King Kut Out

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King Kut Out
King Kut Out in Donkey Kong 64.
Model from Donkey Kong 64
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
King Kut Out
A screenshot of King Kut Out from Donkey Kong 64

King Kut Out,[1] also referred to as Cardboard K. Rool,[2] is a giant crude cardboard cut-out of King K. Rool created and operated by two Kritters. It is the boss of Creepy Castle and serves as the seventh and penultimate boss of Donkey Kong 64. King Kut Out is made up of four parts: a head, torso, left arm, and right arm.

He is created by two Kritters since they did not have a stronger character to guard the seventh Boss Key. The battle begins just as King Kut Out appears at one of the wall sides of a castle-like arena. Lanky Kong is the Kong chosen to fight King Kut Out, though he can be swapped out for a different character from the Tag Barrel in the center of the arena. King Kut Out constantly appears from one wall to the next before reversing direction. King Kut Out makes an "Aha!" sound just right when it appears from the next wall. King Kut Out shoots four lasers at the active Kong every two sides it appears from. King Kut Out can be attacked from the Kong blasting at it from one of the four cannons in the arena. After a third hit, King Kut Out's right arm breaks off. Following this, a decoy of King Kut Out also appears in the arena, always appearing from the wall opposite of King Kut Out, but can be differentiated from being darker and not being able to shoot lasers. If the Kong's timing is off while blasting from a cannon, they are forced of the arena and cannot re-enter, including if they launch at the duplicate. In this case, the next Kong appears from the Tag Barrel automatically, in a default order of: Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Donkey Kong, and lastly Diddy Kong. If every Kong blasts out of the arena, they lose the fight. After three more hits, King Kut Out's left arm breaks off and it moves even faster by going from one wall to the next in about a second. King Kut Out is destroyed after another three hits, for a grand total of nine, and its head breaks off, then the Boss Key appears in the arena.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キング・カットアウト[3]
Kingu Katto Auto
King Kut Out

German Papp-A-Trapp
Pun on "Pappe" (Paperboard) and "Attrappe" (Dummy)


  • After losing the battle, the Kongs are redirected into Creepy Castle from the portal to Troff 'n' Scoff; for the preceding six boss battles, the active Kong is redirected into the lobby.


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