WarioWare: Get It Together!

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WarioWare: Get It Together!
North American box art for WarioWare: Get It Together!
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Nintendo[1]
Intelligent Systems[1]
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan September 10, 2021[2]
USA September 10, 2021[1]
Mexico September 10, 2021[3]
Europe September 10, 2021[4]
Australia September 10, 2021[5]
South Korea September 10, 2021[6]
HK September 10, 2021[7]
ROC September 10, 2021[8]
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Español (España)
Español (Latinoamérica)
Français (Canada)
Français (France)
Genre Action
ESRB:ESRB's E10+ rating symbol - Everyone 10+
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
ACB:ACB PG.svg - Parental Guidance
USK:USK 6.svg - Six years and older
DEJUS:DEJUS L.png - General audience
RARS:RARS 6+.svg - Six years and older
GRAC:GRAC All.svg - All ages
GSRR:GSRR P.svg - Six years and older
FPB:FPB's 13 rating symbol - Thirteen years and older
GCAM:Symbol for GCAM video game rating category "Suitable for aged 7 and above". - Seven years and older
NMC:Symbol for NMC video game rating category "Suitable for aged 7 and above". - Seven years and older
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Nintendo Switch:

WarioWare: Get It Together! is the ninth installment in the WarioWare series, released worldwide on September 10, 2021 for Nintendo Switch. As in previous WarioWare games, the main gameplay involves the player playing various microgames in succession, though in this game, the player controls one of the various characters from the series within the microgames, with each character possessing a unique trait and ability, allowing the player to approach and complete microgames in different ways. Another feature new to the series is the ability to play microgames in simultaneous multiplayer. Over 200 microgames appear in the game. Before the release of the full game, a free demo of the game was released on the Nintendo eShop on August 19, 2021.[9]


A screenshot of WarioWare: Get It Together! showing the cast in an office room.
Wario and his employees at WarioWare, Inc.

The story begins in Diamond City, where crowds of people are lining up to purchase a new game titled Super Pyoro. Meanwhile, Wario and his employees at WarioWare, Inc. have just completed the development of their own game. When Wario tries to play it, however, the game does not work as expected, causing him to throw it in the air in frustration. After he does so, a mouth appears on the screen and pulls Wario and his crew into the system, turning them into miniature versions of themselves and trapping them inside.

Inside the game, the crew members find that they now have special abilities or items that they can use to help them. However, they also encounter game bugs, which corrupt the game's levels. Wario must progress through the levels and complete them to defeat the game bugs and recruit his employees, who assist him in his journey.

Wario's employees becoming mad at him in the first ending of WarioWare: Get It Together!
Wario's employees mad at Wario

After the crew defeats the Mega Bug, the final and most powerful game bug, they encounter the Supreme Developer, who reveals that he was the one who brought them into the game so that they could defeat the game bugs, and he opens a portal through which the crew escapes the game, inviting them to come back and play at any time. After they return, Wario's employees wonder where the game bugs came from. Wario reveals that they were a result of his bad programming and neglect to correct it, much to the anger of his employees, who proceed to chase him around. However, they stop chasing him when he realizes that three crew members, namely Red, Master Mantis, and Lulu, are still stuck inside the game. At this, they head back into the game, but shortly afterward, a mysterious object glides across the game screen.

Wario's employees shocked to discover that the other three are missing in WarioWare: Get It Together!
The crew realizing some members were left behind in the game

Back in the game, the crew encounters the Supreme Developer again, who states that their missing friends have been captured but that it is not the work of the game bugs. The crew progresses through a series of three skyscrapers, rescuing Red in the first, Master Mantis in the second, and Lulu in the third, all of whom were kidnapped by a giant flying entity, which the crew pursues up each of the skyscrapers using an elevator; each time, they see it fly out of a window and leave behind a piece of treasure, much to Wario's glee. The final time this happens, a note is also left which dares the crew to combine the three treasures into one. Wario agrees to this dare, but the crew fails to come up with a method of combining the objects.

Dr. Crygor decides to phone his granddaughter Penny to see if she can help. Penny receives the call while she is testing the Jet Tank One, a water blaster she invented, which she uses as a jet pack to fly. Agreeing to help, she flies into the WarioWare, Inc. building and into the game, where she combines the treasures into a Golden Watering Can. She then uses the water from the Jet Tank One in tandem with the can to grow a giant beanstalk; however, the can vanishes afterwards, upsetting Wario. The crew then climbs the beanstalk and, after finding nothing for a long time, they eventually encounter the mysterious object and face off against it in a final battle. After they defeat it, it reveals itself to be Pyoro, who went from his own game into Wario's to have fun. Wario then complains about having ended up without any treasure, to which Master Mantis says, "Treasure not the gold but the journey it inspired."



“This is where Wario and his crew begin their journey. Play through various levels to continue their adventure.”
In-game description

Story mode is the main mode of the game. The player progresses through various levels on a world map, each containing a set of microgames. There are twelve levels in the main story, including ten levels with their own unique, themed set of microgames and hosted by the characters, and two remix levels that compile microgames from previous levels, as well as five bonus levels available after beating the final level. This mode can be played with one or two players and is required to unlock additional characters and modes.

Each character-hosted level represents a level created by the WarioWare, Inc. employees for their game and features its own story, but has been corrupted by a game bug. After the boss microgame is completed and the level is cleared, the game bug is eliminated and the player can then choose to replay the level to achieve a high score. The player receives 1,000 coins upon clearing a level for the first time.

On most levels, the player is required to assemble a crew of characters that they have already unlocked, with the size of the crew increasing as they progress further into the game. On the first playthrough, any characters introduced within a level must always be part of the player's crew, and they will always be used when playing the boss microgame. After beating Showdown for the first time, the option to use all the characters in the crew becomes available for previous levels.


Crew size
Description Unlock criteria
WWGIT Intro Games Icon
story icon of Wario from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Intro Games
3 or all
"Huh?! Where are we? How did we get here? Where's the bathroom? Ah, forget it. Let's get moving!" (First description)

"It's me, Wario! My Intro Games level is finally bug-free—good job, me! You can play a bunch of simple games here. They'll keep coming as long as you don't mess up, so aim for a new high score! WA HA HA!" (Second description)

Available from the start
Story: While Wario sits at his house playing a video game, a giant Wario nose from space hurtles towards the earth and destroys his house. As Wario falls down the resulting crater, still holding his game, he yells for it to start.
WWGIT That's Life Icon
story icon of Mona from WarioWare: Get It Together!
That's Life
3 or all
"Mona made these games! What did she call them? "That's Life" games? Her life must be weirder than I thought! WA HA HA!" (First description)

"Ciao! It's me, Mona! We sure swept that game bug under the rug, didn't we? My flying scooter makes quick work of challenges like that! My level is That's Life, where everyday events become fun games! Give it your best!" (Second description)

Clear Intro Games (10 points)
Story: Mona leaves her house on her scooter while her pets stay home and she tells them to behave. Soon after she leaves, the pets make a mess in the house, which Mona finds when she returns home in the evening. She disciplines them with her boomerang and angrily makes them clean it up. The next day, Mona leaves her pets at home again and finds on her return that they have made a mess once again, to her dismay.
WWGIT Fantasy Icon
story icon of Dribble & Spitz from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Dribble & Spitz
3 or all
"So this is the Fantasy level, huh? I think Dribble and Spitz made this one. Look at all the weird things in here... Wizards? Dragons? How exciting! Lets go get 'em!" (First description)

"Welcome aboard, Mac! Dribble here. Spitz and I are still takin' fares. Our level is full of Fantasy stuff. We've got everything from magic to dragons in here! Strap yourself in—we're taking the scenic route to a new high score!" (Second description)

Clear That's Life (15 points)
Story: Dribble & Spitz travel through space in their taxi while transporting alien passengers across different planets in an "Outta This World Tour".
WWGIT High Tech Icon
story icon of Dr. Crygor from WarioWare: Get It Together!
High Tech
Dr. Crygor
3 or all
"This is Crygor's level, and it's super-duper High Tech! He made a bunch of games with gadgets and doohickeys that are on the cutting edge - so stay sharp in there! WA HA HA!" (First description)

"It is me, Dr. Crygor, the genius scientist! My level is finally back to normal... Urk! Pity, then, that my stomach is full of aches! I made some High Tech games for you. I must head to the restroom rather immediately, so here—try to beat my futuristic games! Just don't break them. Urk!" (Second description)

Clear That's Life (15 points)
Story: In Dr. Crygor's Top Secret Factory, Dr. Crygor, Mike, and Doris 1 test out Flatterbots, robots designed to applaud anyone performing an activity. While they react appropriately to Doris 1's cleaning and Mike's singing, they show no reaction to Dr. Crygor's dancing, who deems the test a failure.
WWGIT Nintendo Classics Icon
story icon of 9-Volt from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Nintendo Classics
3 or all
"Ooh! This is the Nintendo Classics level that 9-Volt made! It's full of fun goodies, from retro toys to the latest games. Hurry up and lose already - it's my turn to play next!" (First description)

"I'm 9-Volt! Exterminating that game bug was fun. Fixing our own game from the inside is awesome! My level's all about Nintendo Classics. I've gathered my all-time favorite Nintendo stuff, from retro toys to the latest games! Play 'em over and over until you own the high score!" (Second description)

Clear That's Life (15 points)
Story: 9-Volt skates home with his pet Fronk while accompanied by 18-Volt and 13-Amp, who wave him goodbye when he arrives. That night, after 5-Volt turns out the lights when 9-Volt and Fronk are asleep, they immediately wake up to play their Epic Augmented Reality Game. After Fronk noisily jumps in excitement, 5-Volt approaches the bedroom door and opens it to check on them, who pretend to be asleep. As soon as 5-Volt leaves, 9-Volt turns on the game.
3 or all
"We've made it pretty far! Hm? What's this? Remix? Does this mean... it has all the games we've played so far?! Only one way to find out! WA HA!" (First description)

"My name is Mike, and this rattly mine cart is making my bottom hurt. An odd complaint, since I can fly here. This is a Remix level. You'll play a mix of That's Life, Fantasy, High Tech, and Nintendo Classics games here." (Second description)

Clear Fantasy, High Tech, and Nintendo Classics (15 points)
The intermission stage consists of a ride on a mine cart leading to the second half of the map. The lives are represented by throttles. When the player encounters a microgame, the cart enters a tunnel with its threshold decorated by elements from previous intermission stages. If the player wins, stars appear. If the player loses, the stage darkens and the mine cart malfunctions. When the player encounters the boss, the tunnel has a pink threshold. The boss microgames are always played on Level 3 difficulty and cycle between Super Mario World, Ride the Line, Poseidon, and Delivery Center.
WWGIT Nature Icon
story icon of Kat & Ana from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Kat & Ana
4 or all
"This level was made by those itty-bitty ninjas, Kat and Ana! What was their theme again? Nature? That means lots of ferocious animals... Don't mess up, or you might get eaten! WA HA HA!" (First description)

"It's Kat! My sister Ana and I have squashed that game bug, but we can't let our guard down. We made a bunch of Nature games. They're full of insects! And flowers! And kitties! You know, nature stuff! Maybe those wild animals will let us pet them if we get a high score..." (Second description)

Clear Remix (17 points)
Story: A ninja named Leo arrives at a town called Sleepytown Village and casts a puppetry ninja spell on the animals, which cause trouble to the village residents. Kat & Ana then arrive, cast a sleeping spell on one of the animals, and confront Leo, who summons the animals against them.
WWGIT Sports Icon
story icon of Jimmy T from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Jimmy T
4 or all
"This is the Sports level that Jimmy T made! It smells like it has a bunch of sports-themed games, like basketball or whatever. Sweaty gym socks... How wonderful! WA HA HA!" (First description)

"Alright! It's your main man, Jimmy T! That naughty game bug was cuttin' a rug in my games, but my killer dance moves squashed him good. My level is all about Sports. Aim for the high score, and leave some sweat sparkling on the dance floor! Yeah!" (Second description)

Clear Nature (15 points)
Story: Jimmy T performs weight training exercises with Lulu, Young Cricket, Master Mantis, and Joe. At Feelin' Groovy Fitness, a nightclub where performers perform aerobics, Joe performs a routine in front of the Club Goers to a tepid reaction. Jimmy T then comes on stage and performs a more lively, disco routine with the others joining in, which draws cheers from the audience.
WWGIT Food Icon
story icon of Ashley from WarioWare: Get It Together!
4 or all
"WA HA! We've arrived at Ashley's Food level! That witchy little girl can really put a meal away. I've seen her wolf down ice cream, fried rice, pickled herring- GAH! Now I'm hungry! And jealous! ARRRGH!" (First description)

"I'm Ashley. I was having a good time knocking that game bug around, but that's over now. Sigh. I'll have to practice my magic so I can summon one on my own time. My level is themed around Food...but you can't actually eat it. Ugh, now I'm hungry again." (Second description)

Clear Nature (15 points)
Story: At Ashley's Mansion, Ashley & Red sit at the dining table starving, which causes Ashley to hallucinate and imagine Red's head as a burger. When mandrakes break into the mansion, Ashley casts spells that transform them into food, creating dinner for herself and Red.
WWGIT Culture Icon
story icon of Orbulon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
4 or all
"Orbulon made a level based on Culture! Sounds like you can play games about world history and- ZZZ! Oops! I fell asleep mid-sentence! That's how boring I find CULTURE and HISTORY! Nyeh! But we've got a game bug to delete, so... in we go!" (First description)

"Orbulon here! I've placed the game bug in my collection. Now I can safely explore this wild game world! My level is a lesson in Culture. I've done a lot of 'research' in Earthling culture and history. You can 'play' my 'games' as much as you 'like,' oh yes!" (Second description)

Clear Nature (15 points)
Story: Orbulon broadcasts a travel show named "Around the World with Orbulon", in which he visits different parts of the world including Goro Desert, Takechiko City, and Ohlaka Island and absorbs their landmarks and cultural items with his Oinker, which he intends to give to his friends as souvenirs.
Remix 2.0
4 or all
"We've come so far! No turning back now! How big is this game, anyway?! Remix 2.0... Does that mean we might face any or ALL our games thus far? WA HA HA! Bring 'em on!" (First description)

"Keep it up, everyone! I'm 5-Volt. This is my first time riding in a mine cart. It's like a roller coaster! Speaking of, this level is called Remix 2.0, and it's like running through a theme park! You'll play games from the Nature, Sports, Food, and Culture levels. Aim for the high score, and do your best!" (Second description)

Clear Sports, Food, and Culture (15 points)
The intermission stage is the same as the first Remix stage except with a darker color scheme and the tunnel threshold has different colors and is decorated with elements from the stages from which the microgames originate. The boss microgames are always played on Level 3 difficulty and cycle between Great Juice, Safari Tour, Rock Climber, and Drawbridge Dilemma.
WWGIT all together Icon
story icon of Wario Bug from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Anything Goes
Wario Bug
5 or all
"Oh! We're finally at the end! This is the hardest level, so of course this was made by ME- Huh? Hey! This isn't how I wanted my final level to look! What happened to my masterpiece?! Waaah!" (First description)

"WAAA HA HA! We beat the level—and that stupid game bug! It put up a good fight, so I'll let it go. Wario the Great has a big heart! This is the final level, Anything Goes, built by ME! Unlike my Intro Games, these won't pull any punches! That scary, handsome Wario Bug might attack at any moment, so be ready for that. Show me your highest score!" (Second description)

Clear Remix 2.0 (19 points)
Story: The story is the same as Wario's Intro Games, but infested with many game bugs which corrupt the cutscene. When Wario falls down the crater, the game bugs begin to infect him, turning him into the Wario Bug.
All Mixed Up
5 or all
"We finally escaped the game, only to turn around and jump back in?! WAAAGH! Nowhere to go but onward. This skyscraper in here looks All Mixed Up. It must mix up games from all the other levels! Let's conquer 'em all!" (First description)

"I'm saved! I'm also Red. I didn't think anyone was coming to save me...b-but I didn't cry! No way! Listen—this is the All Mixed Up level. Games from every genre can be played in here! It's pretty hard, so do the best you can. I'm just happy you're here." (Second description)

Clear Anything Goes (19 points)
All microgames from all stages are mixed. The first microgame is always an Intro microgame, which can be Treasure Hunt, Tummy Trouble, Sleep Clinic, or Rocket Rush.
Super Hard
5 or all
"Next is Super Hard Tower. The games here start at a crazy-high speed. I love it! Let’s hit the gas and get started! WA HA HA!" (First description)

"I am Master Mantis. I appreciate the rescue...but I was moments away from launching my own escape plan! Quite a coincidence, eh? Cough, cough. This is the Super Hard level, where games start at top speed. It's sure to be good training...for you, not me. Hop in and hone those skills!" (Second description)

Clear All Mixed Up (18 points)
All non-boss microgames from all stages are mixed at high speed. Microgames are at Level 1.
Thrill Ride
5 or all
"WA HA HA! So the next treasure is in Thrill Ride Tower, eh? We’re gonna have to face the hardest games right from the start! If we mess up even once, we’ll get kicked back out…but that’s not gonna happen! There’s treasure up there! Get out of my way!" (First description)

"I'm Lulu! I didn't want to be rescued by that stinker Wario...but I'm really glad that Cricket is here! This is the Thrill Ride level. It's incredibly hard right away, and you can't mess up—not even once! Try to grab the number one score...and try not to be number two. 'K?" (Second description)

Clear Super Hard (10 points)
All non-boss microgames from all stages are mixed and only one life is available. Microgames are at Level 3 and never speed up.
Penny's Mix
1 (Penny only)
"Sounds like Penny's on her way here. Does she think she can tackle those games by herself? That makes this…Penny’s Mix! WA HA HA! There’s more treasure waiting in there, so that science girl better hurry it up!" (First description)

"Hello! Penny here! I've never been inside a game world before...so I'd better make this first time count! I'll call this Penny's Mix, where I beat a lot of levels all by myself! How far can I make it? Let's find out! Heeere we go!" (Second description)

Clear Thrill Ride (5 points)
Story: After Wario and his crew collects all of the treasures form the previous stages, he tries to figure out what to do with them. Dr. Crygor believes that Penny knows and so calls her for help. Meanwhile, Penny is seen in her lab working on the Jet Tank One when she receives the call. She then hops on her helicopter to reach Crygor.
story icon of Showdown from WarioWare: Get It Together!
All (except Pyoro)
"Huh? That big guy from earlier is back?! Showdown, eh? Great! My moustache is tingling with an itch to fight! This will be different from anything else we’ve done so far… There’s no “I” in team but there is in Wario! So do it for I— I mean, me!" (First description)

"That lowlife didn't have any treasure! What a jerk, hopping in from another game just to get my hopes up! I guess we could challenge it to another Showdown, just for laughs... Our whole team against one giant Pyoro? If we won once, we'll win every time! Let's go! WA HA HA!" (Second description)

Clear Penny's Mix (15 points)
Every character unlocked must work together to defeat the hidden boss. Each round, a character plays a unique stage in which they must defeat all of the "eyes" in the style of a microgame. After every character completes their respective rounds (determined at random), Wario takes on the final round in the style of a boss microgame.
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese リミックス1
Rimikkusu Wan
Remix 1

Chinese (simplified) 改编1

Rearrange 1

German Remix
Korean 리믹스 1
Rimikseu 1
Remix 1

Spanish Remix
Remix 2.0
Language Name Meaning
Japanese リミックス2
Rimikkusu Tsū
Remix 2

Chinese (simplified) 改编2

Rearrange 2

German Remix 2
Remix 2
Korean 리믹스 2
Rimikseu 2
Remix 2

Spanish Remix 2.0
Remix 2.0
All Mixed Up
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ごちゃまぜ

Chinese (simplified) 混合


French Tout mélangé
All Mixed
German Bunte Mischung
Korean 뒤죽박죽
Mixed Up

Spanish A lo loco
All Over the Place
Super Hard
Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきむず
Extremely difficult

Chinese (simplified) 超难

Super Hard

French Super difficile
Super Hard
German Superschwierig
Super Hard
Korean 왕어려움
Super Hard

Spanish Hiperdifícil
Hyper Hard
Thrill Ride
Language Name Meaning
Japanese スリリング

Chinese (simplified) 紧张


French Mort subite
Sudden Death
German Nervenkitzel
Thrill ride
Korean 스릴덩어리
Mass of Thrill

Spanish Muerte súbita
Sudden Death
Penny's Mix
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペニーミックス
Penī Mikkusu
Penny Mix

Chinese (simplified) 佩尼改编版

Penny's Rearrange Version

German Penny's Remix
Penny's Remix
Korean 페니 믹스
Peni Mikseu
Penny Mix

Spanish Remix de Penny
Penny's remix
Language Name Meaning
Japanese VS Pバトル
Buiesu Pībatoru
VS P battle

Chinese (simplified) VS P战斗

VS P battle

German Pyoro VS
VS Pyoro
Korean VS P 배틀
VS P Baeteul
VS P Battle

Spanish Confrontación

Variety Pack

Variety Pack mode features various minigames that can be played with up to four players, including some that are multiplayer-exclusive. There are ten minigames, which are split into two categories: Completionist and Party. This mode is unlocked after clearing the Anything Goes level.

Minigame Number of players Description
Gotta Bounce
リフティングじんせい (Soccer Ball-Juggling Life)
1-4 Players take turns bouncing a ball into the air without it touching the ground. The ball's color changes with each hit and indicates which player has to hit it next.
Daily Grind logo from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Daily Grind
スーパーワリオカンパニー (Super Wario Company)
1-4 Players travel through a side-scrolling level while collecting paper Contracts for sales and avoiding hazards. Crew member swaps also increase sales.
Friendless Battle logo from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Friendless Battle
エンエンエンドレスファイト! (En-En-Endless Fight!)
1 The player fights against several cloned versions of other characters without running out of health.
High Five logo from WarioWare: Get It Together!
High Five
ファイブカウントバレーボール (Five-Count Volleyball)
1-4 A volleyball minigame in which players must hit the numbered ball to the other team's side before it counts down from five to zero. The number resets once it reaches the other side. Events that affect gameplay may occur during the match.
Duelius Maximus
いきのこりバトル (Survival Battle)
2 Two players compete against each other in the same microgame on separate screens to be the last player standing. Each player has four lives, and the player who loses a microgame (or in Lightning Round, finishes a microgame last) loses a life.
Rising Star
がんばりバトル (Endurance Battle)
2 Two players play through a series of microgames, with the winning player in each round earning a star. In the case of a failed microgame, the player causing the failure loses a star. A draw results in neither player winning or losing stars.
Balloon Bang
2-4 Players take turns playing a microgame on a monitor while the other players inflate a balloon positioned above it. If the balloon pops, the player inside the monitor loses. The minigame has the same concept and shares its name with Balloon Bang from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!, which was also the basis of Balloon from WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
Sly Angle
さんかくテリトリー (Triangle Territory)
2-4 Players compete in microgames and place and connect flags of their color on a field to gather as much territory as possible if they win. Flags positioned in a triangular formation create an area of territory.
Puck 'er Up
ゲームパック パニック (Game Puck Panic)
2-4 Players participate in air hockey matches with a puck containing a microgame. The player who scores a goal then participates in the microgame on a small screen while the other players try to shake the screen to disrupt gameplay. If the microgame is won, the player receives several stars. If the microgame is lost, each other player receives one star.
Frenemy Frenzy
キャラチェンファイト! (Character-Change Fight!)
2-4 Players battle against each other directly using the characters' unique abilities.


Main article: List of WarioWare: Get It Together! microgames

The Play-o-pedia is where the player can play individual microgames after they have unlocked them by playing them at least once in the Story mode. The menu itself is unlocked after clearing the Intro Games level. There are 222 microgames in total across all categories. When playing a microgame, the player plays through its three difficulty levels, after which it reverts to Level 1 but with the speed increasing, and the cycle repeats until the player loses all four lives. Each microgame has a passing score which, if reached, rewards the player with 300 coins and can only be achieved if the player uses the all crew members option. In addition, every crew member has a specific level of suitability for each microgame, which can be viewed on the crew selection screen when entering a microgame with a crew of a limited number of characters, with the level of suitability being rated from a scale of "Bad Fit" to "Good Fit" (a dark-red crying face for very poor suitability, a red frowning face for poor suitability, a yellow neutral face for average suitability, a green smiling face for strong suitability, and a bright-green happy face for very strong suitability).


The Crew mode allows the player to interact with the crew members in the Break Room, purchase and view Prezzies (items of varying rarities that can be given to crew members to increase their Job Points) in the Emporium, and view their play data, which displays each crew member's number of plays, number of wins, win percentage rate, and their job statuses (levels). This mode is unlocked after clearing the Intro Games level.

Break Room

In the Break Room, the player can practice a crew member's controls in the tutorial level from when they became playable, give them Prezzies, customize their appearance, and listen to their voice clips. Each crew member has a job status, which is measured by a level-up system (beginning at level 1 with a Job Title of "Free Spirit"), and by giving them Prezzies, they receive Job Points which fill up a meter; once the meter is full, it resets and the crew member levels up and is "promoted", receiving a new Job Title. Leveling up a crew member unlocks new customization options and a gallery of special artwork of that member (up to five pieces for each one, unlocked at levels 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14, respectively) and increases their base score for when they are used in Wario Cup. A crew member can be leveled up to level 100, at which point the player can view all of their Prezzy preferences.

Customization options

The player can customize three parts of a crew member into a variety of different colors: "Main", which usually applies to the member's hair, headwear, or even skin; "Sub", which usually applies to clothing; and "Accent", a relatively smaller feature of the member. Only Noncommittal Crimson is available at level 1, with a new color being added as the crew member levels up. In addition to colors, the player can unlock up to five special palette swaps that add visual and audio effects to the crew member, such as sparkles and increasing the pitch in their voice. The customizable colors (along with the levels where they are unlocked) and special palette swaps are as follows:

1: Noncommittal Crimson 11: Just Peachy 21: Presidential Suite
2: Blue the Opportunity 12: Almost Purple 22: Night Sky
3: Youthful Yellow 13: Daily Banana 23: Aged Yellow
4: Still Green 14: Not So Green 24: Scenic Views
5: Pink Perspective 15: Flush with Power 25: Deep Magenta
6: Blue Blazer 16: Well-Connected Blue 26: Space Frost
7: Orange You Powerful? 17: Muted Orange 27: Sunburnt
8: Greenish Glow 18: Refreshingly Green 28: Unseen Green
9: Power-Hungry Purple 19: Vote Lilac 29: Into the Wormhole
10: Ambiguous Gray 20: Simply White 30: Beyond Color
Name Description Effects Unlocked at
Zombie "Perfect for zombie parties. The sound effects are really convincing." Turns the crew member's skin blue-green and distorts their voice. Lv. 3
Baby Face "Want a more youthful look? Then just turn around!" Changes the crew member's colors into mostly red and white and replaces their voice with the Baby Face sound from Mario Paint while the face itself appears over their own. Lv. 6
Cutie Pie "It is a cute effect. Though it's unclear what pie has to do with it." Changes the crew member into pastel colors, adds flower effects, and increases the pitch and speed of their voice. Lv. 9
Shadowy Figure "Can a shadow even have a color? Huh." Turns the crew member completely black and adds a shadow trail effect and an echo to their voice. Lv. 12
Golden Hue "It sounds as sparkly as it looks! You can't go wrong with gold." Turns the crew member completely golden and adds a sparkly effect and a sparkling sound when they talk. Lv. 15
List of Job Titles
Level Job Title
1 Free Spirit
2 Intern
3 Freelancer
4 Part-Timer
5 Contractor
6 Full-Timer
7 Someone's Superior
8 Assistant Manager
9 Manager
10 Assistant Director
11 Director
12 Manager of Managers
13 Executive Director
14 Chief of Operations
15 Head Honcho
16 Unofficial Mayor
17 City Council Member
18 Official Mayor
19 Governor
20 The VP
21 President
22 Pinnacle of Humanity
23 Existential Overachiever
24 Ruler of the Planet
25 Master of the Stars
26 Intergalactic Conqueror
27 Sovereign of Space
28 All-Knowing Force
29 Universal Enigma
30 Legendary Entity


Main article: Prezzy

In the Emporium, the player can use any coins they have earned to purchase Prezzies directly from the shop, which sells five Prezzies at a time and refreshes every two hours, or from Cluckade machines, capsule machines that resemble the Cluck-A-Pop from Game & Wario and dispense random Prezzies. There are two machines: a red one that dispenses one- to five-star Prezzies and costs 100 coins for one and 1,000 for a batch of 10, and a yellow one that dispenses three- to five-star ("rare") Prezzies and costs 500 coins for one and 5,000 for a batch of 10. The Emporium is unlocked after clearing the Showdown level.

Wario Cup

See also: List of Challenges in WarioWare: Get It Together!

Wario Cup is an online mode in WarioWare: Get It Together! unlocked after completing Showdown. It features Challenges, sets of microgames that are played under certain conditions, where the player can win a bronze, silver, or gold cup and earn coins based on the score they earned. If the player has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, they can turn on Ranked Mode, which allows them to compete with friends' and other players' scores and times. Each Challenge lasts a week, and players can upload their scores during the period. At the end of the Challenge period, coins are given based on the player's rank (A, B, C, D, or E, with A being the highest), with the highest rewards including Prezzies. Challenges from previous weeks can be replayed for personal record-breaking, even if they were missed during the initial period.


Level Title
1 Mere Mortal
2 Better Mortal
3 Pretty Darn OK Mortal
4 Very Good Mortal
5 Super-Solid Mortal
6 Highly Capable Mortal
7 Exemplary Mortal
8 Expert Mortal
9 Truly Magnificent Mortal
10 Supreme Mortal
11 Mere Supreme Being
12 Better Supreme Being
13 Pretty Darn OK Supreme Being
14 Very Good Supreme Being
15 Super-Solid Supreme Being
16 Highly Capable Supreme Being
17 Exemplary Supreme Being
18 Expert Supreme Being
19 Truly Magnificent Supreme Being
20 Supreme Supreme Being

Rank rewards

Rank Reward
A (1%-20%) 3000 coins and a ★★★★★ Prezzy
B (21%-40%) 3000 coins and a ★★★★ Prezzy
C (41%-60%) 3000 coins
D (61%-80%) 2000 coins
E (81%-100%) 1000 coins


Main article: List of WarioWare: Get It Together! missions

Like WarioWare Gold, WarioWare: Get It Together! features a Missions system where the player can complete various objectives to earn coins. The menu is unlocked after clearing the Intro Games level.



There are a total of twenty playable characters in the game (counting Dribble & Spitz and Kat & Ana as two characters each, with Spitz and Ana only being playable as P2 except in the Variety Pack), referred to as the crew.

Image Bio Ability Controls Unlock criteria
character select sprite of Wario from WarioWare: Get It Together! Wario icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This video-game maker loves treasure, money, and garlic. And money. What could possibly go wrong?
Wario attacks in whichever direction he's facing. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Attack
Available from the start
Young Cricket
Character select sprite of Young Cricket from WarioWare: Get It Together! Young Cricket icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This devoted student of the martial arts diligently trains under Master Mantis. He likes meat dumplings. A lot.
Jumping is Cricket's specialty. Hold down A Button to perform a high jump. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Jump (Hold for high jump)
Clear Intro Games
character select sprite of 18-Volt from WarioWare: Get It Together! 18-Volt icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This overgrown school kid has mad rapping and retro-gaming skills. He loves to play with his pint-size pal 9-Volt.
18-Volt throws his disc in whichever direction you tilt Control Stick. Left Stick - Aim
A Button - Throw / Release (while on grappling ring)
Clear Intro Games
character select sprite of Mona from WarioWare: Get It Together! Mona icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Work, school, and pets keep this high-school student busy. She's also a big fan of Wario. Why? Who can say?
Mona is always on the move, so you have to steer her in the right direction.

Her boomerang can be aimed the same way.
Left Stick - Steer / Aim boomerang
A Button - Boomerang / Recall
Clear That's Life
Dribble (P1) & Spitz (P2)
Character select sprite of Dribble & Spitz from WarioWare: Get It Together! Dribble icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!Spitz icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This taxi drivin' duo is happy to take you from your front door to the far reaches of space. The fare is always fair!
Dribble (P1) always fires his bazooka to the right, and Spitz (P2) always fires his bazooka to the left. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Shoot right (P1)/left (P2)
Clear Fantasy
Dr. Crygor
character select sprite of Dr. Crygor from WarioWare: Get It Together! Dr. Crygor icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This genius scientist is so good at making mechanical marvels, he made a cyborg out of himself!
Press or hold A Button to make Crygor swim through the air. Left Stick - Steer
A Button - Swim (Hold to continue)
Clear High Tech
character select sprite of 9-Volt from WarioWare: Get It Together! 9-Volt icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This skateboarding school kid is obsessed with Nintendo games and has serious DJing and yo-yo skills.
9-Volt's skateboard keeps him rolling back and forth.

Press A Button to stop and shoot his yo-yo upward.
Left Stick - Turn around (while on grappling ring)
A Button - Shoot yo-yo / Release (while on grappling ring)
Clear Nintendo Classics
character select sprite of Mike from WarioWare: Get It Together! Mike icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Invented by Dr. Crygor, this karaoke robot has a great love of singing. He does not have great skills at singing.
Mike shoots notes upward from his mouth. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Shoot
Clear Remix
Kat (P1) & Ana (P2)
Character select sprite of Kat & Ana from WarioWare: Get It Together! Kat icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!Ana icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
These kindergartners are not only twins...they're ninjas too! Kat is a tiny bit older than Ana, obviously.
Kat & Ana jump non-stop.

Kat (P1) always throws her shuriken to the right, and Ana (P2) always throws her shuriken to the left.
Left Stick - Move
A Button - Throw right (P1)/left (P2)
Clear Nature
Jimmy T
Character select sprite of Jimmy T from WarioWare: Get It Together! Jimmy T icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Whether he's hitting the dance floor or the gym, this sports-lovin' disco king has all the right moves.
Tilt Control Stick to choose the direction of Jimmy's attack. Left Stick - Aim
A Button - Attack
Clear Sports
Character select sprite of Ashley from WarioWare: Get It Together! Ashley icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Dislikes: Cute stuff, expressing emotions, unnecessary chitchat. Likes: Casting spells, food, her pal Red.
Ashley casts spells in whichever direction she is facing. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Cast spell
Clear Food
character select sprite of Orbulon from WarioWare: Get It Together! Orbulon icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This alien insists he'll invade Earth...one day. He's lived here long enough to know a lot about our culture.
Orbulon sucks up things below him by activating his beam. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Activate beam
Clear Culture
character select sprite of 5-Volt from WarioWare: Get It Together! 5-Volt icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Mother to 9-Volt, she's as sweet as can be...until she gets mad. Her out-of-body anger is positively shocking!
5-Volt warps to wherever her spirit takes her and emits a powerful shock.

FYI: She can't warp to certain areas.
Left Stick - Guide spirit
A Button - Warp/Shock
Clear Remix 2.0
Character select sprite of Red from WarioWare: Get It Together! Red icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
Sometimes he seems to be more scaredy-cat than demon. Still, Red takes good care of his fave witch, Ashley.
Red drops bombs that explode on impact. Left Stick - Move
A Button - Drop bomb
Clear All Mixed Up
Master Mantis
Character select sprite of Master Mantis from WarioWare: Get It Together! Master Mantis icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
A master of martial arts and Cricket's teacher, he is said to be very strong...though no one has seen him fight.
Like Cricket, Mantis is a master jumper.

He's so good, he can jump onto the ceiling and walk around up there.
Left Stick - Move
A Button - Jump (Hold for high jump)
Clear Super Hard
character select sprite of Lulu from WarioWare: Get It Together! Lulu icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This Luxeville kid is as pesky as she is plucky. She's an adoring fan of Cricket (whether he likes it or not).
Press A Button to make Lulu float upward.

She can also perform a ground pound from midair.
Left Stick - Move
Left Stick↓ - Ground pound from midair
A Button - Float
Clear Thrill Ride
character select sprite of Penny from WarioWare: Get It Together! Penny icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
This budding scientist and granddaughter to Dr. Crygor loves two things: inventing stuff and singing pop songs!
Tilt Control Stick to aim Penny's water blaster.

The recoil will move her in the opposite direction of the water.
Left Stick - Spray
A Button - Hover
Clear Penny's Mix
character select sprite of Pyoro from WarioWare: Get It Together! Pyoro icon from WarioWare: Get It Together!
The beak! The tongue! The legend! The star of Diamond City's hottest game couldn't resist Wario's game, it seems.
Hold down A Button to extend Pyoro's tongue.

His tongue automatically retracts when it's gone as far as it can go.
Left Stick - Move
A Button - Extend tongue (Retracts automatically) / Release (while on grappling ring)
Clear Showdown



Main article: List of WarioWare: Get It Together! staff

Like its predecessor, WarioWare: Get It Together! was primarily developed by Intelligent Systems and supervised by Nintendo. Goro Abe, the lead of the series, continued to serve as the chief director, Yu Yamanaka assisted Abe as the sub-director and oversaw the game's program, and Ko Takeuchi also continued to work on character art and illustrations. The characters' English voice actors from WarioWare Gold all return (marking the final WarioWare game to feature newly recorded dialogue from Charles Martinet in the role of Wario), while Rebeka Thomas voices the announcer who reads the commands for each microgame aloud, a first for the series. The game's voice acting is dubbed in the same languages as WarioWare Gold, with the Dutch, Russian, and Korean versions reusing the English voices while the Chinese versions reuse the Japanese voices (with the exception of the microgame announcer, who is dubbed in all of the game's languages).


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo Switch Tom Marks, IGN 7/10 "WarioWare: Get It Together! is an absurd delight, testing your ability to think quickly and adapt on the fly in a series of ever-escalating microgames. That tried-and-true formula is still a lot of fun here, looking better than ever and introducing unique characters that can either bring interesting twists or mechanical frustration to familiar games depending on who you’re using. It’s a shame that Get It Together!’s multiplayer options somewhat drop the ball though, enough for an evening or two of laugh-out-loud fun with friends but lacking the staying power for many more beyond that."
Nintendo Switch Steve Watts, GameSpot 8/10 "For the most part, the new character-based approach is a welcome addition to the WarioWare blueprint. The characters themselves are differentiated and expressive, and mechanically they make the traditional microgame challenges that much more engaging. The WarioWare series has been fertile ground for Nintendo to experiment with concepts like touchscreen capabilities in Touched or accelerometer-based motion in Twisted, which makes Get It Together's platforming riffs a little more traditional than usual. But that also makes it less reliant on a gimmick, and that's a change for the better."
Nintendo Switch Christian Donlan, Eurogamer N/A "There's lovely stuff here, enough to offer that potholing sense of antic richness which is always part of the WarioWare deal. What words to use for a game like this? Capsule toys abound in the menus, as ever, but what this really reminds me of is the days when cereal used to come with a little plastic doodad of some kind in it to tempt you to buy it, and you'd buy it and then thrust your hand down into the packet, past the crispies or flakes or whatever they were, with no idea quite what delight you would find. Brilliant! And in WarioWare's case, panic inducing. But in a good way."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 76

Awards and acknowledgements

WarioWare: Get It Together! was nominated for Best Family game at The Game Awards 2021, though it lost to It Takes Two.[10]


WarioWare: Get It Together! sold 1.24 million units as of December 31, 2021.[11]


Wario's takeover of the Super Mario UK Twitter account from Aug 25 to Sep 30, 2021 for WarioWare: Get It Together!
Screenshot of the Super Mario UK Twitter account during the Wario takeover.

In the month leading up to the game's release, several trailers, promotions and advertisements were shared via Nintendo's social media accounts. The trailers in particular were notable for featuring the voice of Charles Martinet (as well as Wario's official speaking voices in other languages) as Wario, advertising the game's characters, content, and game modes.[12]

From August 25[13] through September 30, 2021,[14] the official British Super Mario Twitter account ("Super Mario UK") switched its focus to Wario. Under the display name of "Super Wario UK",[15] the account would showcase playable characters from WarioWare: Get It Together!, count down to the game's release, and reminisce about past games from the Wario franchise. On September 15, the account asked users to reply to a tweet with what their favorite thing about Wario is for the chance to win a WarioWare cotton bag, notebook, poster, and sticker sheet;[16] the contest closed on September 30, 2021, with five entrants picked as winners.

In line with the releases of Game & Wario and WarioWare Gold, Nintendo of America's Twitter was "taken over" by Wario, who promoted his game with new pictures, audio and video clips.[17]

Several pieces of promotional merchandise were released for the game, including a WarioWare: Get It Together!-themed notebook and sticker sheet as a pre-order bonus from Amazon UK,[18] and a pin collection and magnet sheet as My Nintendo rewards.

On October 20, 2021, Nintendo posted a parodic accolades trailer for the game on its YouTube channel.[19] In the video, quotes from fake sources such as the Toilet Tribune and Wario Times are cited in a dramatic fashion. The game is also given fake awards like the "2021 Game Of The What Is Time Anyway Award". During that scene, some awards are actually text teasing the viewer for pausing the video to read through the awards.


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:WarioWare: Get It Together!


Audio.svg Main Menu
File infoMedia:WWGIT Main Menu.oga
Video.svg Wario speaking ill of Twitter while promoting the game - Gah! Twitter stinks. I'm leaving! I'm going back to playing my game, WarioWare: Get It Together! Have a rotten day! Bye-bye!
File infoMedia:Twitter NintendoAmerica WWGIT Twitter stinks.ogv
Video.svg Wario laughing maniacally, then choking on garlic and flatulating from it - *Laughs, chokes* I swallowed my garlic. *Chokes, blows a raspberry* Uh-oh, that wa-- oh, that's trouble.
File infoMedia:Twitter NintendoAmerica WWGIT Wario garlic.ogv
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?

References to other games

References in other games

  • Tetris 99: A theme based on Get It Together! was made available during the 24th Maximus Cup.
  • WarioWare: Move It!: The character heads in the stage select screen and the 4-player minigames share a similar art style to the 3D models from Get It Together! The Moai heads from Orbulon's stage appear in the background of Orbulon's memories in this game. Some of the announcer's and the characters' voice clips are reused in the story stages, as well as the main sound effects.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おすそわける メイドインワリオ[2]
Osusowakeru Meido in Wario
Sharing Made in Wario

Chinese (simplified) 分享同乐!瓦力欧制造[20]
Fēnxiǎng Tónglè! Wǎlì'ōu Zhìzào
Share the Joy! Made in Wario

Chinese (traditional) 分享同樂!瓦利歐製造[7]
Fēnxiǎng Tónglè! Wǎlì'ōu Zhìzào
Share the Joy! Made in Wario

Korean 즐거움을 나눠라 메이드 인 와리오
Jeulgeoumeul Nanwora Meideu in Wario
Share the Fun Made in Wario

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