Golden Banana

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Golden Banana
A Golden Banana from Donkey Kong 64.

First appearance

Donkey Kong Country animated series - Raiders of the Lost Banana (1998)

Latest appearance

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)
“Well, if it isn't my lazy, good-for-nothing son. Lost your Golden Bananas again?”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong 64

Golden Bananas are large shiny bananas, which first appeared in games in Donkey Kong 64. They are considered a part of the Banana Hoard of the Donkey Kong franchise.


Donkey Kong 64[edit]

The main plot of Donkey Kong 64 centers around Donkey Kong and his allies trying to reclaim Donkey Kong's prized Golden Bananas from the evil King K. Rool. In this game, Golden Bananas are needed to access new worlds, since B. Locker will be blocking the world entrances. The Golden Bananas were stolen along with some of Donkey Kong's friends to distract him while the Blast-o-Matic was being charged. However, the Golden Bananas turn out to be essential in thwarting K. Rool's plot, as B. Locker will periodically grant access to the Kremlings' occupied territory as Golden Bananas are collected. Each world contains twenty-five Golden Bananas, with five for each Kong.

Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

The Golden Banana in Donkey Kong Country Returns

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, a single Golden Banana makes an appearance. While leaving Cranky Kong's Shop, Cranky Kong can sometime ramble about finding a Golden Banana that transports one to another dimension. After accessing the Golden Temple via the Rare Orbs, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are surprised to see the giant Golden Banana, held by two golden DK-like statues. Peeling its skin and tasting it does indeed transport them to another world.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

MKAGPDX Banana Gold.png

"Gold Bananas" are an item in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. [Translation needed]

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Donkey Kong Country television series[edit]


The animated series features a single Golden Banana of a different type in the episode "Raiders of the Lost Banana". This Golden Banana is found by DK in Inka Dinka Doo's Temple, and he decides to give it to Candy Kong as a present. As a result, however, DK sets off a curse that befalls anyone nearby the beholder. K. Rool later kidnaps Candy and demands she hand over the banana, but DK shows up to rescue her and returns the Banana to Inka Dinka Doo. However, Polly Roger then steals the banana back, but now only K. Rool is affected by the curse.