Ruined Roost

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Ruined Roost
Level code 3-B
World Ruins
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Boss Stu
Music track Savory Stu
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Ruined Roost is the boss level of the Ruins world in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is the third overall boss level, and it is where the Kongs fight Stu. The battle takes place in an arena, with Tikis spectating in the background.


The Kongs start out on a straightforward path, where a DK Barrel can be found nearby. As the Kongs approach the large gong in the middle of the arena, a cutscene plays. It begins with Stu’s egg lying in a nest, which Gong-Oh lifts up using his powers. The Kongs are shocked by this, and the two statues in the background bang the nearby gong, causing both the floor and the egg to crack. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fall down into a deeper part of the arena, with the egg falling into a cauldron nearby. Gong-Oh then hypnotizes Stu and jumps into the cauldron, causing Stu to hatch from his egg and break through the pot.

Stu begins the fight by flying around and throwing three bombs onto the ground below. These bombs usually take a few seconds to explode, but he occasionally throws a bomb with an orange flame on it, which creates two flames that move across the arena upon exploding. The Kongs must throw the bombs back at Stu to damage him. He then swoops down; this attack can be avoided by ducking or going between two of the pillars. After being hit three times, Stu drops a large gray missile into the arena, which explodes and demolishes the gray parts of the pillars. Donkey and Diddy Kong must stay on the golden parts of the pillars or jump over the explosion. Stu also changes up his attack pattern for this phase of the fight: he swoops down twice instead of once, releases more bombs, and drops missiles in the middle of the arena. He also sends Tiki Pops after the Kongs, which explode a few seconds later.

After hitting him with bombs three more times, a cutscene plays showing Stu’s "armor" cracking; he then falls to the ground in defeat, and Gong-Oh emerges dizzily. The Kongs must then approach Gong-Oh and punch him to complete the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かい ステュー
Kaichō Sutyū
Big Bird Stu
Chinese 怪鸟 斯缇
Guàiniǎo Sītí
Stu, the Strange Bird
French Piaf Explosif Explosive Sparrow
German Bombige Brutstätte Bomby Hatchery
Italian Covo Bombadino Stu Den
Korean 괴조 스투
Goejo Seutu
Stu, the Strange Bird
Spanish Bombardeo Aviario Bird Bombardment