Searchlight Seek!

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Not to be confused with Searchlight Sneak.
Searchlight Seek! in Donkey Kong 64
The player spotting a Klaptrap.

Searchlight Seek! is a bonus stage found in the game Donkey Kong 64, after the player jumps in the Bonus Barrel, the player will play the minigame to try and win a Golden Banana. In this minigame, the player will need to shoot the required number of Klaptraps in 60 seconds using melons. The player must use a flashlight to see, as the whole barrel is blacked out. After one Klaptrap is defeated, another one appears. The Klaptraps move in random pattern. Once the required number of Klaptraps are defeated, the stage is lightened up, and the player is rewarded the Golden Banana.


Location Kong Klaptraps
DK Isles Lanky Kong 10 Klaptraps
Gloomy Galleon Lanky Kong 4 Klaptraps
Crystal Caves Chunky Kong 8 Klaptraps
Creepy Castle Chunky Kong 10 Klaptraps
Snide's H.Q. Any Kong 6 Klaptraps

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サーチライト・アタック!
Sāchiraito Atakku!
Searchlight Attack!

In-game instructions[edit]

Find and shoot all the Klaptraps! Press A Button to fire a melon.