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Kasplat from Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Variant of Kremling
Subject origin Krusha
“Pant! Must get out of here before fatso discovers that the Kongs are recovering the blueprints to his stupid machine.”
Kasplat, Donkey Kong 64

Kasplats are enemies appearing only in Donkey Kong 64. They are large, muscular Kremlings, similar to Krushas (which they are mistakenly referred to as by the Prima Games guide[1]) from Donkey Kong Country. They are King K. Rool's bodyguards, of whom he entrusted to guard the blueprints from Snide and the Kongs. All Kasplats wear a leather jacket, sunglasses, and have a tuft of hair on their head.


In the intro cutscene, a purple-haired Kasplat is seen arriving with a Kritter and Klump, the latter of whom accidentally bumps them aside when K. Rool calls his generals over.

When encountered, Kasplats attack by slamming on the ground, unleashing a shockwave in the process. They can also punch the active Kong if they approach them. The Kongs are required to defeat Kasplats, as each one drops a blueprint upon being defeated (this does not occur if Chunky Kong flattens a Kasplat while in Hunky Chunky mode). Every Kasplat has a different hair color, which is linked to a certain Kong. It also determines the color of both their blueprints and their produced shockwaves. If the appropriate Kong obtains the Kasplat's blueprint and later revisits the revived Kasplat, its hair color turns white. However, its shockwaves retain the color that it previously had. Kasplats are quite resilient, often requiring players to deliver multiple hits to defeat them. However, the Kongs can defeat a Kasplat in a single hit by using their shockwave attack or musical instrument move. Alternatively, five Oranges can defeat one. On a side note, some direct attacks can cause a Kasplat to fall down, but it will get back up afterward.

In the "Castle Intro," a cutscene played just before Creepy Castle is accessed the first time, a purple-haired Kasplat is shown attempting to flee out of Crocodile Isle, hoping that K. Rool (whom it calls "fatso") does not discover it losing many of the blueprints. Through a surveillance system, K. Rool hears Kasplat, and as Kasplat is running through the hallway, it runs into a large, red Klaptrap (presumably sent out by K. Rool), which munches its jaws, possibly eating the Kasplat afterward.

Kasplats appear in some of the Battle Arenas except for those in Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, and Gloomy Galleon, as well as in the minigames Mad Maze Maul! and Stash Snatch!. They are also an enemy in multiplayer, where their attack can occasionally be used by a Kong if they collect a question mark or an Orange.

In the game's 101% ending, a Klump directs purple-, green-, and red-haired Kasplats to burp in a choir during the outtakes.

Every level has five Kasplats, except for Hideout Helm, which does not feature any Kasplats:

  • Jungle Japes
    • Donkey Kong: In a cave to the left of the central area near the X mark and the boulder.
    • Diddy Kong: In a cave to the right of the central area near the minecart ride's exit.
    • Lanky Kong: To the left of the entrance to the storm area.
    • Tiny Kong: In the same cave as DK's Kasplat, just a little higher up.
    • Chunky Kong: After destroying the X mark and entering the underground cave, on a small platform to the right of the Bat statue's head.
  • Angry Aztec
    • Donkey Kong: Near the start of the level on a thin and curved rocky platform surrounded by quicksand. Donkey Kong needs to both use his Coconut Shooter to open up this area, and use his Strong Kong ability to get to the Kasplat.
    • Diddy Kong: On the rooftop of the temple in Candy's area. Diddy needs to use his Rocket Barrel on top of a nearby palm tree to reach it.
    • Lanky Kong: Inside the Llama's Temple. Lanky needs to use Bananaport Pad 2 to reach it.
    • Tiny Kong: Inside the cave where Cranky's Lab is found, near the Hunky Chunky barrel.
    • Chunky Kong: Inside his section of the Temple with Five Doors.
  • Frantic Factory
    • Donkey Kong: On a small platform near the top of the Production Room.
    • Diddy Kong: On the ground floor of the Production Room.
    • Lanky Kong: On the upper level of the R&D Room.
    • Tiny Kong: Near a pole in the Storage Room that leads to the DK Arcade machine.
    • Chunky Kong: In the Testing Department next to the tower of ABC blocks.
  • Gloomy Galleon
    • Donkey Kong: On a pile of gold coins in the treasure room. DK needs to use Bananaport Pad 4 to reach it.
    • Diddy Kong: In a small alcove behind the lighthouse, near a Triangle Pad.
    • Lanky Kong: Near the beginning of the level, in the cavern with the Kannon and a Kannonball.
    • Tiny Kong: On a small alcove in Cranky's area, near Bananaport Pad 3.
    • Chunky Kong: Above the Music Pads near Funky's Store.
Kasplat's size near Donkey Kong.
Tiny's Kasplat in Fungi Forest, next to Donkey Kong
  • Fungi Forest
    • Donkey Kong: Behind the barn surrounded by thorny bushes. Can only be obtained at night.
    • Diddy Kong: Inside the giant mushroom on the mid floor.
    • Lanky Kong: Underneath the tree were the Owl lives.
    • Tiny Kong: On a balcony outside the giant mushroom near the lower level. This one is much larger than the other Kasplats but is no more powerful than them.
    • Chunky Kong: On a balcony outside the giant mushroom near the top. It is intended for Chunky to reach the Kasplat at night, but it is possible to reach during the day.
  • Crystal Caves
    • Donkey Kong: On a small cliffside near the ice castle.
    • Diddy Kong: In a small cave opposite of Funky's Store. Diddy needs to use Bananaport Pad 4 to reach it.
    • Lanky Kong: On top of a large pillar near Funky's Store. Lanky needs to use Bananaport Pad 5 to reach it.
    • Tiny Kong: Near the Bananaport Pad 2 in Candy's area.
    • Chunky Kong: On top of the igloo with the Music Pads.
  • Creepy Castle
    • Donkey Kong: Inside the tree near the beginning of the level.
    • Diddy Kong: In the dungeon where Funky's Store is found.
    • Lanky Kong: Near Bananaport Pad 2 on the path past the drawbridge.
    • Tiny Kong: On a small platform to the left of the entrance to the dungeon where Funky is found.
    • Chunky Kong: South of Candy's Music Shop, in the dungeon where she is found.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カスプラット[2]

French Garde
German Wache
Spanish Guardia


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