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DK64 Dogadon.png
Species Dragon
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Oh, it was awful master. Those horrible Kongs threw nasty barrels at me that went bang. Knocked me into the lava, they did. And I've singed both my wings.”
Dogadon, Donkey Kong 64

Dogadon is a giant dragon with insect-like wings, who serves as the second and fifth boss in Donkey Kong 64 of Angry Aztec and Fungi Forest respectively. He is revealed to be one of King K. Rool's pets in the intro cutscene to Crystal Caves.

Angry Aztec[edit]

Dogadon as seen in Angry Aztec.

Dogadon is first encountered as the boss of Angry Aztec. Diddy Kong must feed 120 bananas to Troff so Scoff can open up the boss door for Diddy. Inside, a brief cutscene of Diddy being pestered by a dragonfly is shown; Diddy stomps on the dragonfly and squashes it flat, angering Dogadon, who then emerges from behind and roars at Diddy, scaring him.

Dogadon begins the battle by flying around the room, spitting fireballs that Diddy must avoid. After a while, Dogadon lands to rest on the stone platform, where Diddy must throw a TNT Barrel at him to knock the dragon into the sea of lava around the platform. Dogadon bursts out of the lava and start shooting even move fireballs at a faster rate.

After Diddy hits Dogadon with three TNT Barrels, the dragon falls into the lava for the last time, and gives up the Boss Key he was guarding.

Fungi Forest[edit]

Dogadon returns later in the game as the boss of Fungi Forest, where Chunky must battle him after feeding Troff 300 bananas of any color to open the boss door. As Chunky enters the Fungi Forest boss door and fearfully looks around, Dogadon appears from behind of the Kong, horrifying him into begging for mercy.

The first phase of this battle starts out similar; Chunky must dodge Dogadon's fireballs and hit him with TNT Barrels when he lands to rest. After one hit, Dogadon starts creating shockwaves that Chunky must jump over. After two hits with TNT Barrels, Dogadon sends a wave of fire at Chunky; the only way to avoid it is to hang on the ledge.

Returning to the stone platform, Dogadon angrily begins to stomp on it, causing it to start sinking, effectively turning the boss battle into a timed fight. He then resumes his fireball barrage, and Chunky must quickly hit him with another TNT Barrel. Instead of knocking Dogadon into the lava, however, a Hunky Chunky Barrel appears where the TNT Barrel was.

Hunky Chunky must use the Barrel's transforming ability to pummel Dogadon into submission before the effects of the transformation wear off, at which point Chunky must repeat the process of hitting the dragon with TNT Barrels to make the Hunky Chunky Barrel to reappear. If the player takes too long to defeat Dogadon, the stone platform vanishes, causing Chunky to fall into the lava and forcing them to restart the boss fight. Defeating Dogadon causes him to relinquish his second Boss Key.


Later, Dogadon is seen speaking with King K. Rool, explaining that he lost to Chunky while nearly bursting into tears, and then says he is going to lie down. While it is unknown what happened to Dogadon following K. Rool's defeat, he is seen in the secret ending, where he scares Diddy but ends up getting scared by a small yellow Beaver.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドガドン
Literal translation
French Grodragon Big Dragon


  • In the second battle against Dogadon, if the player stands on the TNT Barrel as it sinks into the lava, the player still lives and the barrel does not explode. Dogadon also remains in place and continuously flaps his wings. If the player picks up the TNT Barrel however, they fall into the lava and lose all of their health.[1]
  • Dogadon's roars are stock sound clips taken from Hannah-Barbera's Godzilla Power Hour series, as provided by Ted Cassidy for Godzilla in the series.[2]


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