Muncher Marathon

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Muncher Marathon
Muncher Marathon
Level code 5-8
World Forest
Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)
Music track Tree Top Rock Returns
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Muncher Marathon is the thirty-sixth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the eighth level in the Forest world.

This level begins as any other level. However, after the player breaks the entrance to a giant log, munchers come out of their eggs and begin to chase them. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must run through the log, avoiding the enemies and the munchers behind. If they get caught by the munchers, the Kongs will instantly lose a life. After the Kongs pass the Tutorial Pig, they need to start moving upward to reach the Slot Machine Barrel using barrel cannons, while the munchers chase them from below. Enemies found in this level are Skittlers, Frogoons, and Hopgoons. Skittler Pillars are also common obstacles throughout the level.

The level uses the "Tree Top Rock Returns" theme, which is also used in Flutter Flyaway and Longshot Launch.

In the Time Attack mode of the game, a time of 1:32:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 1:34:00 for silver, and a time of 1:51:00 for bronze.


The level begins with a straight pathway leading through a strange tree trunk. A red gate stands in the way, but the Kongs can break through by rolling into it twice. Two Skittler Pillars that occasionally fall downwards, possibly smashing the Kongs, are placed after a nearby Hopgoon. The heroes must travel under them when they rise again to access an area with the first DK Barrel and another Hopgoon next to it. There are some bouncy spider eggs piled up nearby. Donkey and Diddy can bounce on them to reach a passage between two wooden walls. Two large cork-like objects block their path here, and once they get rid of the first one, the spiders in the previous spider eggs hatch and begin to chase the group. The Kongs must hurry ahead to avoid defeat.

Muncher Marathon
The Kongs jump on a fungi platform above some spikes

A set of five platforms are ahead, with one platform in the middle and four others around it. Three Skittlers are ahead that try to hit the primates as they travel under them. Small platforms that are surrounded by many spikes are nearby in an area with an Red Balloon floating in it. Above the last set of spikes here is a fungus-like platform with bananas and a Banana Bunch on it, which is followed by a passage with a few Skittler Pillars. They Kongs must pass them before them fall or after they rise from their fall. A Skittler impends in the Kongs' progress between the first two Skittler Pillars. Three platforms placed above and beside the small gap are after the third of the tumbling pillars. The one in the middle directly above the gap has a trail of bananas and the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters above it. Using another mushroom-like platform, the Kongs can access a bigger area with a set of four more mushroom-like platforms that have Skittlers on them. Another red metal gate stands in the Kongs' way nearby, but they can break it with a roll or cartwheel attack.

Two more mushroom platforms are placed nearby, and a solid platform with spikes floats between them. A green, grassy turf that the heroes can climb on is above the spikes, and under the platform supporting them is a wide abyss with a Puzzle Piece. An area with bananas and a DK Barrel are nearby. Donkey and Diddy soon come up to a section with moving Skittler Pillars that stand in their way. The pillars have gaps between them so they can travel through them. There is a long area full of these pillars, with only a small gap after the first two pillars and a Hopgoon farther ahead. If the heroes manage to pass through all of the Skittler Pillars, they come into a section with some climbable turf on the ceiling. They can reach the turf by bouncing on some spider eggs nearby, which soon hatch as the new spiders come by. The heroes can also reach the turf by bouncing on a mushroom that is placed directly under the letter O high in the air. A long section of spikes is located after the bouncy spider eggs here, so the Kongs must use the grassy turf above to climb over it. When they reach the end of the turf, they are able to drop down onto a safe platform with nothing on it but a single Skittler. More bouncy spider eggs follow a nearby gap. A Skittler Pillars stands in front of the eggs, but it opens to create a small passage for the primates. However, just as the following pillar, it closes again after a few seconds. Once the Kongs pass these two pillars, they reach another Skittler Pillar with a large space in it. They can travel under the pillar when it rises or go through the space in it as it falls. The letter N is in the space.

Muncher Marathon
Donkey and Diddy travel under some Skittler Pillars as they rise

The duo can find more bouncy spider eggs ahead. With the eggs, they can bounce onto a high platform with a Skittler near it. Two empty platforms are placed next to the spider enemy, followed by a mushroom on the solid ground that can be used as a spring to reach another high area. On the other side of this thin, raised platform is a small gap and a path leading to an area with two Frogoons hopping around a platform. Spikes are placed under the enemies. A pathway leading to a small area full of mushroom-like platforms is ahead. Here, the mushrooms form a curvy path back and fourth. In the center of this area is a red, metal gate that the Kongs must smash through. A pathway is below it as well that is hidden by some leaves. When the duo crosses this section of mushrooms, they come up to some Skittlers and a set of four tumbling pillars that rise after a few seconds. Once they pass the pillars, they reach bouncy spiders eggs that can aid them in access a Blast Barrel high in the air. The barrel blasts them into a new part of the level, where the Tutorial Pig stands at the checkpoint on a solid platform.

A bouncy pile of spider eggs sit in an abyss nearby, and a Blast Barrel is placed above. When the Kongs get in the barrel, spiders begin to chase them up the area, which they must climb by using more Blast Barrels. The barrels do not shoot them directly into the following cannons, rather they blast them into the air, where they must move to the side to land in the next barrel. As the heroes travel up the area, they come up to the letter G, and later, a Barrel Cannon. The cannon can shoot them into the Slot Machine Barrel found above; hitting this barrel completes the level.


Image Name Count
Frogoon Frogoon 5
Hopgoon.png Hopgoon 2
Muncher Munchers Indefinite
DKCR Purple Skittler.png Purple Skittler 11
Skittler Pillar Skittler Pillar 12


Image Name Count
A Banana Coin Banana Coin 1
A DK Barrel DK Barrel 2
Red Balloon Extra Life Balloon 1
Heart Heart 3

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Image Letter Location
Letter K of Muncher Marathon. K The letter K is immediately after the set of three falling and rising Skittler Pillars near the beginning of the level on a mushroom above a small gap.
Muncher Marathon O The letter O is shortly after the third Puzzle Piece under a ceiling a grassy turf. The Kongs can reach it by pounding on the ground directly under it to reveal a mushroom spring. The spring can help them bounce to it.
Letter N of Muncher Marathon. N In the area with the many Skittler Pillars, the Kongs can find the letter N in the hollow pillar.
Letter G of Muncher Marathon. G The heroes come up to the letter G during the middle of the sequence of Auto Fire Barrels after the checkpoint.

Puzzle Pieces[edit]

Image Number Location
Puzzle Piece 1 of Muncher Marathon. 1 The first Puzzle Piece can be seen slightly behind the canopy under the first set of spider eggs at the beginning of the level. The Kongs can bounce on the eggs to reach it.
Puzzle Piece 2 of Muncher Marathon. 2 Before the Kongs pass the second red gate with their roll or cartwheel attack, they should climb up to a nearby ledge with a strange plant on it. If they break the plant open, a Puzzle Piece appears.
Puzzle Piece 3 of Muncher Marathon. 3 The third Puzzle Piece is in the first abyss after the second red gate. A roll-jump is needed to reach it safely.
Puzzle Piece 4 of Muncher Marathon. 4 After the Kongs climb over the raised platform after the letter N, they should head to the bottom of the next platform with a Skittler, behind some leaves is a hidden alcove with a Puzzle Piece in it.
Puzzle Piece 5 of Muncher Marathon. 5 At the third red gate in the level, the primates should head under the mushrooms supporting the gate and walk into a few leaves to find a hidden pathway with the fifth and final Puzzle Piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese だっしゅつ!むしのやかた
Dasshutsu! Mushi no Yakata
Escape! Insect Manor

French (NOA) Rapides Arachnides
Fast Arachnids
German Mampfermarathon
Muncher Marathon
Italian Conca ottozampe
Eight-feet Basin
Spanish Maratón Alimañón
Vermin Marathon