Red Red Rising

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Red Red Rising
Level code 8-7
World Volcano
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Burnin' Bop
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Red Red Rising is the sixty-second level in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is also the seventh level in the Volcano world.

This level takes place in a lava-filled volcano, full of collapsing ground and platforms that shoot out of the lava. Donkey and Diddy Kong must carefully jump from one platform to another while avoiding the lava below them. About halfway through the level, the Kongs must climb up this rocky tower while avoiding the oncoming lava that is rising. Completing the level leads to the Volcano's boss stage, Tiki Tong Terror, where the Kongs face the final boss of the game.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:29:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 2:02:00 for silver, and a time of 2:21:00 for bronze.


The level begins with a straight pathway leading towards a wide pit of lava. Small platforms shoot in and out of the lava repeatedly. Using these platforms, the Kongs must cross the pit. When they reach the final platform in the pit, a giant piece of land falls in front of them into the remaining section of lava. Before it sinks, they can use it to progress to a solid platform near another lava pit. A Banana Coin is above the platform. Four separate platforms shoot in and out of the pit ahead. When the primates cross the lava, they find themselves in an area of four basalt platforms. Flaming Tiki Buzzes fly between each of the sinking, banana-covered platforms, except for the second and third one. A solid platform sits on the lava after the final basalt platform. More platforms shoot in and out of the lava in the pit ahead of it. After they cross this pit, with the aid of the piece of land, they reach a platform with the Tutorial Pig and the checkpoint on it.

Red Red Rising
The Kongs stand on a platform that is surrounded by rising lava

A trio of basalt platforms are ahead of the checkpoint, with a Flaming Tiki Buzz between the second and third platform. When the Kongs reach the last of the three platforms, the lava begins to rise. Just before it covers the platform the primates are standing on, a piece of the wall moves towards them. They can get on the new platform to progress to another platform nearby in the middle of the area. When they land on this platform, another piece of the wall emerges towards them that they can use to climb. It is followed by another piece of ground that appears out of the opposite wall. As they climb this, another platform slowly emerges from the wall on the right. It is far away, so they must bounce on a Tiki Buzz in the middle of the area to reach it. When they get onto the platform, they can find another Tiki Buzz that they can jump on to reach a higher platform. More platforms appear around the center of the area when they land on it, allowing them to climb upwards to a stone ceiling.

The ceiling blocking their path opens eventually, enabling them to climb the area above with more platforms that do not appear until they land on the platform previous to it. Soon, Donkey and Diddy make their way to a section full of stationary platforms. The letter O and some other collectibles are on a few of these platforms, but there are also dozens of fireballs moving along them. If the heroes manage to dodge them, they can access a higher area with both walls moving back and forth around them. Basalt sticks out of the walls that they can stand and climb on. They can travel upwards with the help of the basalt platforms and then reach a lone platform hanging out of the wall with a Tiki Goon on it. A piece of the wall juts out of the opposite wall that this platform is placed on. A Tiki Goon is on this wall, along with a Banana Bunch. When the Banana Bunch is grabbed, another chunk of the wall tilts towards the primates, allowing them to climb more of the tall level portion. Three Tiki Goons appear on the platform as they approach, and small platforms also appear above. If they continue upwards with them, they can access a section with a trio of platforms. A fireball bounces on the three platforms. Another platform with a Puzzle Piece above it also emerges from the wall under the fireball enemy.

More platforms are against the wall on the left that the duo can use to reach a gap in the air with two Tiki Buzzes flying in it. More platforms are on the other side of the enemies that the heroes must reach. As they climb these platforms, they climb up to a Tiki Tank at the bottom part of a series of platforms. The letter N is on another one of the platforms here. If they continue high enough, they reach another area with basalt platforms connected to a walls that moves back and forth. They must use the platforms to progress. As they jump along them, they come up to a Banana Bunch and even a Puzzle Piece. When they reach the highest basalt platform here, they can find a Barrel Cannon. The cannon blasts them higher into the level, where the lava begins to rise faster. It also blasts them into an area full of more Barrel Cannons. As they primates shoot from cannon-to-cannon, they blast through banana trails and the letter G. When they reach the final Barrel Cannon here, they are shot into the Slot Machine Barrel straight above it. When the barrel is hit, the level ends.


Image Name Count
Charchar.png Char-Char 1
Flaming Tiki Buzz Flaming Tiki Buzz 4
A Tiki Buzz Tiki Buzz 4
A Tiki Goon Tiki Goon 6
A Tiki Tank Tiki Tank 1


Image Name Count
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 9
Red Balloon Extra Life Balloon 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
Letter K of Red Red Rising. K When the Kongs appear on the fourth projecting platform in the level, a fifth one with the letter K will appear just before it from the lava. They must jump to this platform and then quickly hop of the following one to progress safely.
Letter O of Red Red Rising. O The letter O is in the area full of moving fireballs shortly after the second Puzzle Piece. It is on a platform to the left of the area. They must watch for fireball enemies to reach it safely.
Letter N of Red Red Rising. N The letter N is on a bony platform just after the level's only Tiki Tank. The player needs to avoid the Tiki and grab the letter before the rising lava touches them.
Red Red Rising G Near the end of the level, when the Kongs are blasting rapidly through the Barrel Cannons, the letter G can be found sliding along with a row of bananas. They need to wait just for a second in the Barrel Cannon to allow the letter to cross between the Kongs and the next barrel when they shoot.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Red Red Rising 1 When the Kongs land on the large platform sinking into the lava after the first area of projecting platforms, they should pay attention to the lava pool to the left. When a small section of it begins to bubble, they should prepare to jump above it. With good timing, they can ride on top of the platform that shoots out from the lava bubbles by jumping at the right time. The platform rises high enough to lead them into a Bonus Level, where they must shoot through a moving Barrel Cannon to collect fifty-seven bananas, two Banana Coins, and an Extra Life Balloon. If everything is collected within thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
Puzzle Piece 2 of Red Red Rising. 2 Shortly after the first and only checkpoint, the heroes begin to climb up some platforms that only appear after they land on the platform previous to them. As they climb the first few of these, a ceiling stands in their way. Once it moves out of their path, they can see the Puzzle Piece to the left of the area.
Puzzle Piece 3 of Red Red Rising. 3 In the first area with basalt platforms protruding from the wall, the duo can find the third Puzzle Piece on the right side of the area as the walls move together.
Puzzle Piece 4 of Red Red Rising. 4 When the primates reach the fireball enemy bouncing on the trio of platforms just before the letter N, they should notice a platform emerging from the wall below with the fourth Puzzle Piece. They can simply drop down to the platform to grab it.
Puzzle Piece 5 of Red Red Rising. 5 In the final area of basalt platforms protruding from the wall, the Kongs can find the fifth and final Puzzle Piece in the top-left portion of the section. It is only visible for them to grab when the basalt-covered walls move together.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラヴァライジング
Rava Raijingu
Lava Rising

French (NOA) Éruption Imminente
Imminent Eruption
German Glutrote Gezeiten
Glowing Red Tides
Italian Alta magmamarea
High Magma Tide
Spanish Amanecer rojísimo
Very Red Dawn