Tar Ball Fall

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Tar Ball Fall
Tar Ball Fall.png
World-Level 9 - 6
World Cloud
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Music Sticky Situation
Notes The sixth level of Cloud based on Cliff.
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Tar Ball Fall is the sixth level of the secret Cloud world from Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It represents the sixth world of the game, the Cliff.

As the level's name implies, the main obstacles of the level are the large drops of tar that fall from the ceiling (similar to the drops of lava in Smokey Peak) that slow and drag the Kongs down if they are hit by them.


At the beginning of the level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will find three holes in the ceiling that each drop two drops of tar at a time. To prevent getting covered in tar, the Kongs should wait until the holes stop dropping tar and then pass under them. At the tar pit past the start, there is more falling tar, except this time they drop into the pit itself between jumps rather than on the ground. If the Kongs are hit by them, they will be forced into the tar pit and will miss the jump. If the Kongs manage to get past the falling tar, they must ride a balloon-supported platform up to higher ground. The platform will explode once it has reached its highest point. In the next area, there is a series of holes dropping tar that the Kongs must quickly run under, and a Barrel Cannon past a bridge after that. The cannon launches the Kongs to a moving platform that the Kongs should quickly dismount before it crashes into the spikes. Upon dismounting, the Kongs should jump down to another tar pit while avoiding more tar falling from holes higher than before and find the first checkpoint.

In the next area, the Kongs must jump along a series of balloon platforms while not staying on each one for too long before they explode, and while avoiding falling tar, which in this case can drag the Kongs into a bottomless pit. Beyond that are several Skullyrexes and Skellirexes, and a Barrel Cannon after that leading to another moving platform headed for the next checkpoint.

After the second checkpoint, a hole dropping much larger drops of tar is introduced, but these drops fall slower than the smaller ones. After getting past the small and large falling tar drops, there is a Barrel Cannon that launches the Kongs to a moving platform, which moves much faster this time. The Kongs must duck halfway through the ride and then quickly long-jump off it. After that, the Kongs will find more balloon platforms floating above a bottomless pit as well as fast-falling drops of tar from a very high ceiling where the Slot Machine Barrel is located. The Kongs must carefully jump up the platforms to reach the end.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

  1. At the level's start, the Kongs can head left to find a plant containing the first Puzzle Piece past a tar pit.
  2. In the tar pit after the first moving platform, the Kongs should find a small area hidden from view to the left of the pit. From there, they should jump up to find a Bonus Area. Every item must be collected here to reveal the Puzzle Piece.
  3. Right before the end of the second moving platform, the Kongs must jump on two Tiki Buzzes to reach the Puzzle Piece above.
  4. After the second checkpoint, the Kongs must carry a barrel past a series of falling tar drops and throw it at a wall painted with a target symbol to break it down and get the Puzzle Piece.
  5. On the right of the Slot Machine Barrel is another entrance to a Bonus Area. This time, the Kongs must launch back and forth between the opposite Barrel Cannons to collect the Bananas before launching into the middle Barrel Cannon, which leads to the Puzzle Piece if everything is collected.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese からくりクリフ
Karakuri Kurifu
Tricky/Mechanized Cliff
Spanish Bombardero de brea Tar Bombardment
French Gare au Goudron Beware the Tar
German Zäher Teerregen Tough Tar Rain