Crystal Caves

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Not to be confused with Secret cave, which has "Crystal Caves" as an alternate name.
Donkey Kong 64 level
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves overworld.
Entrance requirement 65 Golden Bananas
Boss Army Dillo
Boss requirement 350 bananas
Trapped Kongs None
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Crystal Caves is a level in Donkey Kong 64. It is officially the sixth level in the game, though the player can choose to enter and complete Creepy Castle before it if they have enough Golden Bananas. It is a cavern complex filled with light blue crystals and jagged ore deposits. Wooden cabins, an ice castle, and an igloo are found here. A Giant Viking Kremling lurks in the highest part of the caves, raining stalactites down on the unsuspecting Kongs. This level's boss is a rematch with Army Dillo, the boss from Jungle Japes, and requires 350 regular bananas to give to Scoff and allow Troff to unlock the door to the boss. Entering Crystal Caves requires 65 Golden Bananas: After Dogadon is defeated a second time and the key is taken to K. Lumsy, his jumping up and down will cause vibrations that explode a rock out of the right ear of DK Isles. The Crystal Caves lobby can typically be reached with Tiny Kong's Ponytail Twirl or with Diddy Kong's jetpack, though it also works with precise jumps from the other Kongs.


Golden Banana locations[edit]

  • Donkey Kong
    1. After blasting off from the DK Pad by Cranky's Lab, Donkey Kong can blast through a maze to reach a Bonus Barrel. Once the Bonus Barrel is completed, he can obtain a Golden Banana.
    2. A Golden Banana can be obtained after Donkey Kong navigates a moving maze of icy spikes inside the igloo. Touching the walls of the maze cause an entire melon's worth of damage. Using a Bongo Blast will stop the maze from moving.
    3. On the upper walkways of the cavern, a lodge can be plundered by Donkey Kong. Inside the lodge, the player must match the Kong faces to their counterparts to win the Golden Banana.
    4. Donkey Kong's room in the cabin near Candy's Music Shop is full of trapdoors. He must avoid falling and blast all the Zingers with his Coconut Gun to receive a Golden Banana. Homing ammo is provided, as the Zingers move fairly quickly.
    5. Donkey Kong must defeat a Kasplat that lies on the upper walkways near the Ice Castle.
  • Diddy Kong
    1. Inside the igloo, Diddy Kong must destroy the barrels in the order given by the numbered pads beneath them before time runs out to get a Golden Banana.
    2. Diddy Kong must get into a Diddy Barrel and Rocket Blast behind the waterfall to a Bonus Barrel. He can obtain his Golden Banana by completing the minigame.
    3. Diddy's room in the cabin by Candy's Music Shop has many Kremlings perched atop high ledges. Diddy Kong must jetpack up and defeat the Kremlings before the time runs out. If he succeeds, a Golden Banana can be obtained.
    4. Diddy Kong can enter a second room at the top of the cabin. He must defeat the Koshas to activate a Diddy Pad, then spring to the Diddy Barrel to activate the jetpack. He can then use the flames to light the three candles in the room and receive a Golden Banana.
    5. After activating Bananaport Pad 4 with Tiny, Diddy Kong can zip into an isolated room to defeat a Kasplat.
  • Lanky Kong
    1. Inside the igloo, Lanky Kong must defeat all of the enemies to make a Lanky Pad appear. With this, he can use Baboon Balloon to scale the large crystal in the center of the igloo to reach the Golden Banana at the top.
    2. Inside the ice castle, Lanky Kong can play a switch game with a bored Ice Creature. If Lanky gets more switches down then the Ice Creature, he can win a Golden Banana.
    3. Atop the ice castle, Lanky Kong can open an entrance way from a Lanky Switch down below. He can then win a Golden Banana by winning a slide race with the Beetle Tiny Kong raced in Angry Aztec.
    4. Inside the lodge by the Tag Barrels near the waterfall, Lanky can float into a Lanky barrel from a Lanky Pad and race to the Golden Banana before time runs out.
    5. After Diddy Kong activates Bananaport 5, Lanky Kong can zip in and get his Kasplat's blueprint.
  • Tiny Kong
    1. The player must locate Tiny Kong's Music Pad in a cabin. By defeating all of the purple Klaptraps in the cabin, she can obtain a Golden Banana.
    2. In the area with igloos, Diddy Kong must fly through yellow and red DK stars to reveal Music Pads in front of the doors. In Tiny's igloo section, she must Simian Slam a moving target three times before the timer runs out to get a Golden Banana.
    3. Outside the igloo room, the player must find the ice wall in the area and utilize Tiny Kong's Mini-Monkey skill to pass through the hole on the bottom. Her Golden Banana can be obtained by completing the Bonus Barrel in the area.
    4. Tiny Kong must twirl to the Mini-Monkey barrel near Diddy's rocket barrel and then twirl back after becoming smaller. A Monkeyport can be found in the area with Bananaport 4 and Diddy's Kasplat, which leads to the Golden Banana inside an igloo when entered.
    5. Tiny Kong's Kasplat is located near Bananaport 2 in Candy Kong's area.
  • Chunky Kong
    1. The player must break the ice wall and stand on the Chunky Pad to become invisible, which reveals a Golden Banana.
    2. Chunky Kong must cross the waters where the Gnawty is. Chunky Kong can climb up the rocks in the left area to reach an ice castle. A boulder is located behind the ice castle, which can be placed on a boulder switch up a slope. This causes an igloo to be broken and reveals a boulder in another area. By going to the right in the area with Gnawty, Chunky Kong can break open an ice wall and obtain the boulder. Putting this boulder on another switch causes another igloo to blow up, leaving behind Chunky Kong's Golden Banana.
    3. Chunky's room in the cabin near Candy's shop is full of searchlights. Chunky Kong must Simian Slam the targets when the light is not shining on them. If spotted, Kroc will trigger and immediately blast Chunky. After breaking all of the targets, a Chunky Pad activates, which he can use to activate Gorilla Gone, sneak through the spotlight in the center of the room, and play a round of Searchlight Seek! to obtain a Golden Banana.
    4. In the area with igloos, Diddy Kong must fly through yellow and red DK stars to reveal instrument pads in front of the doors. Chunky Kong must find the triangle music pad and play his instrument to go inside. Once inside, Chunky Kong needs to defeat five flames before they reach a TNT Barrel with the Rabbit tied to it. The Rabbit rewards Chunky Kong with a Golden Banana once it is saved.
    5. Chunky Kong's Kasplat is located on top of the main igloo in the igloo area.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルどうくつ
Kurisutaru Dōkutsu
Crystal Cave

French Caverne-Cristal
Crystal Cavern
German Kristall Kaverne
Crystal Cavern
Italian Grotte di Cristallo
Crystal Caves
Spanish Cueva Cristalina
Crystalline Cave


  • The stalactite theme was originally composed for Banjo-Kazooie, and was given the title of "Big Foot" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.[1]
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