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DK64 Kasplat.png
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Parent species Kremling
Related species
“Pant! Must get out of here before fatso discovers that the Kongs are recovering the blueprints to his stupid machine.”
Kasplat, Donkey Kong 64

Kasplats are enemies that only appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are very similar to Krushas, and the two are often confused for each other (primarily because of an error in Prima's Donkey Kong 64 strategy guide). They act very tough, but are shown to be quite cowardly at times, especially when dealing with their leader, King K. Rool. One Kasplat with purple hair who serves as one of K. Rool's personal guards apparently ends up being executed by K. Rool via one of his giant Klaptrap pets when, while fleeing, he made the mistake of insulting K. Rool in earshot of him (he was listening in through the walls).

A Kasplat, blasting Donkey Kong with its shockwaves

Kasplats usually attack by slamming the ground, unleashing an energy shockwave, but can also punch for close combat. If defeated, a Kasplat yields a color-coded Blueprint. The Kasplat's hair shows what color blueprint he is carrying, as well as the shock wave (however, once the blueprint has been collected, its hair turns white, but the shock wave remains the same color as before). Although Kasplats can be quite resilient to most attacks, they can be defeated by fighting them directly, throwing exploding oranges (five hits), and using any weapon. Also, Kasplats are easily defeated by a single shock wave attack, playing musical instruments, or by tossing a Kannonball at them.

They are shown to sometimes say their name when left idle.

Five appear in every level of the game, except for Hideout Helm, in which no Kasplats appear. They appear as enemies on the Battle Arenas except for those in Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, and Gloomy Galleon, as well as in the minigames Mad Maze Maul and Stash Snatch. They also appear in Multiplayer Mode as an enemy. They have hair, a trait that many Kremlings lack, even being the only male Kremlings with hair. In Multiplayer Mode, their attack can occasionally be used by a Kong by collecting a question mark or an Orange.

Kasplat locations[edit]

DK Isles[edit]

Jungle Japes[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: In a cave to the left of the central area near the X mark and the boulder.
  • Diddy Kong: In a cave to the right of the central area near the minecart ride's exit.
  • Lanky Kong: To the left of the entrance to the storm area.
  • Tiny Kong: In the same cave as DK's Kasplat, just a little higher up.
  • Chunky Kong: After destroying the X mark and entering the underground cave, on a small platform to the right of the Bat statue's head.

Angry Aztec[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: Near the start of the level on a thin and curved rocky platform surrounded by quicksand. Donkey Kong needs to both use his Coconut Shooter to open up this area, and use his Strong Kong ability to get to the Kasplat.
  • Diddy Kong: On the rooftop of the temple in Candy's area. Diddy needs to use his Rocket Barrel on top of a nearby palm tree to reach it.
  • Lanky Kong: Inside the Llama's Temple. Lanky needs to use Bananaport Pad 2 to reach it.
  • Tiny Kong: Inside the cave where Cranky's Lab is found, near the Hunky Chunky barrel.
  • Chunky Kong: Inside his section of the Temple.

Frantic Factory[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: On a small platform near the top of the Production Room.
  • Diddy Kong: On the ground floor of the Production Room.
  • Lanky Kong: On the upper level of the R&D Room.
  • Tiny Kong: Near a pole in the Storage Room that leads to the DK Arcade machine.
  • Chunky Kong: In the Testing Department next to the tower of ABC blocks.

Gloomy Galleon[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: On a pile of gold coins in the treasure room. DK needs to use Bananaport Pad 4 to reach it.
  • Diddy Kong: In a small alcove behind the lighthouse, near a Triangle Pad.
  • Lanky Kong: Near the beginning of the level, in the cavern with the Kannon and a Kannonball.
  • Tiny Kong: On a small alcove in Cranky's area, near Bananaport Pad 3.
  • Chunky Kong: Above the Music Pads near Funky's Store.

Fungi Forest[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: Behind the barn surrounded by thorny bushes. Can only be obtained at night.
  • Diddy Kong: Inside the giant mushroom on the mid floor.
  • Lanky Kong: Underneath the tree were the Owl lives.
  • Tiny Kong: On a balcony outside the giant mushroom near the lower level.
  • Chunky Kong: On a balcony outside the giant mushroom near the top.

Crystal Caves[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: On a small cliffside near the ice castle.
  • Diddy Kong: In a small cave opposite of Funky's Store. Diddy needs to use Bananaport Pad 4 to reach it.
  • Lanky Kong: On top of a large pillar near Funky's Store. Lanky needs to use Bananaport Pad 5 to reach it.
  • Tiny Kong: Near the Bananaport Pad 2 in Candy's area.
  • Chunky Kong: On top of the igloo with the Music Pads.

Creepy Castle[edit]

  • Donkey Kong: Inside the tree near the beginning of the level.
  • Diddy Kong: In the dungeon were Funky's Store is found.
  • Lanky Kong: Near Bananaport Pad 2 on the path past the drawbridge.
  • Tiny Kong: On a small platform to the left of the entrance to the dungeon were Funky is found.
  • Chunky Kong: South of Candy's Music Shop, in the dungeon were she is found.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カスプラット[1]


  • If Chunky Kong flattens a Kasplat that is carrying a blueprint while under the effects of Hunky Chunky, the Kasplat will not release its blueprint.
  • In Fungi Forest, the Kasplat that carries Tiny Kong's blueprint is much larger than the other Kasplats, being as large, if not larger, than a Klump. Despite its size, it can be defeated just as easily as any other Kasplat.


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