle Japes), her headphones can be found at various locations in this level.


Starting area[edit]

This area is notable for the giant clock where the Kongs can change between day and night, and vice-versa. The first 1, 2, 3, and 4 Bananaport Pads are located here. It has three tunnels leading to three different areas. The colors of the tunnels are indicated by three of the four Bananaport Pads in the area. In other words, the blue tunnel leads to the mill area with the blue #1 pad; the green leads to the garden with the #2 pad; and the purple leads to the giant mushroom area with the #3 pad. The well leading to Chunky's minecart bonus game is located here.

Mill area[edit]

This area contains several barns and mills that house several creepy enemies. Inside these mills are mechanical tasks the Kongs will have to face to get their Golden Bananas. These tasks include walking on dimly lit planks, turning on a conveyor belt, taking out Bats in the attic, and battling a giant spider with Tiny Kong only. Snide's H.Q. appears in this area, but is only accessible during the day. The 1 pad is located here. There is a section surrounded by dangerous plants which can only be accessed at night. It contains Donkey Kong's Kasplat and a shed containing a Bonus Barrel. Both Banana Fairies are in the area and are hidden in buildings only accessible at night.

Garden area[edit]

This area requires Tiny and Chunky to open with their shooters. It has a tomato patch with several Tomatoes surrounding an apple with a Worm in it, which can be moved by Chunky to the starting area for a Golden Banana. Tiny Kong can plant a seed from the treestump in the Big Tree Area in a hole which grows a giant living beanstalk. Funky's Store and a 2 pad can be found here.

Giant mushroom area[edit]

This area has a gigantic mushroom surrounded by water. Inside the fungus, the Kongs have to climb up the different floors of this mushroom to tackle bananas and bonus barrels. These floors also lead to terraces outside, which have many other tasks as well. Cranky's Lab, a 3 pad, and both 5 pads can be found here. It contains the yellow tunnel to the Big Tree area that Lanky has to open. Three of the five Kasplats are located here.

Big tree area[edit]

This area has a humongous redwood tree, inside of which sleeps the Owl that Diddy Kong must race (only during the night). Around the tree is the Rabbit's house, a tree stump where Tiny Kong collects a Golden Banana and a seed, and Lanky Kong's Kasplat. The 4 pad is located here.


Day only[edit]

Night only[edit]

Golden Banana locations[edit]

Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong Inside the Mill, DK can enter a gate to Grip Grab the levers in a certain order, activating the conveyor belt. At night, DK can go outside and get his prize. At night-time, DK can use Strong Kong to go through the thorns and activate the switch to enter the barn. Once inside, DK should press the DK switch to summon a Bonus Barrel, where he can play Minecart Mayhem for the Golden Banana. The player must use every character's weapon to hit all five switches, then DK can ride up the giant mushroom with cannons and get the Banana. At the Baboon Blast Pad, DK can play a Baboon Blast mini-level, and play Peril Path Panic, and win his Golden Banana. DK's Kasplat is behind the thorn-surrounded barn where the second Golden Banana can be found.
Diddy Kong At the top of the Mill, the player must enter the hole shoot the On Switch at the top of the winch, then hit the Green Up Switch with a Chimpy Charge. They can then use the Music Pad that is spawned by this to open the cage containing the Golden Banana. Diddy can go through the rafters near the rosebushes with the help of Squawks and get a Golden Banana. Diddy can use the Jet Barrel to fly up to the Bonus Barrel on top of the giant mushroom. By completing a game of Teetering Turtle Trouble, Diddy will earn another Golden Banana. Diddy needs to race the owl, go through all the hoops, and beat the owl, and then play Busy Barrel Barrage to win a Golden Banana. Diddy's Blueprint is found in the second floor of the Giant Mushroom.
Lanky Kong At night-time, the player must go into the mill's attic, and kill the Bats for the Golden Banana. At the top platform of the Giant Mushroom, Lanky can hit a switch, enter the newly-opened door, kill the two Zingers, and bounce on the mushrooms to win a Golden Banana. The player must press the same switch, and go through the other open door. They must travel into it, and then Super Simian Slam the mushrooms in order according to the chart, then play a round of Krazy Kong Klamor for Lanky's third Banana. Lanky, at daytime, can race the Rabbit near the carrot home buried in the ground by blowing his Trombone Tremor on the pad. Beating him gives the player three Blue Coins. Orangsprint must be learned in Crystal Caves, and then he must be raced again for a Golden Banana. Lanky's Kasplat is under the big tree near Bananaport 4, which is also where the Rabbit is raced.
Tiny Kong Inside the Giant Mushroom, Tiny can hit the Tiny Switch, reach the new Banana Barrel, and play Speedy Swing Sortie for the banana of gold. The player must use the Tiny Barrel behind the tree-stump, play the Sax on the Pad, have Squawks drop Tiny Kong in, and throw Oranges at the Purple Klaptraps. When they're all defeated, a Golden Banana and a strange bean are obtained, and they both must be grabbed. Using that very bean, Tiny can travel to the beanstalk area, watch it grow, go in the Tiny Barrel, play the Sax on the Pad, and have Squawks lift her to her Banana. At nighttime, Tiny must go into the Tiny Barrel, go through the tiny hole, and enter the hole. She’s must shoot the Giant Spider in the eye after defeating his tiny spider minions. She must repeat this process, and hit him when he's shrunk down to defeat it and gain a Golden Banana. Tiny's Blueprint is on one of the platforms around the Giant Mushroom.
Chunky Kong The player must have Chunky put three oil barrels (one is found in a different room) on the conveyor belt activated by DK after playing the Triangle Pad to activate the crusher. Once all three barrels are crushed, a Golden Banana is earned. Chunky can Super Simian Slam onto the gate above the well in the main area, and beat the Mine Cart minigame to win a Golden Banana. Chunky can use Hunky Chunky to summon the tomatoes in the Bananaport 2 area, and Super Simian Slam the tomatoes. Then he has to carry the Worm all the way to the Apple marking on the ground. At the top of the Giant Mushroom, Chunky must slam the Chunky Switch in front of a wooden door, and solve the puzzle to form Chunky's face for the Golden Banana. At nighttime, Chunky needs to swing across the vines in the Giant Mushroom to fight the Kasplat and win the Blueprint. He can also make a well timed jump from the top of the giant mushroom where the Tag Barrel is located to reach the Kasplat during the day.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひるよるウッド
Hiruyoru Uddo
Day-Night Wood
French Forêt Foldingue Crazy Forest
German Wunder Wald Wonder Forest
Italian La Foresta dei Funghi The Mushrooms Forest
Spanish Selva de Setas Mushroom Forest


  • This level was originally going to be in Rare's other Nintendo 64 game, Banjo-Kazooie (where it was called "Fungus Forest"), but was instead added to Donkey Kong 64.[1]
    • The lobby theme is based on the track known as "Advent" which has been found in Banjo-Kazooie.[2]
    • The main theme for the level was originally composed for Banjo-Kazooie's predecessor, the canceled SNES game Project Dream. It was titled "Temple" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.[1]
  • There is a 5-Banana Coin in this level that went undocumented until January 28, 2017, seventeen years after the game's release. The collectible was first brought to public attention when Isotarge, a member of the game's speedrunning community, datamined the game and found data for a 977th Banana Coin located here; prior to his findings, they had assumed that there were only 976 of them in the game.[3][4] The coin in question can be found in a dirt patch hidden in a patch of tall grass surrounding the DK Barrel just outside one of the mills.[5]