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Tiny Kong in her Mini-Monkey form.
Tiny Kong in her Mini-Monkey form.
She can shrink in size, to suit her mood!”
DK Rap

Mini-Monkey[1] (Kongum Smallus) is one of Tiny Kong's abilities in Donkey Kong 64, and it causes her to become much smaller. She can purchase the ability for three Banana Bunch Coins at Cranky's Lab, as early as Angry Aztec. Tiny can take on her Mini-Monkey form by jumping into a Tiny Barrel.

Like the other Cranky's Kong Barrel abilities, Mini-Monkey is fueled by Crystal Coconuts. The main purpose of Mini-Monkey is that it allows Tiny to go through small entrances that she and the other Kongs are too big to enter otherwise. The Mini-Monkey ability allows Tiny to enter into Banana Fairy Island and meet the Banana Fairy Princess.

In Angry Aztec, there is one instance in which the Mini-Monkey is used differently. While Tiny's Mini-Monkey ability is active, she must move onto a Music Pad and perform Saxophone Slam. This summons Squawks, who is able to lift up Tiny and drop her into a tower where she races the Beetle. Tiny also uses Mini-Monkey at Hideout Helm in order to go through a small pipe and access the room with the Blast-o-Matic. Lastly, Tiny uses Mini-Monkey during the final battle against King K. Rool, in which she must shrink in order to enter the hole in K. Rool's shoe and use her Feather Bow to shoot at his toes.

Mini-Monkey is described in Tiny's verse of the DK Rap from the line, "she can shrink in size to suit her mood". During this line in the DK Rap intro, Tiny takes on a small form and beats up a Klaptrap.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミクロコング
Mikuro Kongu
Micro Kong
French Mini Macaque -
Italian Mini Scimmia[2] Mini Monkey


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