Pinchin' Pirates

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Pinchin' Pirates
Scurvy Crew
Level code 2-B
World Beach
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Boss Scurvy Crew
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Pinchin' Pirates is the boss level of the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is the second overall boss level, and it is where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fight the Scurvy Crew. The boss level takes place in a sandy area near a dock.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:11.00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:18.00 for silver, and a time of 1:29.00 for bronze.


The Kongs start on a pier, and the remains of the Scurvy Crew's ship is shown in the background. The Kongs must move across a straightforward wooden bridge, which has a DK Barrel on it. A flag with a logo pirate logo is planted to the left of the end of the bridge. The area after bridge is a sandy area located below where the Scurvy Crew is relaxing and eating some bananas. When Donkey Kong and Diddy approach the end of the bridge, a cutscene plays. The blue crab is relaxing on a hammock made from the rope of a ship, and the yellow crab is sitting back against a pile of bananas. The yellow crab throws a banana to Cap'n Greenbeard, who is standing on a wooden plank. Cap'n Greenbeard throws up the banana and eats it in a single gulp. The yellow crab uses the fork of his left arm as a utensil for eating the bananas. The Kongs are unhappy but then take notice at the Maraca Gang, who appear out from behind the lookout post of the ship. Each Maraca Gang tiki hypnotizes one of the crabs: the green one hypnotizes the blue crab, the purple one hypnotizes the yellow crab, and the red one hypnotizes Cap'n Greenbeard. The Kongs jump down from the bridge to start to the battle against the Scurvy Crew.

The battle starts with the three crabs digging underground. Tiki spectators come into view from the top, and they are standing on wooden planks that are kept up by a pair of ropes. The yellow crab emerges from the sand. It walks back and forth slowly, and the Kongs must jump on its head. This causes the yellow crab to start snapping its pincers above it. Donkey Kong must Ground Pound the yellow crab to flip it over into the sand. The Kongs must quickly jump onto the yellow crab to attack it before it gets back up. By doing so, the yellow crab retreats into the sand, and the blue crab emerges from the left side. The Kongs must attack it the same way as they did to the yellow crab. After the blue crab retreats, Cap'n Greenbeard comes out, and the Kongs must also attack him with the same method. After this, the crabs re-emerge standing on top of each other (Cap'n Greenbeard is on top, the yellow crab is in the middle, and the blue crab on the bottom).

Like they do individually, the Scurvy Crew move back and forth as a tower. They pinch their claws at the Kongs, but every few seconds, they lift up both of their pincers in the air. There is a platform on each side of the arena that the Kongs can jump from to go over the Scurvy Crew tower. While the Scurvy Crew has their pincers up, the Kongs must roll into them, causing all three crabs to fall into the sand. This also causes one banana to be dropped. While the Scurvy Crew is upside down, the Kongs must jump on each of them another time. The yellow crab re-emerges just like during the start of the battle, except he moves a bit faster. The Kongs must Ground Pound and jump onto the yellow crab again, then the blue crab comes out, also moving faster than before. The Kongs must also Ground Pound the blue crab and jump on it. Lastly, Cap'n Greenbeard emerges, and he should also be Grounded Pounded and jumped on like the two previous crabs. After this, the Scurvy Crew re-emerge as a tower again, moving faster than the previous time. The Kongs must roll into them again and then jump on all three of them while they are flipped over in the sand a last time to defeat the Scurvy Crew.

When the Scurvy Crew is defeated, a cutscene shows them fainting and falling over each other. The Maraca Gang emerge from the Scurvy Crew, dizzy, and Donkey Kong must punch the tikis a number of times to knock them far off into the distance and complete the boss level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハマの親分 パイレーツクラブ
Hama no Oyabun Pairētsu Kurabu
Seashore Boss, Pirate Crab
Chinese 海滩老大 海盗蟹
Hǎitān Lǎodà Hǎidào Xiè
Beach Boss, Pirate Crab
Dutch Scurvy-bende
French Marins malins
German Kneifende Korsaren Pinchin' Corsairs
Italian Baia Barbachele Scurvy Crew Bay
Portuguese Caranguejos Piratas Pirate Crabs
Russian Крабы-пираты
Pirate crabs
Spanish Piratas Pinzones Pinchin' Pirates