Crystal Caves

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Donkey Kong 64 level
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves overworld.
Entrance requirement 65 Golden Bananas
Boss Army Dillo
Boss requirement 350 Bananas
Trapped Kongs None
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Crystal Caves is the sixth level in Donkey Kong 64 (however, the player can choose to do Creepy Castle before entering this one). As the name suggests, it is a cave made of ice. The caves inside the highlands of the isles are encrusted with rimes of ice, as well as jagged ore deposits. A Giant Viking Kremling lurks in the highest part of the cave, raining stalactites down on the unsuspecting Kongs. The area has all the Kong shops in it. The area's boss is a rematch with Army Dillo, the boss from Jungle Japes, and requires 350 regular Bananas to give to Scoff and allow Troff to unlock the door to the boss.

Entering Crystal Caves requires 65 Golden Bananas. After Chunky Kong beats Dogadon for a second time and takes the key to K. Lumsy, his jumping up and down will cause vibrations which explode a rock out of the right ear of DK Isles. It is then reached with Tiny Kong's Ponytail Twirl or with Diddy Kong's jetpack, but can also be reached with precise jumping from the other Kongs.


Golden Banana locations[edit]

Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong After blasting off from the DK Pad by Cranky's Lab, DK can barrel blast through a maze to ultimately reach a Bonus Barrel. Once the Bonus barrel is complete, DK can claim his Golden Banana. Inside the igloo in the center of the area, DK can find his way through a maze full of life threatening booby traps that take away a full watermelon upon making any kind of contact with them. Once complete and successful, a Golden banana can be retrieved. On the upper walkways of the cavern an out-of-the-way lodge sits for DK to plunder. Inside, DK must match the Kong faces to their counterparts to win the Golden Banana. Near the cabin by Candy's Shop, DK must go inside to blast all the bees with his Coconut Gun. If successful he will receive a Golden Banana. DK's Kasplat lies on the upper walkways near the Ice Castle.
Diddy Kong Inside the Igloo, Diddy must place the barrels in the synchronized order as the numbered spaces. He can then get a Golden Banana. Diddy can get into a Diddy barrel and Rocket Blast behind the waterfall to a Bonus Barrel. He can win the mini game to get a Golden Banana. In a lodge by DK's lodge with the Guitar Pad, Diddy can go in. Diddy must wipe out the Kremlings inside before the time runs out. If he succeeds, a Golden Banana will be at the ready. After activating a door with the Guitar pad at the main lodge, Diddy can enter a gloomy room. He must use his Diddy barrel to rocket atop three unlit candles. Once he lights with his rockets them he can receive Golden Banana. After Tiny activates Bananaporter 4 Diddy can zip into an isolated room to defeat a Kasplat.
Lanky Kong Inside Lanky's part of the igloo he must defeat all the enemies to make a Lanky Pad appear. Once he turns into his Baboon Balloon he can float to the Golden Banana. Inside the ice castle, Lanky can play a switch game with a bored Ice Creature. If Lanky gets more switches down then the Ice Creature he can win a Golden Banana. Atop the ice castle, Lanky can open an entrance way from a Lanky Switch down below. He can enter a slide race with the bug Tiny raced in Angry Aztec. If he wins he can get a Golden Banana. Inside the lodge by the Tag Barrels near the waterfall, Lanky can float into a Lanky barrel from a Lanky Pad and race to the Golden Banana before time runs out. After Diddy activated Bananaporter 5, Lanky can zip in and get his Kasplat's blueprint.
Tiny Kong Take Tiny to the giant cabin building next to Candy's. Locate her instrument pad and head on in. The player will see a bunch of purple Klaptraps. The player must kill them all. After they're all gone, a Golden Banana is at the wake. In the area with all the igloos, Diddy must fly through the yellow and red DK star over the main igloo to reveal instrument pads in front of the doors. She must find the saxophone pad and play the instrument on it to be let in. Play Tiny's instrument once inside as well to kill the Kosha. Butt-slam the target on the floor three times (it will start moving) to get the banana and a banana fairy. The Kosha will return so be careful. Heading out of the igloo room, the player will notice there is a place where they can jump on the pathway from the water. They must find the ice wall here and mini-monkey through the hole on the bottom. Head to the bonus barrel in the back. The player will play a barrel mini game for an ominous Golden banana. Take Tiny to where Funky's is located and head over toward the Diddy Rocket barrel. On the right the player will have to pony tail twirl to the mini monkey barrel and then pony twirl back after becoming smaller. Activate the #4 warp pad so Diddy can get his Kasplat. Head toward the mini door in front of the warp pad. Use the monkeyport to get inside one of the igloos then Tiny can grab the Golden banana. Tiny's Kasplat is located near the #2 warp pad in Candy's area of this level.
Chunky Kong From the entrance, the player must go straight towards the ice wall. Break open the ice wall door with the primate punch. Stand on the Chunky pad and become invisible, revealing a Golden Banana. From the beginning (where the #1 and #2 warp pads are), go right and then cross the water to where the Gnawty is. Go left and climb up the rocks to the top of the platform. If the player goes forward here they should see an ice castle. Go past the ice castle and pick up the boulder. Take the boulder up the slope and place it on the "boulder" switch. This will break open an ice igloo surrounding another boulder in another area. To get to this boulder (also behind an ice wall), from the beginning go right. Cross the water just like last time and instead of going left towards Funky's, go right. Hop over the gaps between the platforms and break open the ice wall with the primate punch. Now, the player must jump into the Hunky Chunky barrel and take the boulder in this room and put it on the moving switch. This will blow up another igloo in the area with the water and lots of igloos, leaving the player a Golden Banana. This also unlocks the Monkeyport pad that Tiny can use to reach the Giant Viking Kremling to stop the stalactites from falling. The player must take Chunky to the giant cabin by Candy's where everyone else has gotten a banana already and find the triangle music pad. The player must enter the room. They'll will see two lights (search lights, really) making their way around the room and wood targets on the ground. When the light isn't on them, the player must stomp the wooden targets. If they get in the light's way, Kroc will automatically see them and shoot them almost immediately. Once complete the player is awarded a Golden Banana In the area with all the igloos, use Diddy to fly through the yellow and red DK star over the main igloo to reveal instrument pads in front of the doors. They player needs to find the triangle music pad and play their instrument to go inside. Once inside they'll will see a TNT barrel with the Rabbit strapped to it. It is struggling with all its might to get free. There are five flames headed toward the TNT barrel. The player needs to smash them before they get to the barrel. If successful, the Rabbit will reward the player with a Golden Banana. Chunky's Kasplat is located ontop of the main igloo in the room with all the igloos.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルどうくつ
Kurisutaru Doukutsu
Crystal Cave
French Caverne-Cristal Crystal Cavern
German Kristall Kaverne Crystal Cavern
Spanish Cueva Cristalina Crystalline Cave


  • The stalactite theme was originally composed for Banjo-Kazooie, while it was still known as Project Dream. The track was given the title of "Big Foot" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.