Sloppy Sands

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Sloppy Sands
Sloppy Sands
Level code 2-2
World Beach
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Poppin' Planks
Sloppy Sands
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Sloppy Sands is the ninth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and the second level in the Beach world.


Sloppy Sands takes place at the ocean shore, where Donkey and Diddy Kong encounter many Squidlys and Electrasquids shot from Squid Shots; both enemies debut in the level. The Kongs Squidlys can be bounced on to reach collectibles, although Electrasquids are electrified variants and can hurt the Kongs upon contact. The Kongs also encounter Snaggles and Snippys along the way. It is the first level with cannons that the Kongs can pound on to shoot out collectibles and help them find a single Puzzle Piece. The level also has wooden crates that, when Ground Pounded, activate another set of crates that appear from the sands.

Near the end of the level, the Kongs must Ground Pound a switch with the DK emblem, which uproots a sunken castle. The Kongs must jump into a Barrel Cannon to launch to the bottom of the castle. The remainder of the level takes place in the castle, where the Kongs must use sand-filled wooden buckets as platforms and climb green surfaces while avoiding Squidlys throughout.

In the Time Attack mode, a time of 1:11:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:26:00 for silver, and a time of 1:57:00 for bronze.


Sloppy Sands
The Kongs, near the level's start

The level begins with a straight pathway along the sand leading to two wooden pillars sticking out of the ground. When the Kongs pound on the pillars, they fall under the surface and another pair of pillars shoots out of the ground near a Snippys. The new pillars can help the Kongs reach a higher platform with the first DK Barrel and a small hill with Snippys enemies infesting it. A trio of pillars are after a Squid Shot that the primates can pound into the ground to make another three pillars appear nearby, shooting out items, including a Puzzle Piece, as they emerge. They can help the Kongs reach a wooden platform with these collectibles on it. There is a cannon ahead of the Kongs that can be pounded on to blast a cannonball at a mast in the background. A treasure chest is on the mast that lands in the foreground, spilling out four Banana Coins when it breaks.

The Kongs are able to find a small plant growing between two Squid Shots ahead, and it gives an item when blown on. There are also many bananas between the Squid Shots, as well as after them right before another two of these foes. A second treasure chest is after the two Squid Shots that contains a Red Balloon. As the primates try to grab it, squids shoot from a nearby Squid Shot and try to hit them. A raised, wooden platform is after this, with special items placed above and below it. A trio of pillars also stands ahead of the previous Squid Shot, with two more Squid Shots piled up on each other next to it. More pillars appear closer to the squid-shooting enemies when the heroes pound these pillars into the ground. The new pillars can help them jump over the Squid Shots and travel to a bridge area that is above the water. The Tutorial Pig is on it, along with the first checkpoint.

Another DK Barrel and a treasure chest are ahead of the checkpoint, along with a rectangular crate. Near the crate, a Snaggles jumps out of the water below and breaks through the boards, creating a gap that must be jumped over. There is also another crate near here that hides a treasure chest with a Barrel Cannon in it. It can shoot the Kongs into an island in the background with the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters on a tall, stone pillar and another treasure chest with a Barrel Cannon in it. This cannon can blast the heroes back into the foreground. After the Kongs cross another gap after this treasure chest, they reach a flat bridge area with a Squid Shot at the beginning of it. A Pinchly and a barrel are on the bridge, and a cannon is also under it. A hill is in the area after the cannon that leads towards the letter O that is surrounded by bananas. Squid Shots also wait to shoot at the Kongs next to it. The Kongs can reach a platform above the letter O by bouncing off of a Squidly to find a pathway leading over a Squid Shot on a crashed vessel part. Bananas sit under a platform at the end of the large ship piece, and the letter N floats in the air near some crates being suspended in the air by a platform. The Tutorial Pig and the second checkpoint are under the crates.

Sloppy Sands
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong get fired into the tower in the background
Sloppy Sands
Inside the tower

The third DK Barrel and a giant button are ahead of the Tutorial Pig. If the primates pound the button into the ground, a tower emerges from the water in the background and a Barrel Cannon appears to shoot them there. A treasure chest is inside of the cavernous-like tower, and two platforms are above it that can help the Kongs climb closer to some buckets being conveyed by ropes. Squid Shots shoot at them as they head up the area. Once the heroes manage to get on the buckets, they are transported to the other side of the thin room, where there is a wall of grassy turf. It is climbable, so they can travel along the walls with it. The wall on the opposite side of this turf is covered in the same kind of turf, so it can be climbed on as well. The second wall of turf has the letter G at the bottom end of it, and the primates can climb up the same turf, passing three squid enemies on the way, to access a higher area with another platform that leads to some buckets. This platform also holds a treasure chest with a Banana Coin in it.

The buckets, again being pulled by a group of convey belt-like ropes, are able to aid the Kongs in reaching another high platform after pulling them past many bananas and Banana Coins. More platforms are above this, and a Squid Shot shoots from the side of the area nearby here. When the primates climb the platform, they can find grassy turf on both walls. The turf on the right leads to the next area, but it is too high to reach. So, the Kongs must first grab onto the turf on the left to reach it. While on the left turf, they must jump on a spinning wheel between the walls to be pulled next to the wall on the right. When they reach this wall, they can climb past some squid enemies being shot by nearby Squid Shots in order to reach a moving platform. This platform has the ability to carry them to another wall of turf that leads to a treasure chest and a group of platforms above it. Buckets moving across the area on ropes are above the last platform that can be used to reach a Barrel Cannon. The cannon shoots the Kongs outside of the tower on its roof, where the Slot Machine Barrel is present.


Image Name Amount
Electrasquid Electrasquid Infinite
A Pinchly Pinchly 4
A Snaggles. Snaggles 2
Snaps Snippys 4
Squidly Squidly Infinite


Image Name Amount
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 10
A Barrel Barrel 2
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 3
Heart Heart 6
Red Balloon Red Balloon 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
Sloppy Sands K The Kongs must break the second crate from the first checkpoint to find a treasure chest. They must pound the chest for to reveal a Barrel Cannon, which shoots them to an island with the letter K on top of a pillar. The Kongs must roll into the base of the pillar, causing it to fall. The letter K becomes in reach for the Kongs to collect.
Sloppy Sands O A vessel infested with Squid Shots is right before the second checkpoint. The letter O is to the left, surrounded by bananas.
Sloppy Sands N The letter N is in the air before the second checkpoint next to some crates. The Kongs must bounce on a Squidly to reach it.
Sloppy Sands G At the start of the sand tower, the letter G is on the bottom of the second green surface wall, near a Squid Shot.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Sloppy Sands 1 To the left of the level's starting point is a wooden barrier with a white target painted on. The Kongs must pick up a nearby DK Barrel and throw it at the wall for it to break open, allowing the Kongs to obtain the Puzzle Piece.
Sloppy Sands 2 Shortly after the first Puzzle Piece, the Kongs can Ground Pound three pillars to reveal another nearby group of pillars under a platform. When the pillars emerge, a Puzzle Piece comes out of the sand and lands on the platform.
Sloppy Sands 3 Just after the second Puzzle Piece, the Kongs can blow a dandelion between two Squid Shots to reveal the third Puzzle Piece.
Sloppy Sands 4 Just before the first checkpoint is a platform raised above a heart. A Puzzle Piece is high above a platform, and it can be reached by bouncing from a nearby pair of Squidlys.
Sloppy Sands 5 After the first Squid Shot following the letter K is a cannon under a bridge. The Kongs must Ground Pound the cannon for it to blast at a bridge, leaving a few remains of it on the water. If the Kongs go along the platforms, they can find the Puzzle Piece.
Sloppy Sands 6 Immediately before the second checkpoint, the Kongs can find a trail of bananas near the side of a vessel. By following the bananas, the Kongs can go into an entrance of a hidden ship leading into the Bonus Level.

There, the Kongs have 30 seconds to bounce on a horizontally moving platform and collect four Banana Coins and 44 bananas. All of the items move up and down slightly. After the Kongs collect all the items, the Puzzle Piece appears.

Sloppy Sands 7 The seventh and final Puzzle Piece is in a hidden alcove behind a pile of barrels to the right of the last treasure chest.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イカだらけビーチ
Ika Darake Bīchi
Beach Full of Squids
Chinese 乌贼遍地海滩
Wūzéi Biàndì Hǎitān
Beach Full of Squids
French (NOA) Kalmars Cachés Hidden Squids ("kalmar" being a distortion of calmar (squid))
French (NOE) Sables sournois Sly Sands
German Sandiger Sandstrand Sandy Shore
Italian Lido scompiglio Confusion Shore
Spanish Chaparrón de Calamares Squids Downpour