Batty Barrel Bandit

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The player trying to get the first jackpot

Batty Barrel Bandit is a Bonus Stage found in the game Donkey Kong 64, after the player jumps in the Bonus Barrel, the player will play the minigame. In this minigame, the player will need to get three Golden Bananas jackpots on the slot machine barrel in a set time by pressing A Button while the banana appears. Lining up the Golden Bananas three times will reward the player with one, aside from the machine in Snide's H.Q. Other than bananas, the player can also get a Watermelon, a Coconut, a Pinapple, or a Grape on the slot.


Location Kong Time
DK Isles Diddy Kong 40 seconds
Frantic Factory Lanky Kong 45 seconds
Gloomy Galleon Chunky Kong 45 seconds
Snide's H.Q. Any Kong 35 seconds

In-game instructions[edit]

Line up four bananas to win the jackpot! Press A Button to spin and stop the reels.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロット・バレル!
Surotto Bareru!
Slot Barrel!


  • In Snide's H.Q's minigame menu, this minigame is incorrectly referred to as Bonkers Barrel Bandit.