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A Blue Banana in Donkey Kong 64.
A Banana Bunch in Donkey Kong 64.

Blue Bananas are items used in Donkey Kong 64. Here, there are two varieties. One is Lanky Kong's equivalent of an ordinary banana along with bunch variants which are worth 5 blue bananas, though if a different Kong is currently active, the blue bananas become transparent and cannot be collected. 100 blue bananas appear in each of the game's seven levels after Lanky Kong is saved and unlocked from his prison in Angry Aztec in Llama's Temple, and are required to feed Scoff. Shooting a Grape from Lanky Kong's Grape Shooter at a blue Banana Balloon grants ten blue bananas.

The second variety is found only in the multiplayer "Battle Arena" mode. When a Kong collects the banana, all the other players are frozen[1] in a thick, blue, gelatinous goop. This gives the player who used the Blue Banana an advantage until the others break free.

Blue Bananas resemble unripened Blue Java bananas.

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