Training Barrel

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Training Barrel
A Training Barrel from Donkey Kong 64.
A Training Barrel from Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“What did I say to you, DK? Come back when you've completed my Training Barrels, you dumb ape!”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong 64
Training Barrels
The four Training Barrels.

Training Barrels are a type of barrel found at the very beginning of Donkey Kong 64. They are floating barrels with Cranky Kong's face painted on them and serve as the tutorial of the game. Jumping in them will transport Donkey Kong to a location inside a giant barrel and require him to complete a timed challenge relating to one aspect of the game's controls.

Before giving Donkey Kong his first potion, Cranky Kong will require Donkey to complete his Training Barrels. The four barrels will then spawn in a corner near DK's Tree House, called the Training Area. After jumping in one of them, Squawks will appear and explain the objective of the challenge and the controls required. The four challenges are as follows:

  • An area with a single tree and two vines, similar to Speedy Swing Sortie. Completing this one requires collecting the DK Coin at the other end of the vines.
  • Inside a water-filled location, similar to Splish Splash Salvage. To complete this one, the player will need to swim to the bottom and pick up a DK Coin.
  • An area with a single tree and five oranges. Picking up and throwing all of the oranges will complete the challenge.
  • An area with a single tree and five barrels. Picking up and throwing all of the barrels will complete the challenge.

After completing one of the tasks, the corresponding Training Barrel will explode. When all four are completed, returning to Cranky Kong will have him give the potion for the Simian Slam, allowing Donkey Kong to hit a switch and access the main overworld.